The Best Portland Coding Bootcamps in 2023

Portland, Oregon is known as the Tech Hire city. There are large clusters of top-ranking coding bootcamps in the area. For those seeking a career in tech, these are the best coding bootcamps in Portland.

Why Coding Bootcamps in Portland?

Portland is home to several tech giants like Autodesk, Zapproved, Metal Toad, and Open Sesame. The city is a vibrant hub of coding and tech activities and its tech scene is rapidly growing.

Reasons to Go to Coding Bootcamps in Portland in 2023

  • Career opportunities. The numerous tech companies in Portland makes it a great place to find a career with startups and tech giants.
  • City culture. Portland is known for its culture. It’s experiencing a rapid population because of it.
  • In-person learning. Many coding bootcamps offer online learning, but there are excellent coding bootcamps in Portland you can attend in-person.

Why Study at Coding Bootcamps in Portland?

The demand for qualified workers in tech is on the rise. Coding bootcamps help bridge the gap between a lack of experience and being career-ready. Many people go on to find lucrative careers in tech after attending a coding bootcamp, even with no background in coding.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamps in Portland

  • Career-focused education. Learn precisely what you need through coding bootcamps. The best bootcamps teach you how to work with the latest tools and techniques.
  • Affordability. Many bootcamps offer financing options, such as scholarships, income-share agreements, and tuition deferment.
  • Length. Full-time and part-time bootcamp courses often take a year or less to complete. This means you’ll be working in your new field within a matter of months.
  • High employment rate. Many successful coding bootcamps boast a high employment rate of 90% or more. Some coding bootcamps are partnered with companies. These partnerships make finding a new job easier.
  • Career services. Several bootcamps provide career services to prepare you for the job application process and interviews.

The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Portland

While there are several options to choose from, choosing the right coding bootcamp in Portland is the first step towards a career in technology. The guide below shows you the best coding bootcamps in Portland and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Alchemy Code Lab logo
Alchemy Code Lab Quick Facts
Courses Web Development
Software Development
Cost $0 - $24,000
Financing options Self-Funding, GI Bill, Income Share Agreement, Financing, Scholarships, Upfront Payments
Alumni employers Nike, Vacasa, Adobe, Esri, and Walmart Labs.

Alchemy Code Lab is one of Portland’s most advanced coding bootcamps. It provides remote live learning. This means students receive live, real-time instruction, even when not on campus.

This coding bootcamp involves four parts. The first part consists of prep courses. Throughout the four parts of their courses, students learn the skills needed to become successful software engineers.

Alchemy Code Lab is led by senior software engineers. The bootcamp is partnered with over 75 tech companies. Students who graduate from the program receive an average salary of $79,000 per year.

Epicodus logo
Epicodus Quick Facts
Courses C# and React
Intro to Programming
Ruby and React
Cost $100 - $7,800
Financing options Standard Tuition, Loan/Payment Plan, Up-Front Discount
Alumni employers New Relic, Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Nike, Cambia, Simple, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Shopify, Comcast, US Bank, Toyota

Epicodus focuses on inclusivity and transparency. A core part of their program design is to promote group projects among students. This makes their study plan more inclusive.

Students at Epicodus choose between part-time and full-time courses. These courses are available both online and in-person. Epicodus teaches students the fundamentals of web development, such as Ruby on Rails, React, C#, and .NET.

General Assembly logo
General Assembly Quick Facts
Courses Front-End Development
Full-Stack Development
UX Design
Data Science
Digital Marketing.
Cost $0 - $15,950
Financing options Upfront, ISA, Financing, Scholarship
Alumni employers Microsoft, Google, Condé Nast, Visa, L'Oréal

General Assembly focuses on in-demand skills. Students learn about the latest tools and techniques needed to find success in UX design, web development, data science, or digital marketing.

Throughout the program, students learn coding languages like JavaScript, Python, and Ruby on Rails. In addition to this, students also learn how to use GitHub and Git, which includes using third-party APIs.

NuCamp logo
Nucamp Quick Facts
Courses Web Development
Full Stack Development
Software Development
Cost $320 - $1260
Financing options Upfront Payments, Month-to-Month Installments, Loan Financing
Alumni employers

NuCamp has campuses all over the United States. This bootcamp is designed for students with no coding experience. However, there are also front-end development courses for advanced or intermediate developers.

