A software developer sitting at his desk, which consists of a wireless mouse, external keyboard, and two-monitor setup.

Top Tips to Create the Best Desk Setup for Developers

Having an optimal desk setup is essential for computer-based and software development professions. The best desk setup for developers really depends on what your day-to-day activities entail, but in this article, we provide a general developer desk setup that will alleviate the strain caused by the most intensive tasks. 

Even those interested in becoming a cyber security engineer, software engineer, or data analyst should have something like a developer’s workspace, filled with similar technical and non-technical items. Learn what items are worth investing in and how to build the best developer setup for a productive work environment.

What Makes a Developer Desk Setup Effective? 

What makes a developer’s desk setup effective is a combination of technical accessibility and non-technical accessibility elements. It is important to find items that are specifically helpful for your daily job duties and promote your physical and mental well-being. Below are the top criteria that make a developer’s desk setup effective. Choose the elements that best match your developer position.  

Comfortable Furniture to Maintain Physical Wellbeing 

According to Statista’s remote workforce post-COVID-19 survey, one-fourth of employers stated they will move ten percent of their workforce to a fully remote position. As remote work becomes the norm, it is vital to invest in good workspace furniture. 

Maintaining good posture and getting lumbar support are essential for the longevity and well-being of your back. You should invest in an ergonomic chair and an adjustable desk with plenty of desk space. Adding a comfortable chair with adjustable height, lumbar support, and movement features is important for any desk-based job. 

Technical Items and Accessories to Make Work Productive

The daily job duties of a developer are entirely based on computer- and software-related tasks, and the best desk setup for developers incorporates essential tech elements into them. When creating an ideal desk setup, you should consider purchasing dual monitors, noise cancellation headphones, a USB-C cable, mechanical keyboards, a gaming mouse, and a power adapter. These desk accessories will make you a productive coder.

Good Computer Screen Quality to Ease Eye Strain

A perfect developer workspace is a combination of comfort, practicality, and technicality. Following these criteria will help make your regular job hours more pleasant. Constantly staring at a desktop or laptop screen can be detrimental to your eye health, so it’s vital you protect your eyes. Invest in quality screen protectors and eye strain relief glasses. Avoid purchasing cheap laptops with low-quality laptop screens. 

How to Create a Developer Desk Setup: 5 Top Tips

Search for Optimal Technical Accessories 

The best desk setup for programmers or developers should include optimal technical accessories that make your coding job efficient and easier. Invest in external monitors for a dual monitor setup, an ergonomic keyboard, a computer screen quality enhancer, and cooling fans. 

Set Up Your Workspace in Natural Light 

Setting up your office space with ample natural light will improve your mood and foster a work environment that will enhance your cognitive performance. A recent Gallup survey shows that only 21 percent of global employees are engaged at work. An ergonomic and well-lit developer desk setup can improve your focus and make your work more meaningful to you.

Along with feelings of workforce stress and disengagement, it is also common for dim lighting to cause mental exhaustion. Incorporating bright lights and multiple light sources into your developer workspace will create a positive everyday environment and give you more energy. 

Look For Ergonomic Chairs and Comfortable Furniture Accessories 

The repetitive strain of spending over 40 hours per week in uncomfortable, cheap chairs can cause long-term back issues. A desk job requires you to work on computer screens for long hours, so it’s vital that you take care of your back throughout your work journey. Look into an ergonomic office chair that meets your budget and preference. You can also purchase a desk bike or an active desk chair to stay active during your work hours. 

Get a Small Desk Plant to Improve Air Quality 

Since remote work requires you to spend most of your time in an indoor space, maintaining good indoor air quality will improve your health and well-being. You can buy a small desk plant and place it on your desk for air-purifying and decorative purposes. Adding a desk plant will beautify your workspace and can make your workdays more productive. 

