The Best Boston Coding Bootcamps in 2023

Boston has one of the liveliest tech scenes in the United States. Large tech companies such as Acquia, Memrise, Codeship, and Backupify are all located in this city. In addition to tech companies, there are several coding bootcamps in Boston. These bootcamps train students to work in web development, software engineering, and other high-level tech fields.

If you are looking for a new career, especially in tech, learning from experienced instructors from the best coding bootcamps in Boston is a great first step. Not only will you learn industry-level techniques, but you’ll be connected to tech companies seeking employees just like you. This article covers the best Boston coding bootcamps today, and top online coding bootcamp programs you can take from the Boston area.


The 11 Best Coding Bootcamps in Boston

In the past four years, the tech scene in Boston has evolved immensely. As a result, there are numerous career opportunities for aspiring engineers and developers. Even if you have no experience, there are ways for you to work in this growing industry.

Below is our list of the best coding bootcamps in Boston. These bootcamps prepare you for a career in the industry and can lead you to a new, high-paying tech career.

Codesquad logo


Code Squad Quick Facts
Courses Full Stack Software Development
Cost Free
Financing Options N/A
Alumni Employers Harvard University, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Wayfair, athenahealth

CodeSquad is a non-profit organization that trains adults from the Boston urban area to become software developers for free. The curriculum ​​​​​​teaches both front end web design and server-side development, including skills such as React, JavaScript, HTML, Node, Express, and MongoDB. This bootcamp is a great option for professionals who want to learn to code for Boston area tech jobs.

Applicants must be US citizens or authorized immigrant workers living in the Boston, MA area and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants should also have basic computer skills, and important soft skills such as time management, communication, and collaboration, alongside self-learning capabilities.

Launch Academy logo
Launch Academy Quick Facts
Courses Software Engineering
Cost $17,500
Financing Options Scholarships, Upfront Payments, Deferred Tuition, Monthly Payments, Loan Financing
Alumni Employers Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, Care.com, HubSpot, CVS Health, Wayfair

Launch Academy is one of Boston’s only in-person coding bootcamps, and its campus is downtown. Most bootcamps talk a big game when it comes to preparing students for tech jobs, but Launch Academy practices what it preaches. Its 18-week program is constantly updated to reflect changing industry needs, and graduates have lifetime access to its career services.

Launch Academy takes a practical approach to coding education. Rather than burning students out with nonstop full-time work, this bootcamp starts slowly with eight weeks of part-time focus on the fundamentals. Only in the last 10 weeks does the program shift into a full-time schedule, during which time students complete both solo and collaborative projects for their portfolios.

Coding Dojo logo
Coding Dojo Quick Facts
Courses Data Science & Machine Learning, Data Analytics & Visualization, Software Development, Cybersecurity
Cost $9,995 - $16,995
Financing Options Monthly Installments, Funding, Loan Financing, Scholarships
Alumni Employers Microsoft, Amazon, HCL Technologies, Amazon Web Services, Starbucks, Relativity, Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute, The Difference Engine, EPAM Systems, Lyft

Coding Dojo uses a class structure that combines interactive, live teaching with online content. Students learn through project-based assignments, which allows them to gain industry-like experience.

Throughout their programs, students receive feedback to help them grow and learn in the field. Completing one of Coding Dojo’s data, cybersecurity, or development programs prepares students for jobs in the field after graduation.

Flatiron School logo
Flatiron School Quick Facts
Courses Data Science, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, UX/UI Product Design
Cost $16,900 - $17,900
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Loan Financing, Installments
Alumni Employers WeWork, Infosys, Wayfair, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase & Co. BlackRock, 2U, Priceline, The New York Times, Forbes, Etsy

Flatiron School was founded to teach students how to work in cyber security or as full stack web developers. Students learn skills designed to meet the demands of the market.

Among coding bootcamps, Flatiron School has one of the highest employment rates of well over 90 percent. With several company partners, career services, and experienced instructors, many people have found career success after completing a bootcamp program at Flatiron School.

