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Coding Bootcamps for Veterans: Top GI Bill and VET TEC Bootcamps in 2024

The prevailing consensus holds that veterans can quickly become excellent software engineers. During their service, they receive cutting-edge training that teaches them practical hard and soft skills such as attention to detail, discipline, and communication. This has led to a growing number of coding bootcamps for veterans. These coding schools leverage the existing skills that veterans bring to the table to turn them into successful software developers, cyber security professionals, data analysts, and other in-demand tech roles.

As a result of the Forever GI Bill update of 2017, military veterans now have access to a wide range of coding schools and online bootcamps. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best coding bootcamps for veterans. Read below to learn more about coding bootcamps that accept the GI Bill and other VA-approved coding bootcamps.

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Reasons to Attend a Coding Bootcamp for Veterans

A front view of a veteran in uniform who might consider joining a VA-approved bootcamp to learn coding.
Coding bootcamps that accept the GI Bill and other VA programs are an excellent way for veterans to branch out of their army career into civilian life.

Coding bootcamps are short-term learning programs that offer accelerated, skills-based learning. With a coding bootcamp, you can acquire the skills you need to kickstart a career in tech, such as software engineering or cyber security, in just a few months and with the support of an experienced careers team to guide you through the job hunt.

There is a considerable amount of bootcamps that have been given the nod by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. As a veteran, a VA-approved coding bootcamps is a great way to start a new career and new life once you finish your time in the military. Below are a few reasons to consider attending a coding bootcamp for veterans:

  • Accelerated learning. Bootcamps provide focused and intensive training in a short period, equipping veterans with relevant tech skills efficiently. The average coding bootcamps lasts anywhere from 3 months to a year.
  • Career services. Many bootcamps offer job placement assistance, resume reviews, interview practice, and networking opportunities. It is this emphasis on job placement that sets coding bootcamps apart from other forms of education.
  • Job guarantees. Some bootcamps provide job guarantees or deferred tuition options, ensuring financial security upon program completion.
  • Tailored programs. Veterans can find a coding bootcamp that fits their needs and schedule. Most bootcamps come in a variety of formats. It is not uncommon for the same program to be offered in person and online as well as part-time and full-time. There are also self-paced options for very busy individuals that can manage their time effectively.
  • Use of military experience. Coding bootcamps recognize the value of military skills, translating them into the tech industry. Due to their military training, many veterans have exceptional problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills, which are extremely useful in the tech industry.
  • Financial support. Veterans can utilize scholarships, grants, and VA-approved programs to offset bootcamp costs. As we explore below, there are several bootcamps that accept the GI Bill or that can be funded through VET TEC.
  • Quick career entry. Bootcamps enable rapid skill acquisition and job readiness for a swift transition to the tech workforce. They focus on the skills that will allow you to break into the tech industry quickly after graduation.

What Is a VA-Approved Coding Bootcamp?

A VA-approved coding bootcamp is a coding learning program that has been officially approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. These VA coding bootcamps are veteran-friendly programs that accept GI Bill benefits or offer other programs and perks for veterans.

Programs That Veterans Can Potentially Use to Finance a Coding Bootcamp

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • Montgomery GI Bill
  • Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program 
  • Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E)
  • Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)
  • Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP)

Will the GI Bill Pay for Coding Bootcamp?

In many instances, yes, the GI Bill can be used to pay for a bootcamp’s tuition. It can also be used for housing stipends. Since the 2017 Forever GI Bill update, coding bootcamps can be financed using GI Bill benefits. However, you need to check if the bootcamp you are interested in has been approved as a VET TEC training provider. See the full list of VET TEC training providers here.

Both the GI Bill and the VET TEC program can cover the entire cost of a coding bootcamp. However, how much of your tuition will be covered depends on factors such as the specific bootcamp, the length of the program, and the GI Bill benefits you have remaining.

Best Veteran Coding Bootcamps

Bootcamps provide excellent career services for finding programming jobs. Whether you’re interested in becoming a web designer or a cyber security analyst, there are countless coding bootcamps out there. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top coding bootcamps for veterans who want to advance their career goals in the coding and tech industries.

