The 4 Best C Bootcamps of 2023

C is one of the longest-serving and most widely-used programming languages in the world. The best C bootcamps can teach you how to learn C and prepare you for a career in a wide variety of industries.

Since C was first released in 1972, it’s become more than just a programming language. The conventions of C have helped develop almost every modern programming language, including Java, C#, Python, Rust, and C++.

Why Study C?

You should study C because it can provide a firm foundation if you want to start working as a programmer. Knowing C can also help you learn different programming languages more quickly. C-based languages dominate the tech industry, so every prospective tech worker should know at least one.

To name a few applications, C drives virtual machines, servers, interpreters, and web browsers. C is also at the core of the flexible Linux kernel, which drives technology from Android smartphones to Internet of Things devices.

If you’re interested in anything from full stack web development to general software engineering, C is the perfect place to start. Your coding skills will allow you to grasp most other languages in a snap. Taking a C bootcamp will also help you build a strong resume that will attract recruiters and get you your dream job.

Reasons to Learn C in 2023

  • Simpler starting point. Many programming languages today were built by refining C in one way or another. By learning C, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of their underlying principles. Those other languages will be easier to learn and master.
  • Flexible. C can do almost anything you can imagine. If you want to build your own operating system, build a web browser for that OS, and then program online games for it, you could do it all in C.
  • Widely-used. C’s flexibility puts it at the center of just about any software field you might want to enter. After you graduate, there will be plenty of job openings to apply for.
  • Long lifespan. Certain newer languages are still working out the kinks, while C is firmly established. C will be 30 years old in 2022, and with its age comes plenty of resources. You can find C users online that can help you navigate the learning process.

Why Study at a C Bootcamp?

You should study at a C bootcamp if you’re interested in learning the traits and capabilities of C in a structured environment. Instead of studying on your own, you’ll get a C curriculum that is designed to teach you quickly. Most bootcamps also provide career services to help you learn web development or programming and land a job.

This comprehensive education path works well for everyone, whether you did well in traditional school or not. In a bootcamp, you’ll only learn what’s necessary to become a professional without any extra padding.

Benefits of C Bootcamps

  • Structured learning environment. Coding bootcamps give you a daily reason to study coding while holding you accountable. If you cobble together your own curriculum, it’s hard to stay focused on learning code.
  • Time-tested curriculum. Bootcamps constantly tweak their lesson plans to give you the best and most useful information possible. You can trust that what you’re learning will still be used in the industry by the time you graduate.
  • Immediate expert help. Experts in C can answer any questions that crop up during your education. They also review your code and help you refine it before you enter a professional setting.
  • Career services. Every bootcamp has some form of career services that help graduates find work after completing the program. They usually review resumes and help with mock interviews. Many bootcamps have relationships with potential employers that can hire you right away.

The 4 Best C Bootcamps

If you’re interested in learning C, below are the four best C bootcamps that can help you start developing your own software.

Bright Star Institute logo

Bright Star Institute

Bright Star Institute provides self-paced bootcamps. You can earn a certification after completing your course.

Bright Star Institute Key Information
Program(s) C Programmer Certificate
Locations Online
Cost $1,800
Financing Options Course to Course, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates Self-Paced

Bright Star Institute’s bootcamps are on-demand. The courses combine video lectures, exercises, and expert assistance to teach students about both C and C++.

This bootcamp is split into two courses, one for each programming language. In the C bootcamp, you’ll learn about data types, function libraries, and more. Once you move onto C++, you’ll see how another programming language expands on C’s basic tools. You’ll learn object-oriented programming and more advanced tools like polymorphism and encapsulation.

This program offers a balance between self-paced instruction and expert guidance. If you’re comfortable learning on your own, this is a good option for you. You can also earn a certificate to help you get a job in the field. This school made it into our list of best C bootcamps as well as the best C++ bootcamps.

Deep Dive Coding logo

Deep Dive Coding

Deep Dive Coding’s course introduces you to the principles of coding with one of C’s most promising modern applications.

Deep Dive Coding Key Information
Program(s) Internet of Things
Locations Online, Albuquerque
Cost $8,995
Financing Options Job Training Albuquerque, WIOA Act, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Trade Adjustment Assistance, GI Bill, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates March 15, June 7, September 13

This full-time immersive bootcamp aims to prepare you for a career in smart devices. It starts by teaching you how to program ARM-based microcontrollers using C and C++.

As a prerequisite, you have to take courses in woodworking or metalworking alongside a course in 3D modeling. These courses are required because you’ll build every element of your smart device from the ground up.

This course is good for people in Albuquerque who want to get into the Internet of Things. This field will continue to grow as we discover more ways to use smart devices.

Developer Bootcamp logo

Developer Bootcamp

Developer Bootcamp offers a hybrid model for learning that combines online instruction with in-person lab time.

Developer Bootcamp Key Information
Program(s) C Programming
Locations Online, Nationwide
Cost $2,400
Financing Options Private Loan, more details available upon request
2023 Start Dates Self-Paced

Developer Bootcamp differs from other online courses because it runs locations in 40 different states. You’ll start the self-paced course on your own time and then experience the hands-on approach in your area.

Developer Bootcamp’s C programming course gives you a foundation in ANSI C, a set of standard syntax and semantics for C. ANSI C is useful because it enhances the portability of C across compilers, so your code will be able to run on almost any machine.

This bootcamp is a good option for people that want to get competent at C before specializing in one field. It’s an affordable way to enter the field of programming that still provides a good starting point.

Holberton School logo

Holberton School

Holberton School is a global bootcamp provider that offers a wide range of courses in growing fields.

Holberton School Key Information
Program(s) Foundation of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Low-Level & Algorithms
Locations Online, New Haven, Tulsa, Worldwide
Cost $85,000
Financing Options Income Share Agreement, Upfront
2023 Start Dates June 7

Holberton School’s tuition may seem astronomical compared to other options on the list. It makes up for the cost with a capped income share agreement and in-depth lesson plans. You’ll only start paying them back for your schooling once you start earning $40,000 per year.

Holberton School offers two courses that teach students how to program in C: the Foundation of Computer Science & Software Engineering Course and the Low-Level & Algorithm course. No matter which path you choose during your time at Holberton, you’ll have to take its foundational course.

In the foundational course, you’ll learn about how computers and programming languages work. This project-based curriculum teaches you everything from operating systems to full stack web development. In the Low-Level & Algorithm course, you’ll build on your C knowledge. You’ll learn about cryptography, the blockchain, algorithms, and more.

Holberton School is a good option for people who want a true alternative to the higher learning experience. Its in-depth learning pathways take two years to complete, but you’ll learn more than shorter bootcamps.

Should You Enroll in a C Bootcamp?

You should enroll in a C bootcamp if you’re interested in more than front end web development. C can be used for anything from data science and data analytics to the Internet of Things. Learning C opens up many opportunities for any coder.

C might not be the right language for you if you’re only interested in web design or want to quickly master a programming language. If you’re up to keep learning after graduation, you should learn C and keep up the challenge.

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