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Top Tips to Create the Best Desk Setup for Software Engineers

Software engineers spend a lot of time at their desks because the job demands it. As a result, having a good software engineer’s workspace is essential. The best desk setup for software engineers promotes productivity and efficiency.

The quality of a workspace can make all the difference when it comes to producing quality work. If you are looking for ways to create the best software engineers’ setup for your work environment that is functional, productive, and fun, then read on for some of the best tips on how to create the top software engineers’ workspace.

What Makes a Software Engineer Desk Setup Effective? 

What makes a software engineer desk setup effective is an environment that promotes productivity but also provides comfort. Without these two essentials, the long hours spent sitting in one position and staring at a screen can negatively affect one’s ability to focus and work effectively. Besides these factors, the decorations on and around your desk space also matter. 

Display and Desk Setup

The display and desk setup of a software engineer are important factors to consider. The external monitors and desks people choose to work on should not only be based on what is highly recommended but on personal preference. For instance, some prefer a traditional desk, while others prefer adjustable or standing desks.

Comfortable Workspace

Your workspace should be comfortable enough to allow you to complete your daily tasks without strain or physical discomfort. This means that both the technical and non-technical items you keep around you should be geared toward increasing productivity. Discomfort has a negative impact on the quality of your work.


Adding a personal touch to your workspace results in the perfect desk setup. When you surround yourself with items that make you happy, you find joy in your workspace, which makes you enjoy your job more. Not only that, but it’s a great way to add some fun to your workdays and reduce stress.

How to Create a Software Engineer Desk Setup: 5 Top Tips

Ergonomic Workspace

An ergonomic workstation provides your body with support while maintaining its neutral position. This alleviates physical discomfort and reduces stressors. In turn, your productivity and efficiency are increased. 

Software engineering is an in-demand job, and the average salary of a software engineer is $89,068, according to PayScale. Software engineering is a tech field that requires investing in good quality equipment such as desk converters and considering factors such as the viewing angle of their monitors and the height of the desk they use.

Quality Technical Items

Software engineers must invest in high-quality technical items. It’s a good idea to do some research to see what items are top-rated and can fit within your budget. You want to make sure you’re working with the best equipment you can afford, especially when the effectiveness with which you can perform your job is highly dependent on the equipment you’re using.

Essential Non-Technical Items

Other than the essential technical items, you should look into ways to make your work easier with other non-technical ideas. These can be items that help keep you organized, make you more productive, or improve your daily work habits in some way. 

There are many options available, from a desk organizer that keeps your space tidy to a mouse pad that provides comfort to a stress ball that helps you release tension.

Workspace Environment

Your desk setup is not the only important aspect of your office setup. The entire environment that you work in plays a part in your productivity and effectiveness. The way you decorate your space and your furniture accessories can either have a calming, inspirational, or distracting effect. You should aim to fill your environment only with items that improve your quality of work and elevate your mood.


Accessories aren’t necessary, but they can help you enjoy your work a little more. Accessories, such as a laptop mount, can be useful and make your work easier in some ways. You can consider getting a color-changing table lamp to add some fun and ambiance. 

5 Things You Should Invest in When Designing Your Software Engineer Workspace

Your workspace should be a combination of work tools and items you enjoy. A software engineer career path involves mostly technical work. However, you should allow yourself to invest in some useful non-technical items as well.

Technical Items to Consider

  • Dual monitors. The benefits of having a dual monitor setup make them the most popular choice among software engineers. Working with two screens side by side makes multitasking easier, which means more work can get done, and that increases productivity levels. 
  • Ergonomic keyboard. Getting a quality keyboard is a key component of various types of software engineering jobs. Investing in an ergonomic mechanical keyboard is the best option since it provides both physical comfort and more accuracy when typing.
  • Headphones. Noise-canceling headphones with good sound quality are extremely beneficial to software engineers. Headphones can be useful if you live in a noisy area or with other people, resulting in much higher levels of productivity. 
  • Ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair is a great investment for software engineers because it allows them to change posture settings and make adjustments for your height and weight. This reduces tension on the spine and provides all-day comfort, which is necessary for anyone spending long hours sitting down.
  • Ergonomic mouse. An ergonomic mouse is designed to fit the human hand’s shape, thus creating a more comfortable positioning for the hand. When using an ergonomic mouse, you can maintain a natural position with your arms, elbows, and wrist, which alleviates any discomfort that you might otherwise feel when using a standard mouse.

Non-Technical Items to Consider

  • Plants. Plants provide multiple benefits when used in an office setup. The benefits range from stress and sickness reduction to providing clean air. Other than their health benefits, they also improve the workspace aesthetically and create a calming environment.
  • Art. Art, like plants and greenery, has benefits that include the reduction of stress and the promotion of relaxation. In addition, art boosts creativity and provides aesthetic benefits by beautifying the environment. Different artwork has different effects, with certain types of art even boosting productivity. 
  • Lighting. Lighting reduces eye-straining and fatigue, which reduces the likelihood of headaches. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of errors occurring and increases productivity levels. Natural lighting, in particular, creates a brighter work environment, which has been shown to boost people’s moods.
  • Organizational tools. Organizational tools, such as desk organizers, adhesive under desk storage, and color-coded filing systems serve the purpose of keeping your workspace tidy and free of clutter. A clean space allows the mind to focus on important tasks, whereas a cluttered space causes distractions and can reduce productivity.
  • Music. Listening to your favorite music has been proven to increase productivity, improve mood, and increase relaxation. For some, it helps them concentrate better on tasks and drown out any distractions in the surrounding environment. 

Creating the Best Software Engineer Workspace

There are many ways to create the best software engineer workspace. From the technical aspects such as height-adjustable desks, chairs with an adjustable height, and other technical accessories to the addition of non-technical accessories in your office setup. Software engineers have the potential to earn up to $110,140 per year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, so if you are one of them, it is definitely worth investing in creating a workspace that will make you super productive.

While a lot of it comes down to proven ways of increasing productivity and efficiency, some of it is up to your own personal taste and preferences. Investing in the right equipment goes a long way toward making your job as a software engineer easier and more comfortable, while adding personal touches is equally important when it comes to your mental health.

Best Desk Setup for Software Engineers FAQ

Why are height-adjustable desks important for software engineers?

Aside from their health and productivity benefits, adjustable desks are convenient because they allow users to sit or stand, permitting them to avoid sitting all day. If you don’t want to buy an adjustable standing desk, use a desk converter or build your own desk from scratch to suit your needs.

What makes a software engineer’s office setup an efficient workspace?

A productive and comfortable work environment is what makes an office efficient. The most important thing to consider is what works for you. No one-size-fits-all solution exists for efficiency and productivity when creating a beautiful desk setup.

What are some affordable monitors to use in your dual monitor setup?

There are many options available if you’re looking for affordable equipment. Getting good quality does not always require you to spend excessively. You can even look into second-hand options on reputable websites like Amazon. 

What should you invest in first when creating your ideal software engineer desk setup?

If you want to begin your career as a software engineer, start with the essentials when creating your ideal desk setup. It’s important to get the equipment you require to do the job first and foremost, such as the monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse. However, if you want to take your tech skills even further, try and build your own pc from scratch and adjust it to your requirements.

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