The Best Seattle Coding Bootcamps in 2023

Seattle continues to flourish as a thriving tech hub, housing tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft. Because of this, graduates from the best coding bootcamps in Seattle are able to find jobs at some of the biggest companies in the country. Attending a coding bootcamp in Seattle is the perfect way to position yourself for a successful tech career.

Seattle programming bootcamps utilize project-based learning to help students gain all the skills they need to land a job in fields like software engineering, data science, or cyber security, in less than one year. In this article, we will discuss the best coding schools in Seattle and help you select the right bootcamp for your career goals.


Learn to Code in Seattle: The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps

The best coding bootcamps in Seattle provide a skills-based alternative to traditional education. Students are able to find career success after graduation with the help of professional career services and job search support. This guide to the best Seattle bootcamps is based on graduate ratings, curriculum, and overall performance.

Coding Dojo logo
Coding Dojo Quick Facts
Courses Software development, cyber security, data science
Cost $9,995-$16,995
Financing Options Installment plan, loan funding, scholarships
Alumni Employers Chime, Microsoft

Coding Dojo’s software development bootcamp trains students to program in some of the most in-demand languages, such as Python, Ruby on Rails, and Java. It is available online on a full-time or part-time schedule. Students participate in live, online lessons and have access to lab hours, TA support, and small group code reviews.

Coding Dojo also offers part-time bootcamps in data science and cyber security. The data science program covers essential skills like Python, machine learning, and data visualization. The cyber security curriculum covers all the skills you need to kickstart a new career, as well as pass the CompTIA Security+ and CySA+ certification exams.

DigitalCrafts logo
DigitalCrafts Quick Facts
Courses Software development, web development, cyber security, UX design, data analytics
Cost $9,500
Financing Options Upfront payment, installment plan, loan financing, scholarships
Alumni Employers JP Morgan Chase & Co, Integra Group, JS Consulting

DigitalCrafts offers bootcamps in various subjects, as well as free introductory courses. All DigitalCraft instructors have real industry experience and its curriculum is designed so that students can “learn by building.” Students take part in projects they can then use for their portfolios.

DigitalCraft courses take place live online and students work together on group assignments and pair-programming exercises. Students also have access to career services including resume and portfolio reviews and access to the school’s network of employers.

Epicodus logo
Epicodus Quick Facts
Courses Software development
Cost $12,700
Financing Options Income share agreement, upfront payment, loan financing
Alumni Employers Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Nike, Intel

The Epicodus program begins with an Introduction to Programming course that all students must complete. After that, students move into advanced courses in JavaScript, backend development, and React. To gain hands-on experience with real-world projects, Epicodus students finish their studies with an internship.

If students don’t find a job after completing their 150 hours of internship training, they receive additional computer science training and have access to continued job search support. Epicodus provides two scheduling options for students and emphasizes project-based learning.

Flatiron School logo
Flatiron School Quick Facts
Courses Software engineering, data science, cyber security, UX/UI product design
Cost $16,900-$17,900
Financing Options Upfront payment, loan financing, installment plan
Alumni Employers Shopify, Buzzfeed, Spotify, Vox

Flatiron School offers courses in software engineering, UX/UI product design, cyber security, and data science. The bootcamp has a unique list of features, such as its iterative, market-aligned curriculum, private mentors, and career coaches.

To date, Flatiron School has helped thousands of students start successful careers. The bootcamp’s hands-on, practical courses prepare students for real-world work environments. Thanks to the bootcamp’s project-based curriculum, students graduate with an impressive portfolio that demonstrates their skills.

Galvanize logo
Galvanize Quick Facts
Courses Software engineering
Cost $19,480
Financing Options Upfront payment, installment plans, income share agreement, scholarship, VET TEC veteran benefits, loan financing
Alumni Employers Salesforce, Tesla, Accenture, Google

Galvanize offers two software engineering bootcamps, including one for beginners and one for students at an intermediate level. This online coding bootcamp believes learning should be based on experience. Students gain valuable real-world experience as they complete projects as part of their programs.

All Galvanize programs are offered live online and are taught by experienced software engineers. The curriculum is designed to prepare you for the market so that you can land a high-paying job quickly after graduation.

