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The Best Coding Apps for Beginners: The Top Free and Paid Apps to Learn to Code

As the tech industry continues to boom, there are many resources for beginners to develop coding skills. From coding bootcamps to online coding games, there is an opportunity that suits every learning style. One of the best ways to build programming skills, however, is to use coding apps for beginners. 

The best coding apps will help you practice fundamental programming skills while also giving you a better understanding of how the technology works. Further, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers will see a 25% increase in jobs in the next 10 years, so now is a great time to start building development skills. In this article, we will cover the best apps to learn coding, how much they cost, and what the learning process is like for each one. 

The 12 Best Coding Apps for Beginners: Platforms, Features, and Costs

In this section, we will highlight the top coding apps for beginners. We will cover what platforms the best coding apps are available on, what you can learn on each app, and the cost of the monthly subscriptions. Whether you are interested in game design or web development, these are the best apps to learn coding.  

Codecademy Go 

  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: Free; $24.99 for Codecademy Go Pro

The Codecademy Go app was created to further supplement the Codecademy learning experience. It is one of the best coding apps for beginners because you can choose between a free and paid version, depending on your level of dedication. With the free version, you can practice HTML, CSS, or Python once per day.

The pro version of Codecademy Go allows students to unlock many more exercises and advanced lessons in languages like SQL, JavaScript, and C#. It also acts as more than just an app to learn coding, since paid users have access to certifications, career services, and group connection opportunities that help you work towards your dream tech career. 


  • Platform: Android
  • Cost:Free; $99 per month for CodeGym Premium Pro

This is one of the best apps to learn Java coding skills. With a focused approach and 1,200 different coding tasks, CodeGym can help beginners develop solid Java coding experience. CodeGym’s program is broken up into 40 levels, which helps ensure that students master Java programming fundamentals before moving on to advanced topics. 

CodeGym stands out as the best app to learn coding for Android users because, in addition to the free and premium options, eager learners can also opt for CodeGym’s Premium Pro subscription. This also allows students to get feedback on their coding style and recheck their work for up to three days after completing a task. This option costs $99 per month. 


  • Platform: Android
  • Cost: Free

The CodeHub app is a free resource that provides lessons in C, C++, Java, and Python. For students that want to learn web development, the CodeHub app also has lessons in CSS and HTML. The newest version of the app also covers frameworks like Node, Django, Express, Java Spring Boot, Angular, and Bootstrap. 

Though this app is only available on the Google Play Store, its cost-free model makes it one of the best coding apps for beginners. In fact, it is a great, low-barrier resource to help you start a career in tech and land high-paying roles. For example, you can learn HTML and Python – two of the most-used languages by software developers according to Statista – using this app.


  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: $2.99 per month; $6.49 per year

Designed as a coding app for beginners, the Encode app starts with lessons that don’t require app users to have any prior coding skills. On this app, you can learn HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. Because lessons can be accessed offline, this app promotes learning on the go in the form of small and quick exercises. A subscription for Encode can be billed at $2.99 per month or $6.49 per year. 


  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: free; $7.99 per month

The Enki app is one of the best coding apps for those who want to develop a wide range of programming skills. Through more than 2,500 separate lessons, the app covers 20 different in-demand skills. These include Git, Linux, Webflow, HTML, Python, NFTs, Zapier, JavaScript, and much more. 

When signing up for the app, Enki will ask you questions about your employment, learning goals, level of knowledge, and interests to create a tailored learning experience that makes learning to code more fun. Though some of the content is available for free on a read-only basis, you can unlock all of the Enki app’s interactive content for just $7.99 a month.


  • Platform: Android
  • Cost: Free

Another one of the best apps to learn coding, Grasshopper specifically teaches coding for beginners. Perfect for aspiring web developers, the Grasshopper app teaches a variety of skills surrounding JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This app can help you develop valuable skills while receiving real-time feedback. You can even work on full coding projects with Grasshopper. 

As one of the top free coding apps, Grasshopper is continually being updated with new lessons and content. After completing the lessons on the app, even beginner coders will have enough knowledge to build a simple webpage. Overall, Grasshopper makes learning to code rewarding and fun. 

Khan Academy

  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: Free

Operating as a non-profit, Khan Academy is a well-known online education provider with courses that cover a wide range of subjects and levels. Khan Academy’s app is highly rated and offers an engaging and enjoyable user experience, making it one of the best apps to learn to code if you are looking to gain a well-rounded introduction.  

The Khan Academy app is a completely free coding app for beginners. From interactive exercises to quizzes and videos, you can learn in a variety of ways with this app. Further, you can download content so that you can also use the app offline. 


  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: Free, $9.99 per month for Mimo Pro

With an impressive library of over 13,000 coding exercises, Mimo is definitely one of the best apps to learn coding. Featuring small, quick tasks and daily streaks, the Mimo app aims to motivate learners and make learning to code more manageable. You can learn all of the core web development languages as well as Ruby, C++, C#, and more. 

