The Best San Francisco Bootcamps in 2023

The San Francisco Bay Area, which includes Silicon Valley, is the top market for US tech talent. In fact, a recent study by CBRE shows that the greater San Francisco area is home to 378,870 tech workers, 30,000 more than the second-place city. The need for skilled labor is great, and the best San Francisco bootcamps are constantly training new waves of coding professionals.

Through coding bootcamps in San Francisco, students are finding high-level tech positions all over Silicon Valley, from data scientists at trendy startups to software engineers at Salesforce, Uber, and Dropbox. If you want to learn more about SF coding schools, this article covers the 10 best coding bootcamps in the Bay Area, what they cost, and what you can learn from them.

The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to some of the best coding bootcamps in the world. All of these bootcamps in San Francisco focus on providing relevant, in-demand courses to students. Below is a list of the 10 best coding bootcamps in San Francisco based on reviews, cost, and student success after graduation.

App Academy logo
App Academy Quick Facts
Topics Covered Software Engineering
Cost $17,000 - $22,000
Financing Options Income Share Agreement, Deferred Tuition, Hybrid Payment Plan, Private Loans
Alumni Employers Google, Wayfair, Uber

Founded in 2012, App Academy has earned a reputation for its quality courses and education. It’s one of the highest-rated coding bootcamps in San Francisco. Students can take part in courses online or at App Academy’s San Francisco campus.

App Academy is also one of the coding schools in SF that offers a job guarantee to its students. If a student completes a course and does not receive a job offer six months after graduating, they are eligible for a full tuition refund. In 2019 the average first-year salary for App Academy graduates in San Francisco was $104,037.

Coding Dojo logo
Coding Dojo Quick Facts
Topics Covered Software Development
Data Science
Cyber Security
Cost $9,995 - $16,995
Financing Options Installment Plans, Private Loans
Alumni Employers Microsoft, Amazon

Coding Dojo is a large organization with coding bootcamps all over the world. They offer full-time and part-time courses in data science and web development. Students receive both theoretical and practical training while attending the bootcamp. This education is what allows students to think and program like a professional coder.

This coding bootcamp has a rigorous curriculum, but it is designed for everyone. Even students with minimal to no coding experience have gone on to graduate from Coding Dojo and find success in their career field.

Hackbright Academy logo
Hackbright Academy Quick Facts
Topics Covered Software Engineering
Cost $249 - $14,900
Financing Options Stride Income Share Agreement, Private Loans
Alumni Employers Google, Amazon, Slack

As one of the best coding bootcamps for women, Hackbright Academy is designed to help more female coders get into high-level tech positions. The San Francisco bootcamp offers full-time and part-time courses to its students. In addition, you choose between online and in-person classes.

Within the program, students develop coding skills in Python, JavaScript, and other in-demand programming languages. This is a great Bay Area bootcamp because it promotes learning while working. Students participate in industry collaborations and workshops while studying.

Product School logo
Prodcut School Quick Facts
Topics Covered Product Management
Cost Starts at $154 per month
Financing Options Installments
Alumni Employers Google, Adobe, Cisco

Product School offers courses in product development and management. Students learn how to build software products and take on leadership roles. Graduates from the program receive certifications that demonstrate they are prepared to work as managers or executives in the industry.

Product School offers part-time and full-time courses to its students. The bootcamp’s success speaks for itself. Many alumni go on to work for companies such as Apple, Facebook, PayPal, Netflix, and Google.

CodePath logo


CodePath Quick Facts
Topics Covered Cyber Security
iOS Development
Android Development
Web Development
Technical Interview Prep
Software Engineering
Cost Free
Financing Options N/A
Alumni Employers Google, Meta, Salesforce

CodePath is a nonprofit organization that offers a cost-free computer science education to students that are underrepresented in the field. With both beginner and intermediate courses, CodePath helps students get job-ready for the tech industry.

These courses are designed for students enrolled in a computer science program at a US college. So, if you are attending a university or junior college, this is a great San Francisco bootcamp. Further, CodePath also provides paid opportunities through pre-internship and internship programs.

uc berkeley extension logo
Berkeley Boot Camps Quick Facts
Topics Covered Coding
Data Analytics
UX/UI Design
Cyber Security
Digital Marketing
Tech Project Management
Cost $9,995 - $14,495
Financing Options Payment Plans
Alumni Employers Palo Alto Networks, Blu Pagoda, OneTraffic

Berkeley Boot Camps offers seven different online courses that help students build the skills they need to work in tech. As one of the top coding schools in SF, Berkeley Boot Camps prides itself on providing hands-on experience, comprehensive career services, and real-world skills.