While attending Nucamp, students learn coding languages like HTML and JavaScript. Instructors also teach students how to use vital developer tools, such as GitHub.

PDX Code Guild logo
PDX Code Guild Quick Facts
Courses Full Stack Development.
Cost $0 - $8,000
Financing options Upfront, Financing, Scholarship
Alumni employers New Relic, Providence Health & Services, treehouse, Urban Airship, BlueJeans, Nike, IBM, Elemental, Moovel, Jama Software

PDX is a coding bootcamp with a strong focus on a student-friendly environment. Students learn the latest and most used programming languages in their industry.

Throughout the course, students work in collaborative, group projects and perform reviews. This gives students work similarly to what they’ll do in the real world.

PDX maintains an open-door policy for all students and alumni. Any individual can receive assistance for projects or career guidance.

Portland Code School logo

Portland Code School

Portland Code School Quick Facts
Courses Full-Stack Web Development
Web Development
Cost $495
Financing options Climb Credit
Alumni employers

Portland Code School, also known as PCS, is a famous coding bootcamp in Portland. Students start with learning the very basics of building websites through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

This coding bootcamp offers an excellent full-stack development course, which trains you to develop websites across multiple platforms.

Classes are designed for students with little to no coding experience. Anyone can attend Portland Code School and start a career as a developer.

SourceU logo


SourceU Quick Facts
Courses Cybersecurity
Cost $37,000 - $75,000
Financing options Deposit
Alumni employers

SourceU is a full-time coding bootcamp launched by Warner Pacific University. Classes from Epicodus and Riperia are planned to be combined into a liberal arts degree. It is a degree that mixes liberal arts teaching with coding and cybersecurity training provided by Epicodus and Ripera.

This bootcamp offers a tuition deferment financing option to students. You’ll only pay tuition after you start making an annual income of $50,000 or more. Monthly payments are based on what you earn.

The Tech Academy logo
The Tech Academy Quick Facts
Courses Full-Time:
Data Science
Software Development
UI/UX Designer
Web Developer
Cost $5,980 - $19,980
Financing options ISA, Upfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing
Alumni employers

The Tech Academy is a licensed coding bootcamp. It teaches students coding through hands-on, real-world software development training. This bootcamp offers various methods of learning to help students learn at their own pace. Students choose an online, in-person, or hybrid learning experience.

The flexible scheduling allows students to take courses, even if they have other full-time responsibilities. There is open enrollment, which means students can start on any day.

The Tech Academy offers career services as well. Bootcamp graduates learn how to create a resume and prepare for interviews.

Thinkful logo
Thinkful Quick Facts
Courses UI/UX Design
Data Science
Data Analytics
Digital Marketing
Engineering Immersion
Full-Stack Development
Product Management
Cost $4,500 - $18,500
Financing options Income Sharing, Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Loan Financing, Month-to-Month Installments
Alumni employers Google, IBM, Boeing, Walmart Labs, and Amazon

Thinkful offers several full-time and part-time courses to its students, which include full-stack web development, data science, and product design. The coding bootcamp has a strong focus on helping students find employment.

Through Thinkful’s job guarantee, students are eligible for a full-tuition refund if they do not receive a job offer six months after graduating. However, that is highly unlikely. Thinkful states that 90% of its graduates become full-time developers.

University of Oregon Boot Camps logo
University of Oregon Boot Camps Quick Facts
Courses Web Development
Data Analytics
UX/UI Courses
Cost $11,995 - $12,995
Financing options Upfront, Financing
Alumni employers

The University of Oregon offers learning through its coding bootcamp in Portland.

Students aren’t required to having programming experience before enrolling. At the start of the program, students complete a pre-course tutorial.

The best performing candidates receive a certificate of completion from the University of Oregon.

The University of Oregon Boot Camp provides weekend and evening sessions. This is allows employed students to still take courses.

Is a Portland Coding Bootcamp Right For You?

Coding bootcamps allow you to learn a new skill. Many of the best coding bootcamps in Portland don’t require a programming background. Several of them even offer night and weekend courses, which allows employed students to learn as well.

It can often be difficult to start a new career. Sometimes the cost is high or the time it takes to complete a program is too long. Coding bootcamps allow you to quickly develop a skill and start a new career.

If you’ve been curious about starting a career in tech, then coding bootcamps in Portland may be right for you. While the work may be hard, the benefits are well worth it.

Find the right bootcamp for you
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