The 10 Best Linux Bootcamps of 2023

If you want a career in technology but haven’t learned how to use Linux, now is your chance. Linux is an open-source OS that is commonly used by software developers because of its speed and power. If you want to learn how it functions quickly, you should consider attending one of the best Linux bootcamps.

Below, we will give you all the information you need to decide if a Linux bootcamp is the best choice for your career.

Why Study Linux?

Though Linux is not as commonly talked about as other operating systems, such as Mac or Windows, it is still worth learning. Linux is the best operating system to use for programming, whether you are pursuing it as a career or a hobby.

It is both a fascinating and highly functional operating system. It is free, secure, versatile, accessible, and reliable.

Reasons to Learn Linux in 2023

  • Free and open source. Not only is Linux completely free to use, it is also open source. This means that you, or any other coder, can access the code in the operating system and improve it as you see fit.
  • Extremely secure. Even though Linux is open source, it is also very secure. Thanks to a team of ethical hackers and the decision to disable root privileges for most members, Linux can easily prevent viruses.
  • Runs on any hardware. Unlike some operating systems, Linux will run on any hardware. You can install it on an extremely old PC or a brand new Mac, and it will run the same on both.
  • Allows for control over software updates. Windows is known for its constant mandatory updates that can slow down your laptop. Linux has chosen to do the opposite, giving the user complete control over which software updates they want to install.

Why Study at a Linux Bootcamp?

Though it is possible to learn Linux on your own, studying at a bootcamp is likely to be more efficient. At a bootcamp, you will be taught by experts, and will gain plenty of hands-on experience.

Benefits of Linux Bootcamps

  • Learning from experts. By learning Linux in a bootcamp setting, you will get to learn from professionals with years of experience with this OS.
  • Working on real-world projects. Many bootcamps take a project-based approach to teaching, which means you will get to apply your new knowledge as you learn.
  • Receiving career guidance. Not every bootcamp provides career counseling, but many do. These services can greatly increase your chances of finding employment.
  • Connecting with potential employers. Quite a few bootcamps have hiring partners or connections with large tech companies. Graduating from a bootcamp can get you an in at one of these tech giants.
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The 10 Best Linux Bootcamps

Though there are a plethora of Linux bootcamps out there, it is important to choose the one that works for you. Below, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Linux bootcamps for you to browse.

Code Fellows logo

Code Fellows

Anyone in the Seattle area should look into Code Fellows, both for Linux-related and other courses.

Code Fellows Key Information
Program Cybersecurity
Locations Seattle, Online
Cost $1,000 to $12,000
Financing Options Deferred Tuition, ISA, Private Loan, Monthly Installments, GI Bill
2023 Start Dates February 15, 22, 28, March 1

Enrolling in Code Fellows’ cybersecurity program is a great idea whether you are in the Seattle area, or willing to study remotely. Its cybersecurity program consists of five courses, each of which can be paid for individually or bundled into one bootcamp. Linux comes up in the second lesson on computer operations, and the third lesson on security.

The former will cover how to install hardware components and deploy Linux OS, while the latter will delve into troubleshooting Linux on virtual and cloud environments.

Flatiron School logo

Flatiron School

Flatiron is another prestigious coding bootcamp with locations throughout the US. This school is the right choice if you’re looking to impress potential employers.

Flatiron School Key Information
Program Cybersecurity Engineering
Locations Austin, Chicago, Denver, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC
Cost $18,900
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates April 26, August 9, November 22

If you want to become a cybersecurity engineer, try Flatiron School’s new cybersecurity engineering course, available at all of the school’s locations. By the end of the course, you will be fluent in using Linux, Python, Wireshark, and other tools for cybersecurity purposes. Using Linux, you will learn to use command line tools to check the security of a system.

Fullstack Academy logo

Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy is a renowned coding bootcamp that offers an array of courses and is known for helping many of its graduates secure tech careers.

Fullstack Academy Key Information
Programs Cyber OnRamp, Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp
Locations Cyber OnRamp: Online, Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp: NYC, Online
Cost Cyber OnRamp: Free, Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp: $15,980 - $17,910
Financing Options Upfront, ISA, Private Loans
2023 Start Dates February 22, March 12

Fullstack Academy offers two programs that teach Linux skills. The first is a part-time, online bootcamp prep course, called Cyber OnRamp. This free class covers the basics of Linux systems to prepare you for the full-time program.

The full-time Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp, which you can take onsite or online, also covers Linux. Although the focus is on cybersecurity, much of the course is spent learning about Linux, and how it can be applied to a career in cybersecurity.

