The 4 Best Kotlin Bootcamps of 2023

The best Kotlin bootcamps can be hard to find. If you want to learn Kotlin in 2023, this comprehensive guide can help you decide which bootcamp is right for you. With another programming language under your belt, you can start a tech career, get a raise, or secure a promotion.

Why Study Kotlin?

You should study Kotlin if you’re interested in coding and want to learn an up-and-coming programming language. Kotlin can help you learn to create and support Android applications.

The tech industry is becoming more and more competitive, which means you should always work on your skills. Learning how to code using Kotlin will help you develop a competitive edge in the industry.

Reasons to Learn Kotlin in 2023

  • Kotlin developers are in high demand. According to Glassdoor, employers want to see Kotlin on job applications. Huge tech companies like Google, Pinterest, and Netflix all need Kotlin developers in 2023.
  • You can save coding time. Kotlin does not require many lines of code compared to other programming languages. This language can solve a development problem with simple lines of code.
  • Kotlin improves quality. Kotlin improves the general quality of applications. It has safety features that can debug system failures for you. You can also spot errors more easily with Kotlin.
  • It’s interoperable with Java. This means you can use Kotlin in conjunction with Java when you are writing open-source code. You can migrate applications written in Java to Kotlin or vice-versa.
  • Google supports it. Google supports Kotlin in app development. The company made this move in 2017 and has been using the programming language ever since. If Google uses it, more tech companies will start catching on.

Why Study at a Kotlin Bootcamp?

You should study at a Kotlin bootcamp if you want to learn this programming language in a fast and efficient way. Coding bootcamps have some essential aspects that, when put together, ensure student success. Read below to find out some of the best benefits of Kotlin bootcamps.

Benefits of Kotlin Bootcamps

  • Faster learning. Kotlin bootcamps will help you cover its basic elements in a short period of time. You can get an education that’s just as high-quality as a university degree without the cost and time commitment.
  • Large professional network. Kotlin bootcamps often partner with top companies in your area or worldwide. Employers sometimes call on bootcamps to provide them with new talent. Attending a Kotlin bootcamp can help you make contacts in the professional world and possibly land a job.
  • Career coaching services. Many learning institutions only provide students with a learning opportunity. Kotlin bootcamps, however, focus on student success inside and outside of the classroom. Most bootcamps feature career coaches and mentors to help you find a job.
  • Flexible programs. Kotlin bootcamps present various learning schedules to accommodate your priorities. You do not have to quit school or your day job to attend a bootcamp.
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The 4 Best Kotlin Bootcamps

The best Kotlin bootcamps offer learning flexibility, professional instructors, extensive career support, and expert mentors. The bootcamps below will help you grow your development skills and gain traction in your tech career.

Big Nerd Ranch logo

Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch is a coding bootcamp that provides courses in North Carolina and Georgia. Sign up for its courses in Kotlin to learn the essentials.

Big Nerd Ranch Key Information
Program(s) Advanced Kotlin, Kotlin Essentials, Android Essentials, Advanced Android
Locations Online
Cost $5,200
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Loan Financing
2023 Start Dates April 19, June 12

Big Nerd Ranch provides many courses that can help you learn Kotlin. You could take a bootcamp in Android development, advanced Kotlin, full-stack web development, and more. Big Nerd Ranch can teach you how to develop applications for Android using Kotlin. You will also learn the building blocks of Android and best practices when developing applications.

The price of this immersive bootcamp includes transportation, meals, and accommodation, depending on what you need. The school wants you to completely focus on the program during your stay. The lessons are intensive and project-based to help you develop real-world experience.

Big Nerd Ranch is keen to increase the representation of minorities in the tech industry. To that end, it supports groups such as Decatur Robotics, GSU Hack-a-thon, Black Girls Who Code, and Women Who Code.

Deep Dive Coding logo

Deep Dive Coding

Deep Dive Coding can help you learn digital media, web development, data science, and the Internet of Things. You will get to work on both a capstone project and a personal project.

Deep Dive Coding Key Information
Program(s) Java + Android, Data Science, Digital Media, Full Stack Web Development, Internet of Things
Locations Albuquerque
Cost $6,995 - $9,995
Financing Options Upfront, Month-to-Month
2023 Start Dates February 8, June 7, September 27

Deep Dive Coding provides immersive programs that can help you become a master at your craft. Depending on which course you take, you can learn JavaScript, standard library, SQL, Apache, Kotlin, and SQLite. You can also explore agile methodologies, enterprise applications, material design principles, and dependency management.

Along with Kotlin, Java is an important part of Android app development. The Java + Android course from Deep Dive Coding can teach you how to develop great applications for Android. To qualify for the course, you should have basic computer knowledge and a positive attitude.

The platform has extensive partnerships in the tech field to help you find a job when you graduate. You will have access to endless coding material and a career coach who can help you navigate the industry.

The App Academy NL logo

The App Academy NL

The App Academy is a Dutch coding company that teaches app development. The platform provides both private and accelerator bootcamps for various mobile developers.

The App Academy NL Key Information
Program(s) Mobile App Development Bootcamp, iOS Bootcamp, iOS Development Introduction Course
Locations Online, Amsterdam
Cost $9,634
Financing Options Upfront, Loan Financing
2023 Start Dates May 31st, September 27th

Don’t get this bootcamp confused with the other App Academy, which is based in the U.S. The Dutch eight-week bootcamp can teach you everything you need to know about app development. The program teaches only Swift and Kotlin programming. You will conduct a series of small projects and build your app developer portfolio.

The expert instructors deliver the lessons in English, and you will also receive an intensive personal approach. The school leans towards professionalism and modern tools of technology. You should expect plenty of teamwork when tackling different Android projects.

Udacity logo


Udacity is a well-known, flexible bootcamp provider. In addition to high-quality education, Udacity offers real-world projects, mentor support, and career services.

Udacity Key Information
Program(s) Android Basics, Java Web Developer, Become a Kotlin Developer, iOS Developer, Front End Web Developer, Backend Web Developer
Locations Online
Cost N/A
Financing Options Upfront, Month-to-Month, Loan Financing
2023 Start Dates Rolling start dates

Udacity’s Kotlin programs can help you develop Android applications more productively. Depending on the bootcamp, you can finish in a couple of weeks or a few months. You can learn everything from how to use Android UI components to how to establish app parameters.

Because Udacity has so many options, you can take beginner or expert courses, depending on your skill level. You might want to seek a background in object-oriented programming or GitHub. Start with simpler courses and work your way up.

Should You Enroll in a Kotlin Bootcamp?

Yes, you should enroll in a Kotlin bootcamp. Among mobile operating systems, Android leads with over 75 percent market share. Kotlin is productive and reliable by any measure. According to ZipRecruiter, an average Kotlin developer earns about $127,541 per year.

Kotlin bootcamps will teach you how to develop cutting-edge skills in app development. It’s never too late to learn a new coding language, especially one that’s on the rise. Enroll in a Kotlin bootcamp today and get a lucrative job in tech.

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