Best Dallas Bootcamps 2021

The Best Dallas Coding Bootcamps in 2021

When it comes to tech in the United States, Dallas is often mentioned as a major tech hub. It’s commonly referred to as Silicon Prairie. It is well known as a commercial and tech hub of the region. With its growing tech market, there are several coding bootcamps in Dallas. This guide explores the best ones to help you start a career in tech.

Why Coding Bootcamps in Dallas?

The tech industry is booming, and the best way to keep up is by attending a coding bootcamp in Dallas. With each passing day, Dallas’ tech companies are growing. Thus, the demand for skilled and qualified tech workers in the city is also on the rise.

To meet the demand, tech institutes and some universities are offering a Dallas coding bootcamp as an alternative to traditional education. Coding bootcamps are an accelerated way of learning that helps you land a tech job in Dallas quickly.

Reasons to Go To a Coding Bootcamp in Dallas in 2021

  • Market growth. Dallas is experiencing strong market growth. With employment rates increasing higher than the national average. There are several job openings for Dallas coding bootcamp graduates.
  • A popular spot for tech companies. Dallas serves as a popular area for new and existing tech companies. Several Fortune 500 companies are located in Dallas. Some refer to it as the next Silicon Valley.
  • Varied industry. By attending a coding bootcamp in Dallas, you can start a  tech career in mobile app development, web development, game design, and more.

Why Study at Coding Bootcamps in Dallas?

Coding bootcamps in Dallas serve as an alternative to traditional education. Even with no coding experience, it’s possible to work at a tech company by studying at a technology boot camp.

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Today, many people find lucrative careers after studying at a coding bootcamp. These institutions train students for a particular career field. Many coding bootcamps are less expensive than traditional colleges, provide career services, and even partner with large tech companies to make job placement easier.

Benefits of a Dallas Coding Bootcamp

  • Specialized training. Learn what’s needed to work in your chosen career field. No extraneous classes or courses that won’t apply to your career.
  • Employment rate. Many of the best coding bootcamps in Dallas have an employment rate of 90%, or higher, for its graduates.
  • Work on your own time. When it comes to a technology boot camp, students have the option for self-study, online study, and more. This helps you learn even while meeting daily responsibilities.
  • Course length. Most coding bootcamps take, at most, a year to complete. This allows you to quickly transition into a new career field.

The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Dallas

The top Dallas bootcamps include many big names, such as General Assembly, Nucamp, DevMountain, and Coding Dojo. These coding bootcamps have achieved worldwide success. The courses below cover topics such as JavaScript, domain modeling HTTP, “RESTful” Design, HTML/CSS, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, big data analytics, and coding immersion.

All of these bootcamps will help aspiring tech workers build skills and provide a structure to their careers. The top 10 bootcamps in Dallas are offered by the institutions listed below.

Coding Dojo logo
Coding Dojo Quick Facts
Courses Online Full-Time Software Development Immersive
Online Part-Time Data Science
Online Software Development Part-Time (Accelerated Pace)
Online, Software Development Part-Time (Flex Pace)
Onsite Full-Time Software Development Immersive
Cost $4,995-$14,995
Financing Options Deposit required, monthly financing plans available via SkillsFund
Alumni Employers Amazon, Apple, Expedia, Microsoft, JPMorgan, Chase, DocuSign, and Skytap

The Coding Dojo Dallas campus offers both full-time and part-time coding classes in data science and software development.

Students have the option to join interactive lectures with instructors, collaborate with their peers, and ask questions of assistant instructors during lab sessions.

This Dallas coding bootcamp also has a good job placement record. Since 2012, Coding Dojo has successfully assisted many of its graduates in starting their tech careers.

The Dallas school also provides scholarships for veterans, women, and other groups that are under-represented in the technology industry.

Coding Temple logo
Coding Temple Quick Facts
Courses Full-Stack Immersive Web Development
Full-Stack Python + Data Science
Online Full-Stack Python + Data Science
Online Python + Data Analytics Immersive Bootcamp - Part-Time
Cost $7500-$12995
Financing Options Deposits, In-house financing, deferred payments, and lending available via SkillsFund, income share agreements, tuition plans, and scholarships for veterans and college students.
Alumni Employers N/A

Coding Temple is a coding school in Dallas that offers 10-week full-stack and data science bootcamps, as well as live online coding classes. This institute focuses on ASP.NET, C#, React.js, and Numpy.

