Best Salt Lake City Coding Bootcamps

Although Salt Lake City may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think about technology, the city has a vibrant tech scene. A recent Brookings report even included SLC on a list of rising metro area tech stars because of its significant increase in open tech roles. Attending a coding bootcamp in Salt Lake City can help you take advantage of these career opportunities.

Salt Lake City is home to some of the best coding bootcamps in Utah and around the country. These hands-on, immersive programs are designed to train students with all the skills they need to thrive in tech roles like data analyst, software developer, or UX/UI designer. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Salt Lake City coding bootcamps.


The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Salt Lake City

The various coding bootcamps in Utah and the Salt Lake City metropolitan area offer a wide variety of programs in a range of subjects and scheduling options. Most schools offer courses in both full-time and part-time formats, which means you should be able to find an option that perfectly aligns with your career goals and timetable.

V School logo
  • Subjects: Web development, UX/UI design, cybersecurity
  • Cost: $21,000
  • Format: Online

V School is one of the most popular coding bootcamps in Salt Lake City because of its mastery-based learning pedagogy. V School takes the time to make sure every student is fully familiar with each skill before moving on to the next topic. Because of this individualized learning method, the course is longer than in most schools, but students graduate with a truly comprehensive education.

DevMountain logo
  • Subjects: Web development, UX design, QA software, software engineering, iOS development, cyber security, data analytics
  • Cost: $5,000-$9,900
  • Format: In-person, online, part-time, full-time

If you are looking for an in-person Salt Lake City coding bootcamp, Devmountain is a school to consider. Devmountain programs range from 16 to 36 weeks and are available part-time or full-time. Devmountain is dedicated to the education and advancement of its students and strives to provide the highest quality education by employing active industry professionals and providing the most current technology available.

The Tech Academy logo
  • Subjects: Software engineering, data science, cyber security, web development, game development UX/UI design
  • Cost: $5,300-$14,000
  • Format: Online, self-paced

The Tech Academy is a Salt Lake City coding bootcamp with a wide range of program offerings. You can choose what language and tech field you want to specialize in and design your own learning schedule. While students can study on-campus, the courses are remote and self-paced. Most last between 15 and 40 weeks, but you can buy additional time if you need it.

NuCamp logo
  • Subjects: Software engineering, web development, mobile development
  • Cost: $2,538-$6,439
  • Format: Online

Nucamp offers a range of online coding bootcamps that cover specific topics in software engineering and web development. Students can take these programs individually, or enroll in the comprehensive Software Engineering Path and complete all four.

Nucamp bootcamps are flexible, with students completing work independently during the week and coming together for live workshops on the weekends. While Nucamp only offers online courses, it has a learning community local to Salt Lake City.

Devpoint Labs logo
  • Subject: Web development
  • Cost: N/A
  • Format: Online, part-time

DevPoint Labs, headquartered in Salt Lake City, offers live remote courses in web development. The course lasts 11 weeks with students studying 25-35 hours each week. Some of the technologies covered during this time include Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Git, JavaScript, and React. Students also participate in all-day hackathons and engage with guest speakers.

The University of Utah Coding Boot Camps logo

The University of Utah Coding Boot Camps

  • Subjects: Coding, cyber security, UX/UI design, data analytics
  • Cost: $12,745-$13,995
  • Format: Online, part-time

The University of Utah offers six-month, part-time bootcamps in partnership with edX. Students graduate with an in-depth portfolio of projects and the skills needed to gain industry certifications. University of Utah Boot camps are open to all, though the school recommends data analytics applicants have at least two years of experience or a bachelor’s degree.

Attending a University of Utah coding bootcamp also means you have access to career workshops and industry events. The school’s career services team has relationships with over 260 employers and students receive personal interview preparation and tailored career coaching.

Startup Ignition logo

Startup Ignition

  • Subjects: Entrepreneurship skills
  • Cost: $1,999
  • Format: In-person, full-time

Startup Ignition’s entrepreneur bootcamp starts with a three-day in-person course covering essential aspects of creating a company, including customer development, financial projections, capitalization, and business model generation. Students then complete a 13-week program designed to help kickstart their businesses.

