The 5 Best Project Management Bootcamps of 2021

If you become a certified project manager, you can earn recognition among top executives and firms. You can become an accredited practitioner by attending one of the five best project management bootcamps. These bootcamps can help you start your career and increase your job prospects.

Why Study Project Management?

You should study project management if you want to gain the right skills to meet your project goals. These bootcamps will teach you how to plan different project stages for the best outcome. Below are some more reasons why you should study project management.

Reasons to Learn Project Management in 2021

  • Increased organizational skills. Project management can help you organize your project plan. You will be able to set realistic objectives as well as budgets, timelines, and resources.
  • Clear communication. A bootcamp can also help you improve your communication skills. You can develop the proper glossary of terms for businesses and companies so you’re always on the same page.
  • Report creation and documentation. Project management will help you gain essential skills for business continuity. You’ll learn how to keep records and document the proper paperwork for your projects. These records are essential for risk assessment and effective planning.
  • Proper resource management. Attending a project management bootcamp will teach you how to handle resources. You’ll learn how to efficiently manage time, money, and labour.
  • IT system knowledge. To manage any projects, you must have IT knowledge. A bootcamp can help you master different computer application skills. These tools will help you execute and maintain projects.
  • Risk management. Project management courses cover the dynamic elements of projects. You will learn how to anticipate risks and curb them appropriately.

Why Study at a Project Management Bootcamp?

You should study at a project management bootcamp if you’re serious about becoming a project manager. These bootcamps conduct extensive research into the job market and the needs of the industry. When you graduate, you’ll be ready for the field.

Below are reasons why you should study at a project management bootcamp.

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Benefits of Project Management Bootcamps

Immersive courses. Bootcamps cover every different element of project management. You can learn essential skills to help you become an expert project manager. You’ll be able to learn more effectively in a bootcamp instead of a college course.

Excellent instructors. These schools select the best lessons and instructors to help you navigate the industry. Experienced project managers teach you everything they’ve learned in the field.

Real-world perspective. You can pass project management certification exams and become a world-class professional. Bootcamps provide hands-on, practical learning.

Cost-effective. Project management bootcamps offer an excellent platform for you to gain skills without breaking your bank. There are different coding bootcamp financing options to accommodate all students.

The 5 Best Project Management Bootcamps

To start your career as a project manager, you should attend a project management bootcamp. There are plenty of platforms that offer students the opportunity to grow their skills. It’s up to you to decide which one works best for your needs.

Project management bootcamps will help both new and experienced project managers. Below are the top five project management bootcamps in 2021.

Master of Project Academy

The platform provides students with flexible learning opportunities. Master of Project Academy offers various online training courses to help you grow your career.

Master of Project Academy Key Information
Program(s) PMP Certification Training, Project Management, IT, Agile Project Management, Quality Management, ITIL Found, Microsoft Project
Locations Online
Cost $1,070
Financing Options Upfront, Month-to-Month
2021 Start Dates Rolling Start Date

Master of Project Academy features over 35 hours of certification training lessons. You can take self-paced or instructor-led options depending on your learning style. You will have easy access to practice questions and cheat sheets.

In these courses, you will learn all about project management and what it entails. Master of Project Academy has alumni in Google, Amazon, Barclays, Facebook, and Samsung. This school can help you pass your project management certification exam in no time.


This project management school prides itself on bringing real-world experience to the classroom. It offers flexible learning hours for you to advance your skills.

PM Training Key Information
Program(s) Live PMP Certification Classes
Locations Online
Cost $998 (varies)
Financing Options Upfront
2021 Start Dates Rolling Start Date

This platform features extensive study materials, easy access to tutors, and an exam pass guarantee. PMTraining’s tutors provide exemplary learning techniques and content to help you pass your PMP exams. The program is purely online, so you can access the live classes from anywhere.

Your instructor will cover topics like project environment, creating a reliable team, and business aspects. These project management online courses will help you prepare for your future job in the field.

Project Management Academy

The school offers plenty of project management resources and courses. Its programs will provide you with essential knowledge and tools to succeed as a project manager.

Project Management Academy Key Information
Program(s) PMI Certification Training, PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp
Locations Online
Cost $1,995 - $2,995
Financing Options Upfront, Monthly Installments
2021 Start Dates Rolling Start Date

The Project Management Academy provides exam prep courses from professional instructors. You will participate in over 35 hours of training. You’ll also receive an exam guide, post-class tutoring, mock exams, and prep exercises.

The platform features a basic, advanced, and premium prep boot camp. The price of the bootcamps vary, so you don’t have to commit to anything too intense. The Project Management Academy has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.

Project Victor

Project Victor provides multiple programs that can help you succeed in the field. It’s best known for its extensive mock exams and other PMP exam prep material.

Project Victor Key Information
Program(s) Project Management Workshop, Project Management for Executives, Managing and Controlling Projects, Project Management Fundamentals
Locations Online
Cost $3,500 - $5,500
Financing Options Upfront
2021 Start Dates Rolling Start Date

The platform is keen to ensure you cover all the tools, techniques, content, and models necessary to manage and deliver projects. The platform offers PMP study materials, practice tests, and simulated questions. The instructors are qualified project managers with extensive experience in the field.

Project Victor will not only help you to pass your certification exams but manage projects in the real world. The lessons will take you through different topics and case studies to help you learn through doing.


If you want an in-depth project management bootcamp, look no further. Simplilearn offers a university-level project management education.

Simplilearn Key Information
Program(s) Post Graduate Program in Project Management
Locations Online
Cost $199 - $1,799
Financing Options Upfront, Month-to-Month
2021 Start Dates February 13

Simplilearn and the University of Massachusetts worked together to create this well-rounded curriculum. This six-month project management program can give you all the training you’ll need. The course is part-time, so you only need to dedicate five to 10 hours per week.

This program adheres to strict PMP guidelines. It can teach you everything you need to know to pass the project management exam. You’ll participate in practice exams, capstone projects, and over 175 hours of class time.

Should You Enroll in a Project Management Bootcamp?

Yes, you should enroll in a project management bootcamp. These immersive courses are a great alternative to university education. This kind of education is much shorter and cheaper than a degree program. These project management schools provide industry-led courses to help you become a certified professional.

Once you do a project management bootcamp, you can take the exam at the Project Management Institute. This is an essential credential to help you gain traction in different industries. Bootcamps are the best way to ace the exam and put your best foot forward in the job hunt.

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