While the Coding Boot Camp is offered in both full-time and part-time formats, all of Berkeley Boot Camps’ other courses are part-time, allowing students to continue working while attending the online bootcamps. This bootcamp’s career coaches can also help connect you to San Francisco’s many career opportunities.

Rithm Shool Logo
Rithm School Quick Facts
Topics Covered Web Development
Full Stack Development
Cost $24,000, Free
Financing Options Income Share Agreements, Private Loans
Alumni Employers Apple, Airbnb, Google

Though Rithm School offers a wide range of free courses that help students develop fundamental skills in coding, the school’s main offer is a full-time coding course that spans 16 weeks. The course includes professional projects, interview prep, job support, and more.

When students graduate from Rithm School, they will have a polished portfolio of work to show potential employers. With a small class size, this coding bootcamp in San Francisco can help you connect to peers and mentors within Silicon Valley.

Kickstart Coding logo

Kickstart Coding

Kickstart Coding Quick Facts
Topics Covered Web Development
Backend Development
Front End Development
Cost $1083 - $1,397 for three months of instruction
Financing Options Information not available
Alumni Employers Facebook, Google, Microsoft

This San Francisco bootcamp is known for keeping up with the rapid changes the tech industry goes through. With Kickstart Coding, students can learn web development in the way that best suits them. This coding school offers different tuition options based on how the student wants to take lessons.

However, what sets Kickstart Coding apart from other coding bootcamps in San Francisco is that it offers private lessons. In addition to one-on-one instruction, students will also have access to lectures, office hours, graded coding reviews, and more.

Magnimind logo


Magnimind Quick Facts
Topics Covered Data Science
Cyber Security
Machine Learning
Data Analysis
Cost $500 - $10,000
Financing Options Installments, Income Share Agreement
Alumni Employers Google, Microsoft, Tesla

Located in Palo Alto, this Bay Area coding bootcamp is a great way to get connected to the tech industry. In addition to 12 and 24-week part-time bootcamps, Magnimind also offers a variety of mini bootcamps that allow students to build fundamental skills in areas like machine learning for just $500 per course.

One of the main perks of attending coding school in SF is the proximity to countless positions in tech. Through resume reviews, mock interviews, and career coaching, Magnimind helps ensure students are competitive candidates for roles at the top tech companies in Silicon Valley.

techtonica logo


Techtonica Quick Facts
Topics Covered Web Development
Full Stack Development
Cost Free
Financing Options N/A
Alumni Employers Twilio, Stack Overflow, Cisco

Techtonica has a mission to help low-income women and non-binary folk build software engineering skills. As a nonprofit, Techtonica’s six-month program is completely free, thanks to support from tech companies like Airbnb, Slack, Indeed, and Fitbit.

Aside from being cost-free, this is one of the best coding bootcamps in San Francisco because students are placed in paid job positions at the end of the program. Further, students who qualify for this bootcamp may also receive a MacBook free of cost. If you are interested in this program, you can attend one of the free workshops to get connected.

Why Take Coding Classes at an SF Bootcamp?

San Francisco is a haven for tech companies. Its proximity to Silicon Valley is one of the reasons why it has seen continued growth, especially in the IT sector. Companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook are all located in this area, which is one of the reasons why San Francisco bootcamps are so appealing.

When it comes to coding bootcamps in San Francisco, the city has the second-most bootcamp graduates in the US, according to Statista. Employment rates are high, moreover, and students are hired not long after graduation.

San Francisco is the second city in the country in terms of bootcamp graduates

The growth of technology careers in San Francisco makes it a highly sought-after area. Today, many people are flocking to San Francisco tech companies for employment and finding success taking coding classes at SF coding bootcamps. Of the local bootcamps on our list, these are the most popular in terms of number of graduates:

  • Coding Dojo
  • Product School
  • App Academy
  • Hackbright Academy
  • Rithm School


Benefits of Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco

  • Location. San Francisco’s job opportunities are steadily growing, and the demand for skilled coders is growing along with the industry. Coding bootcamp graduates often find opportunities in the area.
  • Professional instructors. Students at coding bootcamps in San Francisco have the benefit of studying under people who have already worked in the industry. Instructors know what employers want and pass that information to their students.
  • Mentors and advisors. Many San Francisco bootcamps provide students with mentors and advisors to help them succeed in the program. These are often professionals connected to the industry.
  • Comprehensive education. Coding bootcamps typically train students in multiple programming languages and ensure they’re ready for work in their chosen career field.
  • Iterative curriculum. Coding bootcamps in the Bay Area are typically designed with current market trends in mind. As the market evolves, so does the curriculum of the coding bootcamp.

