Best C# bootcamps

The 5 Best C# Bootcamps of 2023

To become an experienced developer, you need to constantly update your coding skills. A reliable coding bootcamp is one of the best ways to learn a new programming language, and C# is one of the most useful. To get trained in C# alongside exceptional instructors, career coaches, and mentors, check out our list of the best C# bootcamp options.

A C# coding bootcamp is an excellent option to learn this essential programming language and expand your repertoire as a developer. It will provide you with industry-relevant training and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. If you’re ready to learn C# coding, check our picks for the top bootcamps to help you. Let’s dive in. 

Why Study C#?

C# is a popular programming language widely used for coding apps. It has many features that make it an essential language to learn. The language has simple keywords, a clean style, and low-level memory access, making it one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Below are some of the top reasons to learn C# coding.

Reasons to Learn C# in 2023

  1. For embedded programming. C# can be used to program embedded systems such as microcontrollers. These are essential in robotics and the automotive industry.
  2. For transitional coding. C# is a mid-level language, which means that you can use it to write open-source code for operating systems and web applications.
  3. For its quick execution time. This programming language is fast in executing code. To limit overhead, however, you must check on preventative memory leaks and garbage collection separately.
  4. For a deeper understanding of computer theories. When you learn C# coding, you familiarize yourself with technical concepts in computer architecture and computer design. You will also get to know operating systems and computer networks based on C#.
  5. For its small number of libraries. C# has fewer libraries than other top programming languages. This means you will have to build a lot of your code from scratch. While daunting for some, the hands-on nature of C# helps you practice fundamental coding principles.

Why Study at a C# Bootcamp?

You should learn C# at a coding bootcamp because of the additional benefits these schools provide. The main competitive advantage of bootcamps is that they allow students to advance their careers while studying. They serve as an excellent means to acquire job-ready technical and soft skills, which is something the best C# courses won’t necessarily do. 

Benefits of C# Bootcamps

  1. They can boost your salary. C# coding skills can put you in the running for high-paying jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average web developer earns a salary of $78,300, and the average software developer earns $109,020
  2. They save on cost. Web development bootcamps are relatively cheap. The equivalent training in a university computer science program costs almost four times as much as a C# bootcamp. It’s even more costly if you attend a private school.
  3. They save time. You can complete a bootcamp in a matter of weeks, compared to the four years it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree. Despite the shorter timeframe, a bootcamp will provide all the tools you need for an entry-level developer job.
  4. They are flexible. You can fit a C# bootcamp into your busy schedule. If you have any other engagements, just sign up for a part-time program.
  5. They are career-oriented. Bootcamps provide students with an excellent opportunity to land jobs fast. Their curricula are designed to help students close the skills gap and meet the needs of the tech industry.
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The 5 Best C# Bootcamps

Finding the right C# bootcamp can be a challenging process. For one thing, there is a sea of online information to wade through. Keep it simple with this list of the five best C# bootcamps.

Epicodus logo


Epicodus provides students with plenty of opportunities to become successful developers. It’s a career-oriented school with exceptional instructors and a thorough curriculum.

Epicodus Key Information
Program(s) C# and React, Intro to Programming, Ruby and React
Locations Online, Portland, Seattle
Cost $12,700
Financing Options Upfront Discount, Private Loan, ISA
2023 Start Dates January 3rd, March 13th

The Epicodus bootcamp teaches students essential technical skills as well as how to submit a successful job application. Its various career training sessions focus on helping students develop all-important soft skills.

You will have two weeks of job and internship preparation sessions. You will cover resume and cover letter writing, how to answer technical and non-technical computer science interview questions, and portfolio reviews. The school also features a demo day to showcase student projects to potential employers.

Like many bootcamps, the school gives students the option to pay tuition only after they have landed a high-paying job. Epicodus graduates have landed roles in top-rated companies such as GitHub and LivingSocial.

The Software Guild

The Software Guild

The Software Guild is a school that helps complete beginners and experienced coders alike advance their careers through various bootcamp programs.

The Software Guild Key Information
Program(s) Intro to Web Development, .NET/C# Bootcamp, Java Bootcamp, Digital Coding Badges
Locations Online, Akron, Louisville, Minnesota
Cost $10,125
Financing Options Upfront, Month-to-Month Installments, Scholarships
2023 Start Dates Rolling start dates

The Software Guild was designed to follow the medieval tradition of crafting guilds, where experienced professionals would pass on their knowledge to apprentices and teach them how to follow in their footsteps.