General Assembly logo
General Assembly Quick Facts
Courses Data analytics, data science, digital marketing, software engineering, user experience design
Cost $4,500-$16,450
Financing Options Income share agreement, loan financing, installment payments, discounts
Alumni Employers Microsoft, Google, Condé Nast, Visa

General Assembly is known as one of the first coding bootcamps. It has a long history of helping students find careers in the tech industry, with over 97,000 global alumni. The school offers courses in a wide range of subjects. In addition to its full-time immersive bootcamps, it offers part-time courses in JavaScript, Python, React, visual design, and more.

General Assembly offers both online and in-person classes and has six campuses worldwide. Students work with dedicated career coaches and perfect their interviewing skills before participating in exclusive networking opportunities with General Assembly’s hiring partners.

Kenzie Academy logo
Kenzie Academy Quick Facts
Courses Cyber security, full stack web development, software engineering, UX design
Cost $10,000-$20,000
Financing Options Upfront payment, loan financing, scholarships
Alumni Employers Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Infosys

Kenzie Academy offers flexible certificate programs designed to help students level up their careers. Its flagship software engineering program was created with input from Amazon hiring managers, ensuring it covers all the skills employers are looking for in today’s market.

Students have the option of attending live online classes or watching recordings, depending on their schedule and learning preferences. Depending on the program you attend, the credits you earn may be transferable if you decide to attend a degree course at Southern New Hampshire University.

NuCamp logo
Nucamp Quick Facts
Courses Software engineering
Cost $5,644
Financing Options Upfront tuition, fair student agreement, loan financing, scholarships
Alumni Employers Nucamp, Amazon, Western Washington University.

Nucamp is one of the most affordable coding bootcamps available to students in Seattle and students have access to various transparent and convenient payment plans. Depending on your learning goals, you can enroll in the full software engineering bootcamp path or study individual topics separately.

Nucamp bootcamps cover backend development with SQL and Python, front end development, and mobile development. After completing their program, students end with the job hunting course, which covers essential soft skills, how to network and impress hiring managers, and how to ace behavioral and technical job interviews.

Springboard logo
Springboard School Quick Facts
Courses Data analytics, data science, UX/UI design, software engineering, cyber security, tech sales
Cost $4,900-$11,900
Financing Options Upfront payment, month-to-month, deferred tuition plan, loan financing
Alumni Employers Amazon, Snap Inc. Shopify, Deloitte

Springboard bootcamps are designed to be as flexible and affordable as possible, while still providing high-quality education. The courses are self-paced, which means you can learn on your own schedule.

Springboard is different from other bootcamps because its students are assigned one-on-one mentors to provide support and guidance throughout the course. Springboard also offers a job guarantee for its career track programs, which means if you don’t land a job within six months of graduation, you will be eligible for a complete tuition refund.

Thinkful logo
Thinkful Quick Facts
Courses Software engineering, data science, data analytics, UX/UI design, digital marketing, technical project management
Cost $6,825-$16,000
Financing Options Upfront payment, month-to-month, deferred tuition,
Alumni Employers Google, Pulse, AutoGravity

Thinkful is a highly-rated coding bootcamp that offers online courses to students across the United States. Students can choose between the full-time scheduling option and learn with a cohort through live online lectures and workshops, or study part-time and attend optional office hours.

After completing their bootcamp, students have access to six months of professional career coaching. If you don’t find a job during this period, you might be eligible for a tuition refund. Thinkful graduates work at big-name tech companies like Google, IBM, and Amazon.

Best Seattle Bootcamps by Subject

Tech enthusiasts in Seattle have a wide range of bootcamp programs to choose from, depending on their career goals. Seattle bootcamps can help you enter numerous fields behind software engineering or web development.

  • Data science | Flatiron School. Data science bootcamps in Seattle cover essential topics, like artificial intelligence, that are in very high demand in the current market. You’ll learn how to use data to inform business decisions and solve complex problems.
  • Python | Coding Dojo. One of the best Python bootcamps in Seattle is offered by Coding Dojo. It takes a deep dive into how Python is used in machine learning and students also gain essential data science skills.
  • UX/UI design | General Assembly. UX/UI designers use a mix of technical skills and creativity to create layouts for web pages and applications. UX bootcamps in Seattle, like the one offered by General Assembly, cover topics like wireframing, user research, and usability testing.
  • Cyber security | Kenzie Academy. Attending a Seattle cyber security bootcamp can help you land jobs like security analyst, penetration tester, or security architect. You will practice skills like ethical hacking, data security, and cloud security.
  • Graphic design | General Assembly. If you want a tech job where your creativity can shine, graphic design is a good choice. A graphic design bootcamp in Seattle will cover hard skills, like Sketch, Figma, and Photoshop, as well as soft skills that will improve your ability to incorporate feedback into your work.