While some of the content on Mimo is free, a Mimo Pro subscription will give you unlimited access to all of the courses on the app for $9.99 per month. With the subscription, you can also practice your coding skills by completing hands-on projects. 

Programming Hero

  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: Free; $9.99 per month for premium subscription

If you want to learn how to code, one of the best coding apps is Programming Hero. This beginner-friendly app aims to make learning to code a fun, interactive process. Programming Hero even lets you build your own game as you complete lessons, which is especially interesting for learners who want to work in game development.

Most of the lessons are centered around Python, but the web development course also teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This app offers a variety of content for free. However, premium subscribers will get access to exclusive content, such as coding exercises, content updates, additional reading materials, and more. The premium subscription for Programming Hero costs $9.99 per month.

Programming Hub

  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: Free; $6.99 per month for Programming Hub Pro

With Programming Hub, you can learn how to code in more than 20 languages, including JavaScript, HTML, C++, Python, Swift, and R Programming. You can choose between over 150 different courses and more than 5,000 coding examples, making this one of the best apps to learn coding.

While Programming Hub does offer some free course material, the options are limited compared to the paid content catalog. In some ways, Programming Hub is the best app to learn programming if you are working towards a tech career because you can earn certificates as you complete lessons to put on your resume. 


  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: Free; $120 per year for Replit Core

Replit is one of the best coding apps for beginners interested in a community-focused environment. Replit stands out among coding apps because it allows you to collaborate with developers all over the world. With this programming app, you can build new projects quickly with AI assistance as you practice coding fundamentals. 

The free version of the app is perfect for beginners because it gives you access to a basic workspace, community support, and limited Replit AI functions. A subscription to Replit Core means access to more advanced AI models, unlimited personal projects, and member support. 


  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Cost: Free; $12.00 per month

Sololearn is one of the best coding apps for beginners. It provides users with introductory courses for more than 10 programming languages, in addition to entry-level courses for broader subjects like machine learning and data science. Great for building a robust skillset, the Sololearn app also offers intermediate and advanced courses. 

Some learners may also enjoy Sololearn’s community forum, where app users can discuss coding exercises, ask questions, and chat about the app. Impressively, this app offers all of its lessons and course materials for free. However, you can also opt for a paid subscription to Sololearn that comes with an ad-free experience, unlimited access, and a feature that allows you to set goals. 

What Are the Benefits of Coding Apps for Beginners? 

A person sitting on a crowded bench using a coding app for beginners on their smartphone.
Coding apps for beginners are great because you can build knowledge while you are waiting for the subway or on your lunch break.

If you want to learn how to code, there are many benefits to using coding apps for beginners. First, coding apps are easily accessible and can be quickly downloaded onto your smartphone. Unlike programming courses, you can use a coding app at your leisure, which allows you to build coding skills while working and maintaining your daily routine. 

The best apps to learn coding will also present the content in an interactive way that gives you hands-on experience with real code. Lastly, even premium subscriptions for coding apps cost a small fraction of what the tuition for college courses or coding bootcamps does. Plus, the best coding apps will still help you gain programming knowledge in multiple languages. 

Are Coding Apps For Beginners Worth It?

Coding apps for beginners are worth it because they offer an accessible, user-friendly entry into the technical world of coding. By using the best apps to learn coding, you can build skills at your own pace and according to your unique interests. This can help you find lucrative positions in high-growth fields. For example, according to BLS, web developers will see job growth of 23% in the next decade. 

From Python to JavaScript to Swift, coding apps for beginners can help you learn in-demand coding languages. Plus, with both free and paid options, there really is a coding app for everyone. Whether you want a more gamified learning experience or prefer to get real-time feedback, you can start your coding journey with one of the apps highlighted above. 

Best Coding Apps for Beginners FAQ 

What are the best android apps to teach coding?

Some of the best Android apps that teach coding are Sololearn, Grasshopper, and CodeHub. Even better, all of these coding apps offer free content for users. Even without a paid subscription, you can learn a wide range of programming languages and industry-driven tech skills. 

What is the best coding language for beginners?

The best coding language for beginners is Python because it has a simple syntax that is easy for non-coders to grasp. Further, there is a large Python community, so there are ample resources to help beginners. Python is also a very versatile language. So with just one language, beginners can work on web development, machine learning, data science, and more. 

How hard is it to learn coding?

Learning to code can be quite hard, but there are many beginner-friendly educational resources available. For example, there are many coding apps for beginners that present lessons on fundamental coding topics in a fun, easy-to-manage, and even sometimes gamified way. 

How to learn coding fast?

If you want to learn coding fast you can enroll in an intensive coding bootcamp, which is a program designed to get students job-ready in a matter of months. Alternatively, you can try to build skills on your own by taking advantage of online resources and coding apps.

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