They offer a bootcamp dedicated to .NET/C# that is designed to teach you everything you need to land an entry-level coding job. In addition to learning and practicing their coding skills, students receive support to hunt for jobs, create strong portfolios, and get ready for interviews.

Tech Elevator logo

Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator provides full-stack training to students. They regularly update their curricula to ensure graduates enter the job force with the latest skills needed for a career in tech.

Tech Elevator Key Information
Program(s) Web Development, Full Stack Development
Locations Online, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Wilmington
Cost $16,500
Financing Options Income Share Agreements, Month-to-Month Installments, Scholarships and Grants
2023 Start Dates Rolling dates throughout the year

Tech Elevator coding bootcamps offer full-time and part-time options, as well as on-location or online options. Their web developer bootcamp offers two tracks, Java and C#. Graduates are able to create dynamic web apps using their coding foundation, which also includes training in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.

The Tech Academy logo

The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy provides full-time and part-time programs for students who aspire to become UX/UI designers, software developers, web developers, or data scientists. Considered one of the best online coding bootcamps, the school provides learners with a flexible learning environment. You can attend classes online, in person, or study at your own pace.

The Tech Academy Information
Program(s) Software Development, C# & .NET Framework, Data Science, Python, Front-End Web Development, UI/UX Design
Locations Online, Portland, Salt Lake City
Cost $5,300 - $14,000
Financing Options ISA, Upfront Payments, Month-to-Month Installments, Loan Financing
2023 Start Dates Rolling start dates

The Tech Academy’s team of professional instructors uses the latest technologies to train junior developers in full stack programming. If you choose to join The Tech Academy, you will get a free introductory class to the program you select.

In addition to free classes, the bootcamp provides career services for students. You will have access to career advisors who will help you navigate the tech industry job market. The school will also review your resume and provide mock interviews.

You can sign up for its part-time or full-time courses at any time. The full-time courses run between 15 and 22 weeks, whereas the part-time courses will take you a maximum of 40 weeks to complete.

TrueCoders logo


TrueCoders was created to provide anyone hoping to become software engineers with the practical training they need to break into the industry.

TrueCoders Key Information
Program(s) Software Engineering, Web Development, Scrum
Locations Online
Cost $4,500 - $8,100
Financing Options Upfront, Education Loan, ISA
2021 Start Dates Rolling start dates

TrueCoders offers fully online programs designed for absolute beginners in mind. Students get unlimited real-time support from instructors and career services to help them secure their dream jobs upon graduation. They offer a live course option that takes nine weeks or a self-paced option for those who prefer completing the modules at their own pace.

TrueCoders graduates have moved on to jobs at some of the most important tech companies in the world, including Google, IBM, and Samsung.

Should You Enroll in a C# Bootcamp?

Yes, you should enroll in a C# bootcamp if you want to become a developer and break into tech. Bootcamps will provide you with intensive training over a short period of time, and they often provide career support as well to ensure that you land a job after the successful completion of the course.

A C# bootcamp will give you the chance to learn from experienced professionals and learn from curricula that are constantly updated to match market needs. Any of the schools on this list can help you transition to the next stage of your career.

The 5 Best C# Bootcamps of 2023 FAQ

Can I learn C# online for free?

Yes, you can learn C# for free by using resources such as online courses, books, and YouTube videos, or by joining online communities. The best C# courses can provide you with a solid foundation and help you decide whether this programming language is something you want to pursue in more depth.

How long does it take to learn C#?

How long it takes to learn C# will depend on how much time you spend learning and practicing, but on average it can take two or three months to master the fundamentals. Bootcamps can provide you with in-depth training in several weeks or months. For example, devCodeCamp’s software engineering bootcamp, which covers C# in great detail, can be completed in just 12 weeks.

How hard is C# to learn?

C# is not hard to learn. In fact, it is considered among the easiest programming languages to learn. This is due to the fact that it is a high-level, general-purpose language that is pretty straightforward and simple to use.

What companies use C#?

Many well-known companies use C# for their mobile and desktop apps, including Venmo, Stack Overflow, Alibaba Travels, Intuit, and Trustpilot. This language has a wide range of uses, and so it is popular among a wide range of organizations.

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