Bootcamp Courses Veteran Benefits Price Range
Claim Academy Java Full Stack Software Developer, C#/Net Full Stack Software Developer, Cybersecurity, GIS DevOps Software Developer Scholarships, GI Bill, Career Services $13,000 – $16,000
Code Fellows Software Development, Ops and Cyber Security, Web3 GI Bill, Career Services $99 – $12,000
Code Platoon Full Stack Software Engineering, DevOps Engineering Scholarships, GI Bill, VET TEC, Career Services $0 – $18,000
Coding Dojo Cyber Security, Data Science, Software Development Scholarships, GI Bill, Career Services $9,745 – $16,995
DeltaV Code School Software Development, Digital Marketing, SQL 501 Scholarships, Discounts, GI Bill $99 – $12,000
DigitalCrafts Cyber Security, UX Design, Web Development Scholarship, Career Services $9,950 – $14,950
Eleven Fifty Academy Software Development, Cyber Security Career Services, GI Bill, Veteran Readiness and Employment $0 – $13,500
Fullstack Academy Coding, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Product Management Scholarships, VET TEC, GI Bill $0 – $19,910
Galvanize Software Engineering VET TEC, Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program, Veteran Readiness and Employment, Career Skills Programs $17,980
General Assembly Data Analytics, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, User Experience Design, Front-End Web Development, JavaScript Development, Product Management, Python Programming, React Development, Visual Design Scholarships, GI Bill, Career Services $0 – $15,950
Launch Academy Full Stack Software Engineering Scholarships, Career Services $17,500
LEARN Academy 4-Month Intensive Bootcamp VET TEC, Veterans Rapid Retraining Assistance Program, Career Services $15,000
MAX Technical Training Business Software Specialist, .NET Developer Bootcamp, Java Developer Bootcamp GI Bill $14,000
Momentum Web Development Discounts, Career Services $15,500 – $17,500
PDX Code Guild Intro to Programming, Full Stack Bootcamp, Advanced JavaScript GI Bill, VET TEC, Veterans Rapid Retraining Assistance Program, Veteran Readiness and Employment, Discounts $17,500 – $26,000
Skill Distillery Full Stack Development with Java, Web Development with Java VET TEC, GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, Dependents Educational Assistance, Career Services $9,950 – $19,950
Zip Code Wilmington Software Development Bootcamp Scholarships, VET TEC, Career Services $12,000

Claim Academy

Claim Academy features helpful online courses to learn the basics of coding and programming. This course also features collaborative projects to strengthen your scripting skills with a partner. In addition to pair programming, students receive guidance from mentors and instructors. Many graduates of Claim Academy have found coding careers at major companies in different industries such as tech, marketing, and finance.

Code Fellows

Code Fellows believes that everyone should have an equal chance to succeed. Besides tutoring, Code Fellows offers technical instructor certifications, corporate training programs, and a platform for non-students. Veterans can use their benefits with the GI Bill at Code Fellows and use the career services to help find a job in tech.

Code Platoon

Code Platoon accepts VET TEC and GI Bill benefits, and it’s one of the only coding bootcamps specifically for veterans. Students will learn the fundamentals of programming through the Code Platoon curriculum. The program offers students courses in full stack web development, including Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

Code Platoon’s corporate sponsors offer paid internships to students once they graduate. In addition to the GI Bill and VET TEC, Code Platoon also offers general scholarships. VA benefits and scholarships cover the majority of veteran students’ tuition costs.

Coding Dojo

With Coding Dojo, individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels can become professional developers at companies like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Its online program boasts successful job placement for graduates with a higher average starting salary than those without a certificate.

In addition to online courses, Coding Dojo offers career services like private consultations with career advisors and open QA forums with top industry professionals. Veterans are welcome at Coding Dojo campuses, and the GI Bill is accepted. Furthermore, scholarships are available for qualified students.

DeltaV Code School

DeltaV Code School is a GI Bill coding bootcamp located in Iowa. With software development, digital marketing, and SQL courses, it is a good option if you want to get a varied education. DeltaV Code School accepts GI Bill benefits and offers a discount to veterans. If you’re a complete beginner, you can take the Code 101 course for only $99. 


The DigitalCrafts curriculum is ideal for beginners, but experts can also use the program to brush up on their skills. The curriculum combines live, online instruction with practical lessons and personal projects that accommodate all learning styles effectively. 

In addition to instructors with extensive industry experience, students learn from teaching assistants and a Student Success Team dedicated to helping them land employment after graduation. DigitalCrafts is not a VA-approved coding bootcamp, but it does offer a scholarship and support for veterans.

Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy supports the GI Bill and Veteran Readiness and Employment programs, which makes it a great coding bootcamp for veterans. Along with coding, it has a cyber security bootcamp and free workshops. Eleven Fifty Academy also works with Hiring Our Heroes to help you get a job once you graduate.

Fullstack Academy

Along with VET TEC and GI Bill benefits, Fullstack Academy offers scholarships to help veterans learn to code. Fullstack Academy is one of the most popular bootcamps out there, and its prep courses can help you test the waters before you commit to a full-time bootcamp. If you’re a female veteran, the Grace Hopper Program is also a good choice.


Galvanize is a veteran coding bootcamp that offers a software engineering program. While Galvanize offers immersive bootcamps, it also offers short-term courses, learning workshops, and faculty-student events to appeal to many potential students’ needs. Galvanize accepts VET TEC and GI Bill benefits to help veterans pay tuition.