IronHack logo


Ironhack is another well-known bootcamp with locations all over Europe, as well as online. This school offers a few different programs, one of which contains Linux lessons.

Ironhack Key Information
Program Cybersecurity
Locations Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Paris, São Paulo, Online
Cost $8,400 - $9,400
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates June 7

If you want to enroll in Ironhack’s cybersecurity bootcamp, you can choose to do so in a beautiful European city, or even in Mexico or Brazil. But if you aren’t up for traveling, you can simply sign up for the course online.

In this program, you will learn about the key components of cybersecurity and how it interacts with Linux systems. The cost varies depending on which location you choose to study at.

Linux Certified logo

Linux Certified

Linux Certified is an online training school that exclusively offers courses on Linux.

Linux Certified Key Information
Program Linux System and Network Admin Bootcamp
Location Online
Cost $1,699
Financing Options Upfront Payment
2023 Start Dates N/A

This bootcamp consists of two days of intensive study in a live, remote setting. In the course, you will learn all about the Linux system, including how to issue commands and build kernels in the OS. To take this fast-paced course, you should already have a basic understanding of Linux. It’s a great option if you’re preparing to get certified in Linux System Administration.

NYC Data Science Academy logo

NYC Data Science Academy

Located in New York City, the NYC Data Science Academy is a fantastic data science bootcamp offering a few courses that cover Linux programs.

NYC Data Science Academy Key Information
Program Data Science
Locations New York City, Online
Cost $17,600
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates April 5

Though this bootcamp focuses primarily on data science, there is a surprising emphasis on learning the Linux operating system. You can choose to enroll in an onsite or online program, both of which cost $17,600.

Open Cloud Academy logo

Open Cloud Academy

Open Cloud Academy is an online coding bootcamp with courses open to anyone.

Open Cloud Academy Key Information
Program CyberCloud
Location Online
Cost $17,000
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Grant, Private Loan, GI Bill
2023 Start Dates March 1, April 19, June 7

This program on cybersecurity cloud computing systems will help you learn cloud computing. One of the lessons in the course is entirely dedicated to the fundamentals of Linux, such as how to configure and maintain the system. The course finishes off with a week of project-based learning in which you can test your new Linux skills.

Tech Talent South logo

Tech Talent South

Tech Talent South is a technical training school in the southern US.

Tech Talent South Key Information
Program DevOps and Continuous Integration
Locations Asheville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Dallas, New Orleans, Raleigh, San Antonio, Wilmington, Winston-Salem, Hartford, Phoenix, Online
Cost $13,500
Financing Options N/A
2023 Start Dates N/A

This DevOps and Continuous Integration program is offered at all of Tech Talent South’s locations, and online. It costs $13,500, and covers how to apply Linux in software development, operations, and debugging.

The Linux Foundation logo

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation specializes in Linux-related course content, so it only makes sense that this bootcamp is included on the list.

The Linux Foundation Key Information
Program Cloud Engineer Bootcamp
Location Online
Cost $2,300
Financing Options Upfront Payment
2023 Start Dates N/A

The Linux Foundation offers this online Cloud Engineer bootcamp for those interested in learning up-to-date skills to apply to the cloud computing industry.

It is a self-paced course, so you can take as much time as you need to complete the program. At the end, you will earn a Linux-related cloud certification to show to potential employers.

The Tech Academy logo

The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy offers a few bootcamps involving Linux, available in person at two locations.

The Tech Academy Key Information
Program Cybersecurity, Data Science
Locations Portland, Salt Lake City
Cost Cybersecurity: $17,640 - $24,640, Data Science: $14,640 - $21,307
Financing Options ISA, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates N/A

Though these two courses offered by The Tech Academy do not specifically focus on Linux, they both include lessons on Linux. The cybersecurity program is more Linux-heavy than the data science course.

You can enroll in the cybersecurity course part-time for $17,640 or full-time for $24,640, while the data science course costs $14,640 for part-time and $21,307 for full-time.

Should You Enroll in a Linux Bootcamp?

Linux is an important operating system that’s preferred by many programmers, coders, and cybersecurity professionals. Though you can learn this open-source OS on your own, enrolling in one of the best Linux bootcamps will provide you with a guaranteed quality education.

It will also help you stand out to a future employer. So, if you want to learn Linux and advance your tech career, we think signing up for one of these bootcamps in 2023 is the way to go.

Find the right bootcamp for you
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