General Assembly logo
General Assembly Quick Facts
Courses Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Front-End Web Development, JavaScript Development, Product Management, Python Programming, React Development, User Experience Design, Visual Design
Cost $4,500 - $16,450
Financing Options ISA, Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Monthly Installments, Loan Financing, GI Bill, Employer Sponsorship, Scholarships
Alumni Employers General Assembly, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Capital One, American Express, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Salesforce, Uber, LinkedIn, WeWork, Spotify, Airbnb

General Assembly is a leader in the coding bootcamp industry. At General Assembly, students can learn through part-time, full-time, or self-paced programs. The application process for General Assembly is extensive. However, anyone can apply, even if they have no prior programming experience.

The bootcamp programs at General Assembly are recognized for their effectiveness. Graduating from General Assembly’s courses has led students to work at companies such as Salesforce, American Express, Spotify, LinkedIn, and IBM.

IronHack logo
Ironhack Quick Facts
Courses UI/UX Design, Data Analytics, Web Development
Cost $12,500 - $13,000
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Installments, Loan Financing
Alumni Employers Ironhack, Everis, Cabify, Minsait, BBVA, Amaris, The Cocktail, Spotahome, Paradigma Digital, INNOV Solutions, Flat 101, Nova Talent, Carnival Cruise Line, Kabel

Ironhack provides full-time and part-time bootcamp programs to its students. Courses teach students how to design software, analyze data, and create websites and web applications. Students learn the essentials needed to start a tech career.

The coding bootcamp requires students to put in a significant amount of effort to complete their programs. However, graduates go on to work at prestigious companies such as Google, BBC, and Mango. Ironhack currently has an 85 percent employment rate for its graduates.

Kenzie Academy logo
Kenzie Academy Quick Facts
Courses UI/UX Design, Software Engineering, Full Stack Web Development, Cybersecurity
Cost $10,000 - $20,000
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Loans, Grants, Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Alumni Employers Kelly Services, Kenzie Academy, Zylo, Spot Freight, Lyft, ClearObject, Salesforce, Nextech, Amazon, DoubleMap, Uber, Career Karma, Upwork, DMI, Sprint

The Kenzie Academy curriculum varies between each program. Students receive specialized instructions that prepare them for a career in their chosen field. Online and in-person opportunities are available to students, which allows them to study at a pace that best fits their schedule.

Throughout the program, students learn coding languages commonly used in the industry, such as JavaScript, Python, CSS, and HTML.

NuCamp logo
Nucamp Quick Facts
Courses Front End Web Development, Backend Web Development, Full Stack Web Development
Cost $458 - $2,604
Financing Options Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Monthly Installments, Loan Financing
Alumni Employers Amazon, Western Washington University, Microsoft, Facebook, Scott’s Cheap Flights, United States Marine Corps, Absopure Water Company, Tribus Services, Visiting Angels, Tamalpais Technology, United States Army National Guard, Yardi

Nucamp has a relatively low price point compared to other coding bootcamps. Despite its lower cost, the coding bootcamp still provides quality education to its students. Nucamp’s goal is to allow as many people to start a new career as possible.

In addition to its low price point, Nucamp offers several financing options, such as month-to-month installments, loan financing, and deferred tuition. The program’s success is shown through its graduates. Many students complete Nucamp programs and find careers at Amazon, Facebook, and even the United States Army and Marine Corps.

Springboard logo
Springboard Quick Facts
Courses Tech Sales, UI/UX Design, Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Engineering, Machine Learning Engineering, Data Engineering, Cybersecurity
Cost $4,900 - $11,900
Financing Options Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Monthly Installments, Loan Financing, Scholarships
Alumni Employers Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Verizon, Accenture, Home Depot

Springboard gets you career-ready in six to nine months with its intensive coding bootcamps. Students take part in project-based courses where they learn how to think and work like tech industry professionals.

Graduates from Springboard go on to work in their chosen career fields, such as UX design, data analytics, software engineering, and web development. Students receive support from mentors and resident advisors to help them succeed.

Thinkful logo
Thinkful Quick Facts
Courses Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, Project Management
Cost $5,341 - $16,000
Financing Options Deferred Tuition, Upfront Payments, Monthly Installments
Alumni Employers Trilogy Education, IBM, Starbucks, Coding with Kids, Tin Roof Software, Upwork, Walmart Labs, Cox Automotive

Thinkful is a popular coding bootcamp with several opportunities for students to launch a career in tech, and not just in technical roles. Students can gain the skills required for exciting careers in digital marketing and project management.

