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Best Los Angeles Coding Bootcamps

Los Angeles may be best known for Hollywood productions and entertainment production, but the city also has a vibrant tech scene. Not only is the city the home to a large number of major technology companies, but other big tech companies also have a presence in the city.

Los Angeles, CA has an impressive technology sector that is on the rise. Many companies have started to build a presence in the city as it becomes known as a city with great engineering talent. While LA is already home to a number of great technology companies, it’s expected that more companies will enter the area in the future. So, if you’re interested in tech and thinking about a career in the city, LA may be a good place to start your work.

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2020 Best Coding Bootcamps in Los Angeles

Technology in Los Angeles

Many of the major coding bootcamps offer programs in Los Angeles. Further, given LA’s proximity to other tech hubs, there are dozens of regional coding bootcamps in or around the LA area. Thus, it can be difficult to pick the best bootcamp that meets your unique career needs and goals.

National coding bootcamps such as Hack Reactor and Thinkful have a presence in Los Angeles, as well as regional bootcamps such as Beach Coders, Sabio, Upscale Academy, and The Dev Masters. Whatever you are looking for in a coding education, you’ll be able to find a top coding bootcamp for any field or career trajectory in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Technology Job Market

A number of great technology companies call Los Angeles home. The tech ecosystem in the area has grown so much that some locals refer to the city as “Silicon Beach,” named after Silicon Valley and the active beach culture in LA. You may think that most of the technology companies in LA are focused on entertainment, but that’s a myth — there are hundreds of great tech companies in other industries who are actively hiring in the region.

For example, Snap, Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, is based in LA. As the company grows to support more users interested in their social network, they are looking for more talented tech workers to help them scale. Other companies that have a presence in Los Angeles include Headspace, LegalZoom, SpaceX, Disney, Yahoo, Beats, ZipRecruiter, Sony, and Hallmark Labs.

You’ll also be able to find a number of promising startups in the region. For example, Beyond Meat, Acorns, Honey, GOAT, and The Honest Company all have a presence in the city. The growing number of startups who are calling LA home has resulted in a massive demand for qualified tech workers in the area. In fact, Glassdoor reports that there are over 2,500 jobs in open in web development alone in the city; there are over 4,750 open software engineering jobs open as well. So, if you have the right experience and skill set, you’ll have no trouble finding a good tech company that needs your expertise in LA.

Tech Salaries in Los Angeles

Los Angeles may have one of the highest costs of living in the country, but the salaries for workers in tech roles usually exceed the cost of living and are on the rise. The average salary for a software engineer in LA in 2019 was over $106,600 per year; web developers in LA earn over $83,700 on average. The exact salary LA tech workers can expect to earn depends on their experience level and position, but whatever the position, salaries in the area makes up for the high cost of living.

The average salary for LA tech workers is higher than many other cities in the US which are actively hiring skilled tech workers. Indeed, no matter what company you work for — a startup or an international company — you can expect to command an impressive salary. Here are a few salaries for LA tech workers to give you an idea of what you can expect if you decide to pursue a job in the Silicon Beach:

-Los Angeles, CA Data Scientist Salary: $123,700
-Los Angeles, CA Web Developer Salary: $83,700
-Los Angeles, CA UX Designer Salary: $92,500
-Los Angeles, CA Software Engineer Salary: $106,600

Life in Los Angeles

If you’re considering setting up your technology career in Los Angeles, CA, you should know that there’s more to the city than the impressive salaries and coding bootcamps. The City of Angels is the “place where dreams come true,” and where many people seek to pursue their ambition. This passion is perhaps the defining characteristic of the local residents of LA. But there’s more to the city than just the culture of ambition and the tech scene.

Los Angeles has a wide variety of attractions. You don’t have to travel far to experience some amazing views and activities. In the city, you’re only a few minutes away from the beautiful beaches, and a quick drive away from the San Gabriel Mountains. If you stay in metro LA, you’ll be able to find many different cultural communities. LA is known for its cultural diversity, and as a result there are many communities such as Koreatown and Chinatown where you can go and experience new cultures.

Los Angeles is also home to Hollywood and a significant portion of the entertainment industry. While you’re walking the streets of LA, it’s common to see famous actors or other celebrities which you may have seen in movies or commercials. But to the locals, the city is about more than just the entertainment scene — the views, diversity, and the local cuisine really takes over.

This is only some of the many parts of LA which makes it such an interesting and vibrant city. It’s clear that LA is a special place and is the perfect location for you to start a career in technology.

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Will coding bootcamp help me get a job?

Absolutely! Coding bootcamp is a proven way to train for a job in tech. Some Los Angeles-based bootcamps offer job guarantees. These programs refund tuition if graduates can’t find a job. In fact, coding bootcamp covers topics that many college computer science graduates lack.

How much do coding bootcamps cost?

Coding bootcamp tuition cost varies. Coding bootcamps in the Los Angeles area cost around $10,000 to $20,000. However, scholarships and tuition deferment programs are available, which can greatly reduce the cost of attending.

What are income share agreements?

Income share agreements, or ISAs, are a new way to pay for education. These programs defer tuition until after students graduate and find a job in the industry. Once students are employed and making above a certain income threshold (usually $40-60,000 per year) they begin paying a fixed percent of their income, often for around 2 years. If students can’t find a job, many bootcamps waive the cost of tuition.

Do I have to learn coding to work in the tech industry?

You don’t have to learn coding to work in the tech industry. In fact, there are several non-coding bootcamps in Los Angeles. These programs train you for a position in tech sales, marketing, or product management–all of which are well-paid positions with plenty of advancement opportunity.


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