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The 5 Best Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

When it comes to managing your business, you often realize that ensuring productivity can be quite a task. Keeping your clients happy, ensuring that your team members are communicating, focusing on going about your tasks in an orderly fashion, and handling your finances is imperative. 

With this article, we bring to you some of the best productivity tools out there. These tools help you manage your tasks, provide you with an easy-to-use platform for your finances and foreign exchange, and help you track your customer interactions. 

The 5 Best Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

Keeping your small business moving forward can be a challenge, especially if tasks keep growing into full-blown projects. Poor communication will also cost you time, and it may cost you your clients. Engaged employees are critical to business success, so make sure the people on your team are buying into your mission by keeping the idea flow open. Another important aspect of any business is how you handle your finances. Make use of a reliable platform for complex processes like foreign exchange and b2b payments. 


All of your employees need a task management system that works for their individual tasks. You’ll also want a shared task software that everyone can use for shared tasks or projects that several people need to collaborate on. 


Tracking customer contact is an imperative part of running a small business. Finding the right software to handle this will help you immensely. While most of your clients will have account-managers connecting with them regularly, it is important to remember that administrative employees also need to check-in with your clients from time to time. The right software can bring your employees up to speed quickly. Even better, the best client communication software will let you include phone messages, photos, and notes sent by the client.

People Management

Managing your employees effectively is a herculean task that can be made easily doable with the right productivity tools. The right tool should help you to:

  • track their payroll and W2 data
  • track their employment goals
  • follow-up on changes in their personal lives
  • celebrate various milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

Your office needs to stay flexible and nimble. Engaged employees with plenty of buy-ins are your greatest asset. Good communication will promote buy-in.


Set up a multi-currency money management system for cross-border payments at the start. Even if you are currently selling nothing outside your borders, every market is global. When you’re ready to expand and move into new markets, a multi-currency money management system for your foreign exchange will make it easy. The right platform for corporate money transfer helps you to seamlessly shift from local to global payments instantly. 


People and relationships are the currency of business. When there is an incoming call from a client, the software should automatically take the receiver to the client-details page. Here it should be able to record the topic, concern, and any additional notes. The date of said call should be automatically saved as well. This will help to make the process more seamless, user-friendly, and greatly reduce the chances of error.

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