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Best Boston Coding Bootcamps

Boston is one of those rare places that feels like a small town with all of the benefits of living in a city. Although the Cradle of Liberty may not be the first place you think of when you’re asked to name a tech hub, the city and region is home to a vast range of technology companies.

Boston may be best known for attractions such as the Freedom Trail and the home of the Red Sox, Fenway Park, but the city has a lot to offer tech workers. While there are already many great technology companies based in the city, the Boston tech ecosystem is expected to grow even more in the future. So, if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in tech, you should consider whether Boston would be a good place to get started.

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2020 Best Coding Bootcamps in Boston

Technology in Boston

With the growth of tech companies in Boston, there has been a similar increase in demand for qualified technology workers in the city. National coding bootcamps such as General Assembly and Product School serve aspiring tech workers in the city. If you’re looking to go to a local bootcamp, the city is also home to BrainStation, Coding Temple, Launch Academy, and First Step Coding.

Whatever your needs, you’ll be able to find a top Boston, MA coding bootcamp for any field or career trajectory in technology, from data science to product management.

Boston Technology Job Market

Once you’ve graduated from a Boston coding bootcamp, you’ll be ready to start looking for a job. And there’s good news for you: there are many great tech companies of all sizes in the region. For example, General Electric, the multinational conglomerate, is headquartered in the city and is actively hiring qualified tech workers. Other large companies in the city include JetBrains,, Hubspot, Logmein, Tripadvisor, Wayfair, DigitalOcean, GrubHub, and Akamai.

But it’s not just big tech companies that are looking for qualified tech workers in the region — there are hundreds of promising tech startups that need talent just as much as larger companies. Startups such as Rocket Insights, Privy, Dispatch technologies, BlueWave Solar, Elektra Labs, Starburst,  and WHOOP are all based in the city.

In fact, Glassdoor reports that there are over 3,700 open web developer jobs in Boston; there are over 4,300 software developer jobs open in the city. So, if you have the right skills and experience, you’ll have no trouble finding a great company that needs your skills in the Cradle of Liberty.

Tech Salaries in Boston

Boston may be an expensive place to live, but the salaries offered to tech workers in the city make up for the higher cost of living.

The average salary for Boston tech workers is higher than many other comparable cities in the US where tech workers are in demand. Indeed, you can expect to earn an impressive salary in the city no matter what career in technology you pursue. And if you work at one of the larger tech companies in Boston, you’ll be able to earn even higher salaries.

Here are a few salaries to give you a better idea of the average salaries for technology jobs in Boston:

-Boston, MA Data Scientist Salary: $117,400
-Boston, MA Web Developer Salary: $85,700
-Boston, MA UX Designer Salary: $90,000
-Boston, MA Software Engineer Salary: $104,400

Life in Boston

There are many reasons why tech workers from all backgrounds are moving to Boston. Firstly, the job market is strong in the region — tech workers command high salaries, and there are many open jobs in the city. But it’s not just the growing tech job market that makes Boston such a great place for you to set up your new career in tech.

Boston is home to a diverse range of neighborhoods and suburbs. In Beacon Hill, you’ll find historical row houses and cobblestone streets; in South Boston, a formerly Irish-Catholic neighborhood, you’ll see a number of younger families. And north of Boston you’ll find Cambridge, home to Harvard and MIT. Cambridge is known as one of the greatest college towns in the US, and has a highly ranked public school system. No matter what type of neighborhood you life, you’ll be able to find something in Boston.

If you’re a sports fan, Boston has a lot to offer. Boston is home to several major league sports teams, so no matter what sport you enjoy, you’ll be able to find something in the city.

If you enjoy basketball, you’ll be able to find the Celtics in the city, which has 17 championships under its belt; there’s also the Bruins for ice hockey fans. Or, if you’re a baseball fan, you can take in a game at Fenway Park — one of the most well-known baseball stadiums in the country — and watch the Boston Red Sox play. There’s also the New England Patriots for NFL fans.

Not only does the city have great neighborhoods and sports teams, but Boston also has a number of historical attractions. If you are a history buff, you’ll be able to visit many attractions where you’ll be able to learn about how the country came to be. For example, you can visit Seaport and the Boston Tea Party Ships, or Paul Revere’s house, in the city. There’s also the Freedom Trail, a historic trail that passes 16 locations significant to US history, the Boston Common Central Park, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

And we’ve only scratched the surface. If you want to get to know Boston in more depth, you simply have to visit the city yourself. If you’re looking to break into a career in tech, Boston is a great city to consider setting up shop.

$104,400 Average Software Engineering Salary

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Will coding bootcamp help me get a job?

Absolutely! Coding bootcamp is a proven way to train for a job in tech. Some Boston-based bootcamps offer job guarantees. These programs refund tuition if graduates can’t find a job. In fact, coding bootcamp covers topics that many college computer science graduates lack.

How much do coding bootcamps cost?

Coding bootcamp tuition cost varies. Coding bootcamps in the Boston area cost around $10,000 to $20,000. However, scholarships and tuition deferment programs are available, which can greatly reduce the cost of attending.

What are income share agreements?

Income share agreements, or ISAs, are a new way to pay for education. These programs defer tuition until after students graduate and find a job in the industry. Once students are employed and making above a certain income threshold (usually $40-60,000 per year) they begin paying a fixed percent of their income, often for around 2 years. If students can’t find a job, many bootcamps waive the cost of tuition.

Do I have to learn coding to work in the tech industry?

You don’t have to learn coding to work in the tech industry. In fact, there are several non-coding bootcamps in Boston. These programs train you for a position in tech sales, marketing, or product management–all of which are well-paid positions with plenty of advancement opportunity.


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