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Best JavaScript Bootcamps

If you’ve ever expressed interest in web design or coding, you’ve probably heard of JavaScript. One of the most in-demand languages out there, JavaScript is used for developing web pages, creating games through various JavaScript frameworks, and much more.

By learning JavaScript, you gain a skill set that can be applied to multiple career positions and it is a requirement many tech companies have when they’re hiring coders. As one of the most popular programming languages out there today, learning JavaScript is a great way for people new to the industry to find a foothold and eventually start their long-term career in tech.

When people think of programming and learning a new language, they often consider it to be a difficult task that requires years of training and knowledge, but that couldn’t be further from the case. The following is a guide of coding bootcamps out there that will take you from JavaScript beginner to professional within 6 months.


Ironhack is a coding bootcamp that offers both full-time and part-time programs for its students. Throughout the program, you learn UX/UI design, web development, data analytics and more. This bootcamp has several locations all over the world and it takes a unique approach to education that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Students can create their own experience through Ironhack—based on their goals and what they’d like to get out of the program. Graduates from Ironhack’s web development bootcamp gain a number of skills, including knowledge of JavaScript.

Ironhack also aids its students in finding a career through its interview prep, digital brand presence instructions, and various networking opportunities.

App Academy

App Academy has courses available online and in-person for students all over the world who want a career in web development. The majority of the time spent at App Academy is spent doing pair programming and a small portion is lectures. This hands-on experience prepares App Academy students for real-life scenarios when they join the workforce.

Unlike other coding bootcamps, App Academy places a heavy emphasis on career training to ensure students find a job as soon as they graduate. The App Academy job search curriculum is based on algorithms, technical interview skills, and more so students can confidently find a position in tech.

App Academy is available for everyone, but the application process can be difficult. Applicants are expected to submit an application, complete two coding challenges, and an interview in order to be admitted.


Developing the skills to work in the tech industry is a difficult process that is well worth the effort. Thinkful is an online bootcamp that walks you through every step of learning to fully prepare you for any number of tech careers. From engineering to data science, Thinkful’s 5-month programs fully equip you to become a professional in tech.

Thinkful is an intense course and full-time students are expected to dedicate 50-60 hours each week throughout the program. More flexible programs require 20-25 hours per week and it takes longer to complete.

In order to get help whenever you need it, Thinkful has a community of 3,000 students and mentors on Slack where you can receive on-demand help with your code, as long as you network with other professionals.

Flatiron School

Flatiron is an on-campus and online program for people that want to become software engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, or work in cybersecurity. The bootcamp has academies all over the United States for people that want to learn in person.

Through Flatiron’s immersive courses, students take rigorous courses that are aligned with the current market. Students also have seasoned instructors and work with personal career coaches to increase their chances of finding a job after graduating.

For several of Flatiron’s programs, students have a money-back guarantee, where if students don’t find a qualifying job after six months of graduation, they can get their money back. Flatiron’s Career Services offers personal coaching sessions, mock interviews, and introductions to employers so students have every opportunity to successfully start their career.



Codesmith is a 12-week full stack software engineering bootcamp located in New York and Los Angeles. The program focuses primarily on computer science and JavaScript, with a strong emphasis on Redux, Node, React, DevOps and more. The program gives students the ability to create open-source projects and students leave with the skills needed to become software engineers.

Throughout this 12-week course, students gain valuable knowledge and learn advanced coding techniques, computer science fundamentals, and object-oriented programming.

Like many highly rated coding bootcamps, Codesmith has an extensive program dedicated to helping students get hired. Codesmith students receive whiteboarding, technical interview practice, and help to develop their resume and portfolio. 95% of graduates receive offers for senior and mid-level engineering positions.


Skillcrush is a 12-week online bootcamp that teaches web design and web development courses. Known as Skillcrush Blueprints, these courses are step-by-step guides to prepare students for a career in the tech industry.

Students have two main objectives while completing their coursework. The first objective is for students to learn the technical skills of web development and design, while the second objective is to create a portfolio through legitimate projects.

In addition to these blueprints, students are also given office hours, access to classmates and instructors, as well as career coaches—all designed to give them a structured environment for learning.

Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy has both part-time and full-time immersive bootcamps for software engineering and cybersecurity. There are in-person and online campuses available.

Through Fullstack Academy, students learn advanced JavaScript and go over a number of computer science topics, such as compiler theory, logic gates, and how to create an operating system. For college students and those who wish to work while learning, Fullstack Academy offers flexible, part-time options. There is also an accelerated version of the program, known as Summer of Code, which is an immersive program that lasts throughout the summer break.

With a cutting-edge curriculum and a strong emphasis on successful interview training and networking, students are poised to get hired soon after graduating.

Finding the Best JavaScript Bootcamp

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Even if you’re new to JavaScript, there’s a bootcamp for you

There are dozens of JavaScript bootcamps out there and whichever you choose is completely up to you. However, with all the options out there, it can be difficult to find something reliable. The last thing you’d want when transitioning to a new career is to feel as if you aren’t prepared for your new position.

Find the right bootcamp for you
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