Taking a bootcamp program at Thinkful allows students access to one-on-one mentorship with a coach who currently works in the industry. They can offer career insights and tips, as well as important feedback and reviews over video consultations.

Why Study at a Boston Coding Bootcamp?

With Boston’s tech sector growing, now is one of the best chances to seek out a career in tech. While the skill requirements for these careers are high, coding bootcamps teach you everything you need to succeed.

Bootcamps may be relatively new, but they’ve been proven to work. With experienced instructors, streamlined learning, and company partnerships, thousands of students are graduating from coding bootcamps and finding successful careers in tech.

Benefits of Boston Coding Bootcamps

  • Affordability. Coding bootcamps have a lower price point than traditional higher education. Many bootcamps provide financing options. Some programs even defer tuition until after you land a job.
  • Time commitment. The best coding bootcamps in Boston offer part-time, full-time, and self-paced learning opportunities. This allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • Employment rate. Boston coding bootcamps have high employment rates. Some bootcamps help over 90 percent of their students find full-time positions six months after graduation.
  • Experienced instructors. Students learn from individuals with industry experience. Bootcamps often provide advisors and mentors to help you throughout the program.

Boston Coding Classes to Expand Your Skills

Learning the right skills for a tech job can also come from top Boston coding classes and certificate programs. These alternative forms of education can be less costly and more flexible than a coding bootcamp. The following options allow students of all types of backgrounds and levels of experience to learn technical skills.

Class School Cost Certificate?
Individual technical classes in Web Design, Web Development, UX Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Adobe American Graphics Institute $695 per class No
Digital Marketing Certificate American Graphics Institute $5,700 Yes
Graphic Design Certificate American Graphics Institute $3,600 Yes
Web Design Certificate American Graphics Institute $5,400 Yes
Web Development Certificate American Graphics Institute $5,400 Yes
UX Certificate American Graphics Institute $5,100 Yes
Undergraduate Coding Certificate Harvard Extension School $6,120 Yes
Undergraduate Introduction to Web Development Certificate Harvard Extension School $6,120 Yes

Is a Boston Coding Bootcamp Right For You?

A Boston coding bootcamp is right for you as Boston has one of the highest scores on the tech market index. There has been significant growth in this field within Boston in the past few years. With Boston solidifying itself as a major tech hub, the number of programming-based careers is increasing.

Coding bootcamps provide people with more opportunities to enter these high-level positions in tech. Despite your background, experience, or history with coding, it’s possible to take part in these bootcamps and find success in a new career in tech.

Best Boston Boot Camps FAQ

What are some top Boston tech companies?

The tech market is thriving in Boston and is home to top tech companies such as HubSpot, Toast, and Wayfair. Other notable Boston tech companies include DraftKings, Carbon Black, iRobot, Rapid7, and Nuance Communications.

What are notable tech startups in Boston?

Exciting tech startups in Boston today are aiming to solve problems across a wide range of industries. Neurala develops deep learning software for AI vision applications, such as drones and cameras. Kytopen is a biotech startup that focuses on pioneering technology for gene therapy and cell engineering. Tive uses cloud-based software to provide real-time supply chain visibility and monitoring solutions.

Where can I find tech jobs in Boston?

Finding tech jobs in Boston is easy through the use of job search sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and even LinkedIn. For more niche tech job sites, Built in Boston helps job seekers find work with Boston tech startups, while Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent) also posts job vacancies in Boston for a wide range of tech roles including DevOps engineer, senior software engineer, and UI engineer.

What are typical tech salaries in Boston?

According to ZipRecruiter, tech salaries in Boston are strong. For example, an entry-level software engineer in Boston earns an average annual salary of $99,986, which is 8.7 percent higher than the national average salary of $91,966. Senior software engineers, meanwhile, earn an average of $140,238 per year. Data scientists in Boston earn tech salaries of $130,349 per year on average, while cyber security analysts earn $95,737 per year, on average.

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