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Best Free Coding Bootcamps to Advance Your Skills in 2023

To pursue your career goals in the tech industry, it helps to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge that can get you there. Coding bootcamps make it quick and easy to advance in the industry as they increase your career potential — all while being specific to what you hope to achieve.

Obtaining that experience doesn’t always mean having to resort to student loans. In fact, you can choose from a variety of free coding bootcamps which can provide a solid foundation to build your career. This means you can pursue your dream career and boost your earning potential at literally no cost at all.

These tech-industry specific bootcamps are short-term programs designed to give you a comprehensive look at developing your coding skills. Regardless of your prior experience, these helpful bootcamps can get you where you want to be.

What Is a Free Coding Bootcamp?

As a popular learning resource, these coding bootcamps provide a solid foundation for gaining new techniques and skills in the tech industry. That technical knowledge will set you up towards your dream career as a web designer, software engineer, or data scientist.

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These hands-on bootcamps are comprehensive and fast-paced, providing you with the know-how in a short amount of time. Most coding bootcamps run just about 12 weeks, which is an ample time to engage students with a direct-training approach.

Some bootcamps may come at a hefty price, considering the results they guarantee. The cost, however, may discourage students from pursuing their passion for tech. There are many bootcamps that offer scholarships and some that are free.

Fret not, as there are a handful of bootcamps offering the same, if not higher, quality of training and preparation at zero cost. These free coding bootcamps are also a great way for you to personally explore the viability of a career in tech.

Best Free Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps can bring great value to your career as you seek to achieve your own personal goals. And when you can get that training for free, the possibilities are endless. These free courses equip you with both fundamental and advanced skills required to get to the next level.

In this article, we share some of the best free coding bootcamps for women, teens, and more, available now:

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is a popular educational resource that explores a wide range of course opportunities and training. With a free basic plan, you’ll get 180 hours of content to get started on interactive lessons and assignments. If you’re not sure where to begin, the sorting quiz tool on its website can point you in the right direction.

You would need to upgrade to the pro plan to get access to even more projects and mobile-friendly resources for further advancements. But for sticking with the fundamentals, Codecademy has got your back. It believes in guiding you towards assessing your strengths and using them to fit into today’s world of programming.

2. Coursera

Taught by experienced university professors, Coursera courses are practical and engaging for those looking for world-class learning experience. Join an actual online class setting as you grow together with your peers in understanding important coding skills. Start from the basics and make your way up to more advanced subjects.

Coursera offers free access to its online courses but students would expect to pay between $30 to $50 to obtain a certificate upon course completion, depending on the course. However, given the value of coding credentials, getting that official documentation may be worth it.

3. Khan Academy

You may have heard of Khan Academy’s helpful academic videos and other resources. Beyond topics like algebra and finance, Khan Academy shares courses for learners of all ages and skill levels to start learning computer programming.

Their Hour of Code program explores a wide variety of programs and functions that can be utilized by both students and teachers. From topics such as Javascript to HTML/CSS and webpages — everyone can develop their industry knowledge at Khan Academy.

4. App Academy Open

Learn online for free with App Academy Open coding bootcamp. This program provides you access to resources and a robust curriculum on web development and other foundational coding practices. While they also offer an in-person program, their free online resources allow you to learn remotely at your own pace.

Students have access to 1,500 hours of practical coursework and other resources to give them the foundation needed to move forward in the field. You’ll also get to learn with other peers who are on the same level as you.

5. The Data Incubator

If you’ve got the basics of coding down and are looking to advance your skills, you can take on a coding bootcamp designed for experienced programmers at The Data Incubator. This is an exclusive training, offered as a fellowship program. The skills covered are intended to complete that last step towards achieving the proper credentials to move ahead in your professional life. Students can access this 8-week, full-time fellowship for free, upon acceptance.

The Data Incubator also works with hiring partners, which helps connect its graduates with the right employer. This free networking opportunity makes it easy to transfer your skills into your next career opportunity.

6. edX

Explore the wide range of courses available through edX. Course content varies from HTML5, app development, programming and so much more. With a free account, you can access the relevant courses that will benefit you in the long run.

These engaging and practical courses cover a wide array of interesting topics and help open your eyes to new opportunities as well. No matter where your interest lies, you can find a coding bootcamp program that arms you with the necessary skills to move forward in your tech career.

7. The Odin Project


This free, project-based learning platform covers a range of coding fundamentals. The Odin Project covers skills related to processes like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You’ll also get to explore more advanced topics like Ruby on Rails, databases, and GIT. Designed for coding beginners, this web development training can help boost your confidence in the digital world.

Supported by an open-source platform, this learning opportunity gives you the tools and resources to develop a portfolio and credentials to help you land your desired job. After acquiring the in-demand skills, the Odin Project also offers career resources to help you make your next move.

8. GA Dash

Learn the basics of web development covering elements like HTML, CSS, and Javascript for free with General Assembly’s Dash program. The resources shared through this platform brings a level of practicality as users are given project-based assignments.

In each step, you’ll gain hands-on experience in coding techniques and processes to help you get ahead. Dash gives you just the right push by offering a free opportunity to explore other valuable skills. Signing up is a quick and easy process which can be done on a web browser.

9. Udemy

While Udemy offers both paid and free options, there are abundant ways to learn on this educational platform. Developed by educators and users in the community, you’ll learn from people just like you, who have advanced their careers and experience in coding.

As Udemy provides a wide range of resources at different specifications, be sure to look into the course description before jumping on a program. You can also search for courses that apply to the specific area you are looking for.

Get Ahead With a Free Coding Bootcamp

You have the drive to advance as a skilled and experienced coder. Now is the time to step up and get those credentials for free, through the many coding bootcamps available online. The best part about enrolling in one is that you get to learn on your own time, from literally anywhere with a good Internet connection. 

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