Top Tech Companies in San Francisco for Bootcamp Graduates

Many San Francisco bootcamps have hiring partners and will connect graduates to the top tech companies in Silicon Valley. The booming tech hub is home to hundreds of tech enterprises, from large corporations to budding startups. However, the companies below are some of the top places that hire bootcamp graduates in San Francisco.

facebook logo
slack logo
Uber logo
Google logo

How Much Does a San Francisco Coding Bootcamp Cost?

A full-service San Francisco bootcamp costs between $10,000 and $24,000. You should expect to pay five figures for an SF bootcamp if you want to learn a full set of skills and receive adequate preparation for your job search. Most coding bootcamps in San Francisco offer shorter, less intensive courses at a lower price, but these tend to be less rigorously career-focused.

The average cost of a San Francisco coding bootcamp is comparable to the average bootcamp cost anywhere, which is $12,953 according to Career Karma’s 2023 Bootcamp Market Report. Loans, payment plans, deferred tuition arrangements, and coding bootcamp scholarships are available at most SF bootcamps to help students afford the cost of their programs.


What Are Common Jobs for San Francisco Coding Bootcamp Graduates?

Depending on their program’s focus and the quality of its career services, graduates of San Francisco coding bootcamps compete for a variety of jobs in the Silicon Valley tech scene. The five best jobs for San Francisco bootcamp graduates are listed below, together with average salary estimates from ZipRecruiter.

Product Manager

San Francisco Salary: $168,360

A product manager works at the intersection of the engineering and marketing teams. They need to know enough about software development to lead a project to completion, and enough about marketing to understand the value of the product to potential stakeholders. Product School is the San Francisco coding bootcamp most geared toward this role.

Data Scientist

San Francisco Salary: $156,800

Data scientists use programming languages like Python and R to perform statistical operations and train machine learning algorithms on large datasets. The science of data manipulation is worth big money because data is extremely valuable to businesses and enterprises of all kinds. Coding Dojo and Magnimind are two San Francisco bootcamps with data science programs.

Software Engineer

San Francisco Salary: $151,011

Software engineering is the bread and butter of most coding bootcamps, including several SF bootcamps. App Academy and Hackbright Academy both have top-notch software engineering bootcamps that will teach you the hard skills you need to build both the front end and back end of software applications, and then equip you with the soft skills to land a job afterward.

Mobile Developer

San Francisco Salary: $112,478

Mobile developers are software developers who work exclusively on applications for mobile operating systems. Some mobile developers specialize in Android while others build apps for iOS. The San Francisco bootcamp CodePath offers 10-weel courses in both iOS and Android, either of which can begin to prepare you for entry-level mobile development jobs.

Web Developer

San Francisco Salary: $98,300

Web developers build websites and other applications that are hosted on the Web, primarily using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer jobs are expected to increase by 30 percent over the next decade. Rithm School, Techtonica, and Kickstart Coding are bootcamps that teach web development in San Francisco.

Is a San Francisco Coding Bootcamp Right for You?

Coding bootcamps are designed to be a faster and more affordable way to a tech career path. Students at San Francisco bootcamps often have no coding experience but still go on to find success at large companies such as Google, Adobe, and Apple. Plus, entry-level software engineers in SF make $104,382 on average, according to Glassdoor. This makes gaining tech skills even more appealing.

With San Francisco being such a large city filled with opportunity, attending a bootcamp in the Bay Area provides you with all the skills you need for a successful career. If you want to work in tech and aren’t sure how to get started, consider any one of these coding bootcamps in San Francisco as your first step.


What are some other Silicon Valley bootcamp options?

While prominent coding bootcamps like App Academy, Product School, and Hackbright Academy are headquartered in San Francisco itself, there are several Silicon Valley coding bootcamp options outside of city limits. These include Magnimind in Palo Alto, Kickstart Coding in Oakland, SJSU Coding Bootcamp in San Jose, and SynergisticIT in Fremont. 

Is paying for a bootcamp worth it?

Paying for a bootcamp is worth it if you are committed to getting a job in the tech industry. If you fully apply yourself to your program and take advantage of the career resources provided, then you could land a high-paying tech job in less than a year. 

How much do entry-level developers make in San Francisco?

Entry-level software engineers make $104,382 per year on average, according to Glassdoor. However, the exact amount you can make as an entry-level developer in San Francisco will depend on what company you work for.

Is there a free coding bootcamp in San Francisco?

There are several free coding bootcamps in San Francisco. CodePath and Techtonica are two nonprofit organizations that offer free coding bootcamps to underrepresented groups. In addition, many other San Francisco bootcamps, like App Academy and Rithm School, offer many smaller courses for free.

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