Students attend interactive lectures and learn best practices in test-driven development and agile development. Coding Temple also provides hands-on experience on how to develop industry-standard applications with partner clients.

At the end of the coding school’s curriculum, graduates complete a final project, which is an opportunity for them to showcase their potential to employers. This technology boot camp provider also looks after students’ professional development. It covers resume preparation, mock interviews, and practice exams.

Codeup logo


Codeup Quick Facts
Courses Data Science, Full-Stack Web Development - Java
Cost $27,500
Financing Options Deposits, financing through loan partners, SkillsFund, Meritize, and Climb Credit, and scholarship opportunities
Alumni Employers N/A

Codeup is a highly rated, noteworthy Dallas coding bootcamp. It offers 22-week, in-person full-stack web development, and data science courses. Topics covered include Python, SQL, data visualization, data analytics, data wrangling, and statistics.

The most attractive part of this bootcamp is that it assures its graduates will receive a job offer within six months of graduation. Codeup has a good employer network and community partnerships that provide its students with entry-level positions at various software development or data science companies.

Colaberry logo


Colaberry Quick Facts
Courses Data Analytics, Data Science
Cost $1,990 - $15,000
Financing Options Deposits, tuition plans , flexible payment plans, scholarship, support for military personnel
Alumni Employers N/A

Colaberry is an important name among Dallas coding bootcamps. Colaberry is well known for providing a ground-up focus on self-paced training in data analytics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. One great aspect of this Dallas coding school is that it provides hands-on tech workshops.

Besides technical studies, Collaberry also provides basic skill development courses in communication, time management, teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking.

DevMountain logo
DevMountain Quick Facts
Courses iOS Development Full-Time
Software QA Testing Full-Time
Software Testing QA Part-Time
UI/UX Design After Hours
UX Design Full-Time
Web Development After Hours
Web Development Full-Time
Cost $15,500 - $17,800
Financing Options Deposits, student loans, up-front payments, G.I. Bills
Alumni Employers N/A

Tech school DevMountain was established in Provo, Utah, in 2013. Now, it provides full-time and part-time programs at campuses nationwide. Courses include iOS app development, software QA, UI design, web development, and front- and back-end development in JavaScript.

DevMountain offers rigorous courses that help students keep pace with the tech world by giving them an outstanding depth of knowledge.

Alumni of this school usually excel in their field due to their hands-on experience, practical sessions, and interactive lectures with instructors.

Divergence Academy logo
Divergence Academy Quick Facts
Courses Cybersecurity CORE Technical
Cybersecurity Penetration Test
Data Science Immersive
Data Science Part-Time
Deep Learning
Cost $3,500 - $18,000
Financing Options Deposits, financing through SkillsFund, tuition payment plans, TADS, and scholarships available
Alumni Employers N/A

Divergence Academy provides full-time courses on data science, Python, statistical modeling, machine learning, and web scraping.

Students get the opportunity to complete various projects throughout their course which they can later use while seeking employment.

This Dallas coding school focuses on bringing in students who have a background in either statistics, linear algebra, and mathematics, and who have knowledge of at least one programming language. It also provides scholarships and $2,000 discounts for women, veterans, or current members of the US military.

General Assembly logo
General Assembly Quick Facts
Courses Data Analysis On-Demand
Data Analytics - Part-Time
Data Science Immersive
Data Science - Part-Time
Digital Marketing On-Demand, Digital Marketing Part-time
Front-End Web Development - Part-Time
HTML, CSS & Web Design - On Demand
JavaScript Development - Part-time
Product Management - Part-time
Python Programming - Part-Time,
React Development Online - Part-Time
Software Engineering Immersive
Software Engineering Immersive - Flex
User Experience Design Immersive
User Experience Design On-Demand,
User Experience Design - Part-Time
Visual Design - Part-time
Cost $950-$15,950
Financing Options Deposits, financing options through Climb Credit and Meritize, income share agreements through Vimeo, tuition payment plans
Alumni Employers N/A

General Assembly is the first school to offer bootcamps as an accelerated way of learning in 2011. This tech institute offers both short- and long-term courses in various subjects both online and in-person.