Flatiron School logo
  • Subjects: Software engineering, data science, cyber security, UX/UI product design
  • Cost: $16,900-$17,900
  • Format: Online, in-person, full-time, part-time

Flatiron School has a reputation for offering some of the most high-quality bootcamps and placing students in major companies around the country. You can enroll in Flatiron School’s remote coding bootcamps from Utah, and receive the same immersive experience as in-person students.

In addition to its four bootcamp programs, Flatiron School offers a range of free lessons and workshops designed to train students with basic skills for their chosen fields. Graduates receive 180 days of one-on-one career coaching, during which they develop a professional tech identity, build a technical resume, and start networking.

Thinkful logo
  • Subjects: Software engineering, data science, data analytics, UX/UI design, digital marketing, technical project management
  • Cost: $6,825-$16,000
  • Format: Online, full-time, part-time

Thinkful coding bootcamps are available full-time, with students studying around 50 hours each week, and part-time, which requires 30 hours each week. The main difference between the two scheduling options is that full-time students participate in instructor-led courses with a cohort, while part-time students learn at their own pace with access to optional office hours.

Thinkful offers a range of payment options, including a deferred tuition plan, which allows students to complete their bootcamp and land a well-paying job before paying tuition. Most courses also come with a job guarantee, which means that you will be eligible for a tuition refund if you don’t land a relevant job within six months of graduation.

General Assembly logo
  • Subjects: Data analytics, data science, digital marketing, software engineering, user experience design
  • Cost: $16,450
  • Format: Online, in-person, full-time, part-time

General Assembly’s full-time immersive bootcamps are designed to help students launch a new tech career in just 12 weeks. The software engineering bootcamp is also available on a flexible 24-week schedule. Students looking to study part-time can choose from among General Assembly’s 10 short skills-based courses.

As one of the oldest and most successful coding bootcamps, General Assembly has six campuses worldwide, over 97,000 alumni, and 19,000 partners. You can find General Assembly graduates working at some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Microsoft, Google, Visa, and Apple.

Why Attend a Coding Bootcamp in Salt Lake City?

Attending a Salt Lake City coding bootcamp is a great career move because you’ll receive more than just technical training. Coding bootcamps help students successfully transition into the workforce with dedicated career services teams and hiring networks. Here are a few reasons why you should enroll in a coding bootcamp in Salt Lake City.

  • Cost. Coding bootcamps usually cost between $7,000 and $13,000, which is cheaper than most degree programs. Devmountain’s in-person programs are some of the cheapest in the industry, at only $5,000.
  • Flexibility. Bootcamps are designed to fit the needs of busy students. You can choose a program that only requires a few hours of study each week or one that you can complete in just a few months, all depending on your unique situation.
  • Hiring partnerships. Coding bootcamps develop relationships with local businesses and companies all over the country so that they can connect graduates with open positions.
  • Career services. All the best bootcamps in Salt Lake City will provide students with extensive career services, including mock interviews, personalized career coaching, resume and portfolio workshops, and networking events.
  • Payment options. Unlike what you will see with degree programs, most coding bootcamp accept a range of payment plans to keep tuition manageable for all students. They often include options like deferred tuition, installment plans, income share agreements, and bootcamp scholarships.

Is Attending a Coding Bootcamp Enough to Get a Job?

Yes, attending a coding bootcamp, even if you have no degree or relevant work experience, can be enough to help you launch a successful tech career. This is because coding bootcamps design their curricula to include all the skills you need to get hired in entry-level roles. As you gain additional experience and improve your coding skills, you can progress to more advanced positions.

Salt Lake City Technology Job Market

Salt Lake City, like many major tech hubs, has its own Silicon Valley-inspired name: Silicon Slopes. The city is home to companies of all sizes, from small tech startups to national companies. For example, Adobe, the digital multimedia and design company, has an office close to Salt Lake City and is actively hiring people there. The city is also home to large companies such as Ancestry, Overstock, and BambooHR.