Organize Your Technical and Non-Technical Accessories 

Keeping a clutter-free workspace makes for an optimal office setup for developers and other tech professionals. The best tech jobs require a lot of technical products, including extra monitors, a mouse pad, external USBs, computer cooling products, and computer cables. It is therefore imperative that you maintain a clean and organized space with cable management tools, extra storage boxes, and desk organizers. 

5 Things You Should Invest in When Designing Your Developer Workspace

The best desk setup for developers combines both technical and non-technical items that will help make your daily work life a productive and comfortable one. Below you’ll find five technical items and five non-technical items to invest in when designing your developer workspace. 

Technical Items to Consider

  • A good computer screen. Purchasing a computer with good screen quality is a necessity for developers. This allows you to code seamlessly without straining your eyes. 
  • External cooling fan. Spending long hours using powerful software can easily heat up your computer. Although most powerful laptops have efficient built-in cooling fans, purchasing an external cooling fan is a safe step to ensure a well-working computer. 
  • Extra monitors. Programming- and software-based tasks require you to work with massive amounts of code and numerous programs. Mastering software and IT skills means getting used to multitasking. An extra monitor will allow you to keep your tasks separate and your screens uncluttered.
  • External USB port. A software development computer requires high RAM and SSD storage capacity, as well as powerful processors. Having an external USB port will help you lessen the storage burden on your computer. 
  • High-quality keyboard. A high-quality mechanical keyboard is another essential technical item to add to your developer workspace. It will aid your typing process, help you avoid coding mistakes, and last longer. 

Non-Technical Items to Consider

  • Mouse pad. A mouse pad is a great addition that will enhance the usability and durability of your mouse, making mouse movement smoother and more comfortable. A high-quality mouse pad can even prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Noise-canceling headphones. Whether you work from home or from an office, concentration is a must while coding. Noise-canceling headphones will help you focus on the task at hand and avoid distractions.  
  • An adjustable desk. Having an adjustable desk that can be raised to your stand-up height and lowered to your sit-down height is a great item for developers. Positioning your chair at the correct height is good for back pain relief and is more conducive to increased movement during the long hours you spend at your desk. 
  • Ergonomic office chair. An office chair with an ergonomic design is a piece of cool furniture that looks great in any office. More importantly, it is a great investment that will help your overall back health. It offers lumbar support for freer movement, greater flexibility, and more comfort, and it is a must-have for the perfect desk setup.   
  • Desk storage organizer. A desk storage organizer is a great purchase that allows you to have a clutter-free desk. A well-organized desk allows you to work more productively and have easier access to all of your most-used items. 

Creating the Best Developer Workspace

Creating the best developer workspace is a must for work efficiency, performance, and productivity. A developer’s workspace should include technical and non-technical items that make your coding journey easier. You should also invest in items that will boost your mood and cognitive performance. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for software developers are projected to grow by 22 percent between 2020 and 2030. This high job growth rate corresponds to an increased demand for development tasks and tech professionals. Having an optimal developer desk setup will help you perform better and solidify your position in this lucrative field.  

Best Desk Setup for Developers FAQ

What items should a developer have at their desk?

A developer should have a computer with a lot of computing power, an ergonomic chair, an adjustable desk, a mouse pad, noise-canceling headphones, extra monitors, external USB ports, and a desk organizer.

Should I get a desk bike or a standing desk for my developer job?

Yes, you should get a desk bike or a standing desk for your developer job to stay active and maintain a healthy back. Staying active and having movement and flexibility are essential ways to enhance your happiness at a desk-based job. Having opportunities for physical activity will help maintain your well-being over the long term. 

Where should I set up my developer workspace at home?

You should set up your developer workspace in an area of your home where you get ample natural light. You should also choose a spot with minimal distractions and a space that is well-organized. 

What technical accessories should I buy for my developer desk setup?

The technical accessories that go into making the best developer setup are a mechanical keyboard, laptop cooling fan, external USB port, Bluetooth mouse, and external monitors.

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