It focuses on relevant and in-demand skills, such as design and business technology, and also provides exposure to opportunities in the tech world.

General Assembly has various courses ranging from full-time, immersive options to part-time courses for those who want to boost their career trajectory by acquiring a new skill.

NuCamp logo
Nucamp Quick Facts
Courses Front-End Web and Mobile Development, Full-Stack Web and Mobile Application Development, Web Development Fundamentals
Cost $349-$1,880
Financing Options Deposits, Nucamp Fair Student Agreement, tuition plans, and scholarships available
Alumni Employers N/A

Nucamp provides 22-week full-stack web and mobile development courses. There are also shorter four-week introductory courses that teach the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It has a mid-range, 17-week, front-end web development and mobile development bootcamp.

In these courses, students will learn subjects such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, NodeJS, React, React Native, and MongoDB.

Nucamp provides quality education at an affordable rate, with each class capped at 12 students. At this learning institution, students collaborate on projects in small teams of two to four people and receive feedback as a group. One of the projects involves creating a product for large scale implementation.

Nucamp’s admission is open to all, and you can apply online. Nucamp also provides various scholarships.

SMU Bootcamps logo
SMU Bootcamps Quick Facts
Courses Cybersecurity - Part-Time
Data Science and Visualization - Part-Time
Financial Technology - Part-Time
Full Stack Flex - Full-Time
Full Stack Flex - Part-Time
Cost $11,995 - $12,995
Financing Options Deposit, tuition payment plans, scholarships available
Alumni Employers N/A

Southern Methodist University’s bootcamps are the best rated in Dallas. The school offers both full-time and part-time web development courses. SMU Boot Camps provides courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap, express.JS, node.JS, and machine learning.

Former students have said the best part of these bootcamps are the opportunities for collaboration with other professionals and the hands-on experience.

Tech Talent South logo
Tech Talent South Quick Facts
Courses Big Data Analytics
DevOps and Continuous Integration
Full-Time Code Immersion - Java
Full-time Code Immersion - Ruby
Intro to Web Design, iOS Development
JavaScript 101
JavaScript App Development
Machine Learning
Next Level Rails
Part-time Code Immersion - Java
Part-time Code Immersion - Ruby, SecDevOps, Startup Primer
The Graduate Accelerator Program
UX Design for Beginners
Cost $2,200-$13,500
Financing Options Deposits, flexible tuition payment plans, scholarships available
Alumni Employers N/A

Like all bootcamps, Tech Talent South offers full- and part-time programs for its students. Subjects include Java Spring Boot, domain modeling, HTTP and RESTful design, HTML/CSS programming, JavaScript, Ajax, and APIs.

The most attractive part of the bootcamp is that it is affordable and comes with scholarship opportunities.

Is a Dallas Coding Bootcamp Right For You?

Dallas is a very affordable city that attracts a lot of tech companies. Employees can enjoy a high quality of life due to their salary.

Attending a bootcamp in Dallas will open up many opportunities for students looking to jumpstart their careers in a variety of technical fields. Dallas is likely to witness a 22% rise in demand for developers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dallas bootcamps have maintained a good record in improving the lives of graduates and helping them succeed. If you are looking to learn to code and are on a tight budget, attending a coding bootcamp in Dallas is a great idea.

Coding Bootcamp Dallas FAQ

Will a Dallas coding bootcamp get me a job?

Yes, a Dallas coding bootcamp teaches you specific skills to get a job in tech. Some career paths include mobile app development, web development, data science, and cyber security engineering.

How much does a coding bootcamp in Dallas cost?

The cost of a coding bootcamp varies from around $900 to over $20,000. There are some free Dallas coding bootcamps for introductory and online courses.

Is a Dallas coding bootcamp worth it?

Yes, because of the growth of the tech industry in Dallas, coding bootcamps are worth it. If you want an alternative to traditional education and a faster path to a career in tech, coding bootcamps may be right for you.

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