But big tech companies only account for part of the demand for tech talent in Salt Lake City. There are hundreds of promising smaller tech companies in Salt Lake City that need qualified workers. Some of these tech startups include SimpleCitizen, Venafi, Amiigo, and Soon, all of which have offices in the Silicon Slopes.

According to the CompTIA State of the Tech Workforce report, the number of tech jobs in Salt Lake City has been growing steadily since 2017. It projects there will be an additional 3,054 jobs added in 2023. Glassdoor reports that there are nearly 400 open software engineering jobs in the city. Attending a software engineering bootcamp in Salt Lake City will help you snag one of these roles in under one year.

Tech Salaries in Salt Lake City

The salaries for tech workers in the Silicon Slopes are impressive, especially given the lower cost of living compared to other metropolitan areas across the country. In 2023, the average salary for a software engineer in the city was over $102,000. The average Salt Lake City web developer salary is over $76,000 per year. Those are high numbers no matter where you live but are especially good for an inexpensive city like SLC.

Here are a few salaries to give you a better idea of what you can expect to earn in Salt Lake City:

  • Salt Lake City, UT Data Scientist Salary: $112,246
  • Salt Lake City, UT Web Developer Salary: $76,040
  • Salt Lake City, UT UX Designer Salary: $86,254
  • Salt Lake City, UT Software Engineer Salary: $102,931

Life in Salt Lake City

There are plenty of reasons why more tech workers are deciding to start their careers in Salt Lake City, aside from just the emerging technology scene. Indeed, there’s more to Salt Lake City than the attractive salaries and coding bootcamps.

Salt Lake City has a vibrant entertainment scene that attracts people from around the country. The famous Sundance Film Festival is hosted in the city. Also, there are venues such as the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the Vivint Smart Home Arena that offer high-quality entertainment. Additionally, Salt Lake City has a range of farmers’ markets, high-quality restaurants, and distilleries and breweries.

If you enjoy a good landscape and exercise, SLC is a great place to live. The region has over 900 acres of public parks, including Sugar House Park and Liberty Park. You can also view the nearby Wasatch Mountains, which are beautiful. During the winter you can head to the mountains to ski, snowboard, and participate in other winter activities.

The city has a strong transportation network as well. The Utah Transit Authority operates trains and buses almost every day, and the metro area has protected bike lanes separated from traffic. But this is only the beginning of what this city has to offer. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in tech, Salt Lake City is a great place to get settled.

Is Attending a Coding Bootcamp in Salt Lake City Right for Me?

Yes, attending a Salt Lake City bootcamp is a great choice if you are hoping to start a career in tech without having to spend the time and resources it takes to get a college degree. Salt Lake City is growing in prominence in the tech industry and the bootcamps in the area offer high-quality programs.

Whether you want to become a web developer, cyber security engineer, data scientist, or software engineer, you’ll find a coding bootcamp in Salt Lake City that puts you on the right track. With the help of your school’s career services team, you’ll have the support you need to successfully land your dream tech job.

Salt Lake City Coding Bootcamps FAQ

Is the University of Utah coding bootcamp good?

Yes, the University of Utah coding bootcamps are quality programs that teach in-demand skills in an immersive virtual classroom environment. Each program provides students with real-world experience to ensure graduates are competitive in their industries.

How much do coding bootcamps cost?

Coding bootcamp tuition cost varies. Coding bootcamps in the Salt Lake City area cost around $7,000 to $20,000. However, bootcamp scholarships and tuition deferment programs are available, which can greatly reduce the cost of attending.

What are income share agreements?

Income share agreements, or ISAs, are a new way to pay for education. These programs defer tuition until after students graduate and find a job in the industry. Once students are employed and making above a certain income threshold (usually $40-60,000 per year) they begin paying a fixed percentage of their income, often for around 2 years. If students can’t find a job, many bootcamps waive the cost of tuition.

Do I have to learn coding to work in the tech industry?

You don’t have to learn coding to work in the tech industry. In fact, there are several non-coding bootcamps in Salt Lake City. These programs train you for a position in tech sales, marketing, or product management, all of which are well-paid positions with plenty of advancement opportunities.

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