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Best React Bootcamps

As the tech industry continues to change and grow, developers are made to grow along with it. They must broaden their skills, learn more techniques, and better utilize the tools available to them. As a programmer, being skilled in multiple languages gives you more job opportunities and career paths to explore.

One of the most essential tools for a programmer to have is knowledge of React. React gives programmers access to many career fields and it can greatly increase a developers’ skill set. Even if you don’t primarily plan to use React with your chosen career path, it is still a great skill to master in case it is ever necessary.

However, it isn’t easy to learn a new programming language. It can take an extensive amount of time to understand it. Luckily, coding bootcamps are a great alternative to taking classes. Through bootcamps, you get a crash course into learning React and once you graduate from it, you’ll have a strong understanding of the basics and key components of the language.

In order to help you with your search, we’ve created a list of the best React bootcamps available so you can get the most out of your experience.


CareerFoundry provides online programs for data analytics, web development, UX and UI design. The program is mentored so you have someone guiding across all levels—from beginner to professional—in just six months.

The bootcamp puts a great deal of effort into ensuring that you find employment after you graduate. In fact, CareerFoundry guarantees that you will get a job within 6 months of graduating from the program or you get your tuition back.

CareerFoundry provides all the tools you need to succeed with personalized training. You’re given a mentor, industry expert, tutor, professional in the industry, authority on the material, a specialist, and an advisor. Together, you have a wealth of knowledge and resources at your disposal to ensure you’re ready to start your new career.


Springboard is a well-received coding bootcamp for those that want to learn React and how to apply it to a career. The programs are online and you are allowed to set your own pace. With their part-time bootcamps, Springboard claims that you will be ready for your new job between 6 to 9 months.

At Springboard, you can learn what it takes to work in UI/UX design, data analytics, data science, full-stack development, and web development. Through personalized mentorship and a curriculum curated by experts, Springboard has thousands of alumni all over the world.

With deferred tuition, month-to-month installments, and loan financing, you have several options to start your new career path and Springboard offers to help you throughout every step of the process.

App Academy

App Academy is a coding bootcamp that gives both online and in-person training, depending on your preference. One of the greatest aspects of App Academy is that there is no tuition cost until you’re hired and make an earning over $50,000. Due to a large number of career changes that App Academy has helped make happen, the bootcamp is considered one of the most respected in the industry.

Since its inception, App Academy has helped over 3,000 of its students find full-time software engineering positions, earning a national average of $80,000 and working with incredibly successful businesses such as Google, Netflix, Apple, and Twitter.

In addition to teaching you software engineering skills, App Academy provides lessons for web development and full stack development. If you don’t succeed after you’ve completed the program, you don’t have to pay. For those wanting to make a career change, but afraid of the costs that may come with it, this academy is well-suited for them.

Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo teaches you everything you need to know for a new tech career with its 14-week program. There are campuses located all over the United States and there are online opportunities for students as well. Through Coding Dojo, students can choose between several of the most in-demand languages for web development out there including Python, MEAN, Java, and .NET Core.

Not only do students receive an expertly-curated curriculum, but they also receive 15 hours a day of guidance from mentors, feedback in the evening through remote teacher assistants and content tailored to them. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, there is something you can gain from this bootcamp.


Ironhack has two offerings for students. For full-time applicants, there is a 9-week course, and part-time applicants take a 24-week course. When taking the Ironhack bootcamp, you’ll learn React and other skills needed to work in data analytics, UX/UI design, and web development.

Ironhack offers a unique approach to students by giving them the ability to customize their education. You can set your learning experience based on your personal goals, which means avoiding taking courses that are unrelated to your career path.

There are several benefits to being a part of the Ironhack bootcamp. With over 600 partner companies and a large global network of alumni, graduates are placed in a good position to find a job.

Kenzie Academy

As one of the highest-rated bootcamps out there, Kenzie Academy is a college alternative for those that want to learn everything needed to become a successful software engineer. The course lasts for one year. During that time, students learn to program in HTML, CSS, React, Python, JavaScript, and more.

In addition to its software engineering program, Kenzie Academy provides a UX program that covers everything from front end coding to website design. In order to ensure you get the best education, the curriculum was created by professionals from the industry.

In order to fully immerse students in the environment they’ll eventually work in, Kenzie Academy courses are structured like work environments. Students begin classes with a standup, working in virtual teams, and they even receive one-on-one mentorship.

Kenzie Academy is open to anyone, even those with no programming experience. They have several employer partners throughout the United States and place their graduates in positions to find in-demand jobs.

Signing up for a Bootcamp

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Bootcamps open up new career opportunities to everyone

There are several critically-acclaimed React bootcamps out there. You can learn everything it takes to start down a new career path in a matter of months. The tech industry is constantly growing and there are new, exciting opportunities available to you—even if you are starting from scratch.

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