General Assembly

General Assembly is arguably the most popular bootcamp out there, and it offers courses on everything from UX design to data analytics. General Assembly veterans’ benefits include GI Bill payment and scholarships. The bootcamp also has robust career services, which is helpful if you’re passionate about getting a job once you graduate.

Launch Academy

Launch Academy seeks students who have a strong drive to help others and are naturally curious about how things work. The curriculum focuses on JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS. Although Launch Academy does not accept GI Bill benefits, it offers a scholarship and career services to veterans.

Under the guidance of experienced developers, students build authentic products to provide them with skills for the workforce. Post-graduation services are available to all graduates in career center services. These professionals can help guide your career trajectory post-graduation and find your dream job in tech.

LEARN Academy

LEARN Academy is eligible for VET TEC and the Veterans Rapid Retraining Assistance Program. The four-month bootcamp teaches everything you need to know about software engineering, and it also offers extensive career services. There are VET TEC info sessions you can attend to learn more about how LEARN Academy can help you thrive in a new career.

MAX Technical Training

At MAX Technical Training, you can learn .NET development, Java development, or business software. Veterans can use GI Bill benefits to pay tuition, and if you contact an admissions representative, you can speak with a veteran grad about their experience. You can also get on track to earn an industry certification, which is a great choice when applying for jobs.


Although it isn’t GI Bill-approved, Momentum offers a $1,000 discount to veterans, and there are plenty of career services to help you find a job after the program. Momentum students have access to a robust calendar of events throughout the year, including guest lectures from industry experts. These events provide students with valuable insights and training. 

Momentum offers part-time and full-time courses that cover various topics like networking with hiring managers, effective communication, and interview training. If students do not receive a job offer within nine months of graduation after participating in Momentum’s career services program, the program will refund their tuition in full.

PDX Code Guild

PDX Code Guild has quite a few options for veterans who want to learn to code. It accepts veteran benefits like the GI Bill, VET TEC, Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program, and Veteran Readiness and Employment. Students who choose PDX Code Guild will complete capstone projects, which are a great way to start a portfolio for job applications.

Skill Distillery

Skills Distillery is one of the best coding bootcamps that accept the GI Bill. Coding experience is not necessary to attend one of its coding courses, but it is a good idea to brush up on your skills before you apply. In addition to the online application and interview, applicants must complete a logic test and meet with an advisor.

Zip Code Wilmington

At this VA-approved coding bootcamp, students will go through a college-like class environment, providing job-ready skills for the workforce. Zip Code Wilmington scholarships and stipends are for military personnel, spouses, reservists, and veterans. This bootcamp also has extensive career services.

GI Bill Coding Bootcamps

The GI Bill provides financial aid to United States Army veterans who want to start a new career after serving. With the help of the US Veterans Affairs Department, veterans can choose from a wide range of financial aid options to finance their education. There are numerous GI Bill coding bootcamps out there that can help you pay for training.

Ever since the GI Bill passed in 1944, it has provided financial aid to millions of US army veterans and their families. According to the VA, the bill has financed over 25 million veterans with approximately $400 billion. Moreover, since 2009, veterans and their families have received more than $12 billion in funding from the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Which Coding Bootcamps Accept the GI Bill?

These are GI Bill-approved coding bootcamps that let you use your veteran benefits to pay tuition. Keep in mind that the list of coding bootcamps that take the GI Bill below is not comprehensive and can change.

  • Claim Academy
  • Code Fellows
  • Code Immersives
  • Code Platoon
  • Codeup
  • Coding Dojo
  • DeltaV Code School
  • Eleven Fifty Academy
  • Galvanize
  • General Assembly
  • MAX Technical Training
  • PDX Code Guild
  • Skill Distillery
  • Tech Elevator
  • Turing School
  • We Can Code IT

VET TEC Coding Bootcamps

Army vets can join Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC) and learn valuable skills. A VET TEC coding bootcamp can help veterans start a career in coding, data science, cyber security, and more. If you want to use this benefit, you will need to enroll in a full-time program.

VET TEC coding bootcamps are a particularly good choice because VET TEC can help you pay for your housing during your program, unless you’re on active duty. You can start your journey to a new career without worrying about the potential financial stress.

Coding Bootcamps That Accept VET TEC

Code Fellows, Skill Distillery, and Fullstack Academy are all coding bootcamps that accept VET TEC. Below are the VA-approved coding schools at the time of writing.