Why Study at a Seattle Bootcamp?

With Seattle being home to several tech companies, the job opportunities in the area are numerous. There are numerous career opportunities in web development, app development, software engineering, data science, cyber security, and more.

Coding bootcamps in Seattle are specialized education programs that teach you how to work in a specific field. Through these bootcamps, you can go from a programming novice to an industry-level professional. While there are many places to find coding classes in Seattle, bootcamps are unique in that they also offer career services to help you get over the hurdle of landing your first job.

Benefits of Seattle Coding Bootcamps

  • Available to everyone. Coding bootcamps don’t have education requirements. Many of them don’t require prior knowledge for your chosen course. Many Seattle bootcamps even provide free prep courses for interested students.
  • Experienced instructors. Instructors at the best coding bootcamps in Seattle have industry experience. They teach the fundamentals, as well as what you need to be successful in your career.
  • Project-based curriculum. Students typically work on projects in bootcamps, gaining hands-on skills. These projects demonstrate your coding skills and can often be used in your portfolio.
  • Career services. Coding bootcamps in Seattle help prepare you for the job market by providing services like mock interviews, resume reviews, and career coaching. Several coding bootcamps introduce you to their company partners to aid you in your job search.

Careers for Seattle Bootcamp Graduates

Attending a coding bootcamp in Seattle can help you land a wide range of tech jobs, even if you don’t have previous experience or a university degree. Tech companies in the city of all sizes are eager to hire workers with the right skillset. Some of the most common job titles held by graduates of the best coding bootcamps in Seattle include the following.

  • Front end developer | $81,005. Front end web developers use programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to create the user-facing side of a web application or website.
  • Backend developer | $90,652. Backend developers also work on web applications, but they focus on the server side of the web page. This requires knowledge of databases, security, and experience with languages like Java, Python, and SQL.
  • Data analyst | $65,112. Many graduates from data science and data analytics bootcamps hold this position. In this role, you will collect, clean, and analyze data to find important insights.
  • Cyber security analyst | $78,963. Cyber security analysts play an important role in ensuring an organization’s data stays safe from external threats and cyber criminals. They improve and maintain security systems, identify potential weaknesses, and respond to active threats.
  • Software developer | $76,029. Software developers write, test, and maintain software programs according to their client or employer’s specifications. Common languages used by software developers include Python, Java, and C++.

Is a Seattle Coding Bootcamp Right For You?

Coding bootcamps are a new form of education. These streamlined programs are designed to prepare you for a career and get you into the job market quickly. While being less expensive than traditional forms of education, coding bootcamps are intensive and require many hours of studying inside and outside the classroom.

A major benefit of coding bootcamps is that they come in a range of formats and scheduling options, which means there is a good chance you will be able to fit one that matches your learning style. If you’re ready to work in tech and live in the Seattle area, then attending one of the best coding bootcamps in Seattle may be the first step to a new, exciting career.

Best Coding Bootcamps in Seattle FAQ

How much does a coding bootcamp cost in Seattle?

A Seattle coding bootcamp can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the school, subject, and scheduling option you choose. Many top coding bootcamps provide a range of payment options and scholarships to help keep their programs affordable.

Is a coding bootcamp enough to get hired?

Yes, a coding bootcamp is enough to get hired, regardless of your previous experience. Coding bootcamps cover all the skills you will need to qualify for entry-level positions. Once you have a few years of real-world experience on your resume, you can progress in your career.

Are there free coding bootcamps in Seattle?

Yes, there are free coding bootcamps in Seattle. Ada Developers Academy, one of the most well-known free bootcamp programs, has a campus in Seattle. Ada Developers Academy is designed to help members of underrepresented communities in the tech field gain access to career opportunities.

How long is a Seattle coding bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp in Seattle can take anywhere from 16 to 32 weeks, depending on the school and schedule you choose. Some Seattle coding schools provide self-paced programs that you can complete as quickly as you can progress through the course materials.

Find the right bootcamp for you
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