  • Carolina Code School
  • Claim Academy 
  • Code Fellows
  • Code Platoon
  • Codeup
  • Divergence Academy
  • Evolve Security Academy
  • Fullstack Academy
  • Galvanize
  • Learn Academy 
  • PDX Code Guild
  • Prime Digital Academy
  • Sabio
  • Skill Distillery 
  • Tech Elevator
  • We Can Code IT
  • Zip Code Wilmington

VRRAP Coding Bootcamps

The Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP) is specifically for veterans who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. It includes tuition and fees for up to a year of education as well as a housing stipend. To apply for VRRAP, you have to be at least 22 years old, and you can’t have already applied for GI Bill benefits. 

This program was particularly created to help veterans find in-demand jobs, which means coding bootcamps are eligible. However, the program ended in December 2022. If you already applied for VRRAP, you can still get benefits, but there are no new students as of writing.

Coding Bootcamps That Offer Automatic Veteran Discounts

 A lot of bootcamps offer veteran discounts to new students who have served in the military. This can be a percentage of your tuition or a set amount. The list of veteran discount coding bootcamps below is not comprehensive, and bootcamps can change their policies, so check with your bootcamp of choice before you apply to see if you can get a discount.

  • CodeCore 
  • Code Platoon 
  • DigitalCrafts
  • General Assembly
  • Launch Academy
  • LearningFuze
  • Metis
  • Momentum
  • NPower
  • The Software Guild
  • Thinkful
  • V School

Veteran Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

Veterans’ coding bootcamp scholarships are available at many bootcamps across the country. These can be in the form of a small discount or a full-ride grant. Most of the best coding bootcamps for veterans have scholarships. Read below to see a list of just some of the bootcamps that offer scholarships for veterans.

V School Veterans in Tech Scholarship

V School, a Salt Lake City bootcamp, teaches web development, web design, and cyber security. This scholarship covers all of your tuition and pairs you with a veteran mentor. Through the V School website, applicants apply for scholarships and speak with a representative. You can use your financial aid for the web development program to learn more about programming and coding practices.

Code Platoon Scholarships

Scholarships at Code Platoon include the Veteran and Spouse Scholarship, Black and Hispanic Scholarship, Women in Tech Scholarship, Transgender Veteran Scholarship, MilSpouse Coders Scholarship, NMFA Scholarship, and SkillBridge Scholarship. ​With an average scholarship award of $12,500, students with financial aid will never have to pay more than $3,000 for attending Code Platoon. 

Transgender veterans, female veterans, and people of color (POC) are also eligible for full scholarships worth $15,500 from Code Platoon. GI Bill, VET TEC, and Vocational Rehabilitation benefits are all available to veterans and family members who qualify for VA educational benefits.

Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship Fund

The Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship will cover up to 70 percent of tuition for veterans of the US military and minorities underrepresented in tech. Scholarships are awarded according to financial need and scholarship requirements. You can apply for this scholarship as soon as you register for a Code Fellows course. 

Coding Dojo Military Retraining

Partial scholarships of $1,000 are available for veterans attending the onsite Coding Dojo bootcamp. Applicants must apply separately following their general application. Coding Dojo military scholarships help you learn everything you need to know about web and software development while strengthening your professional communication and teamwork skills.

Launch Academy Military Scholarships

Launch Academy offers a $500 scholarship to all veterans who enroll in the bootcamp. When you finish the prep course, you get a $250 scholarship. This is a good choice if you’re looking for a discount and have the means to pay for the rest of the program.

Are Coding Bootcamps a Good Option for Veterans? 

Coding bootcamps are an excellent option for veterans who want to learn tech skills. If you’re considering a change in career to a tech field, studying at a coding bootcamp for veterans can help you make the transition more quickly and easily. Paying for coding bootcamps may seem like a challenge, but when you properly research the options, you will find there are many ways to afford bootcamp programs.

Veteran Coding Bootcamps FAQ

Does the GI Bill cover cyber security bootcamps? 

The GI Bill can cover all tuition, housing, and books for eligible veterans or military spouses enrolled in coding or cyber security bootcamps. Veterans who want to start a cyber security career can rely on the GI Bill for educational expenses. One cyber security bootcamp with GI Bill benefits is Evolve Security Academy.

Can I use VET TEC and the GI Bill together?

You can use VET TEC in conjunction with the GI Bill. You can also use the VET TEC multiple times, providing your bootcamp programs are at least 18 months apart. If you use VET TEC for your bootcamp, you can use your GI Bill benefits for something else later.

Are there any online coding bootcamps that accept the GI Bill?

Yes, there are several online coding bootcamps that accept the GI Bill. Claim Academy, Code Fellows, Coding Dojo, and Eleven Fifty Academy are all VA-approved bootcamps that accept the GI Bill. These schools do not have any in-person programs, which means their course offering is fully online.

Are there any free coding bootcamps for veterans? 

There are no free coding bootcamps for veterans, but you can get your tuition covered by a scholarship or VA benefits. This makes the program free, even though you still technically have to pay tuition.


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