The Best Atlanta Coding Bootcamps in 2024

Atlanta’s tech scene has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with the city even ranking among the top 20 best cities for tech jobs in the US according to Indeed. If you are looking to gain the technical skills needed to launch a career in tech, Atlanta coding bootcamps are a great place to start.

Coding bootcamps are worth it because they offer intensive, hands-on training for a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional college degree. Let’s take a look at some of the best coding bootcamps in Atlanta as we discuss their offerings in detail. We will also look at the top reasons why you should sign up for a coding school in Atlanta.


The 10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Atlanta

Atlanta’s growth has led to many new and exciting job opportunities for its residents. Atlanta coding bootcamps provide a chance for working adults to begin a new career in a high-paying field. To help you jumpstart your new career in the tech industry, these are the 10 best coding bootcamps in Atlanta.

Code Fellows logo
Code Fellows Quick Facts
Courses Software Development
Cost $99 - $12,000
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Loan Financing, Month-to-month Installments, Scholarships, GI Bill
Alumni Employers Facebook, Google, Nike, Boeing, Microsoft

Code Fellows is a popular coding bootcamp in Atlanta offering two main programs: software development and cyber security. Its programs are structured based on the level of difficulty. Beginners start with Code 100 courses and progress to 200, 300, and 400 courses when they satisfy the requirements of each stage.

Upon completing the final stage of the curriculum, students will be asked to complete an assessment that determines if they are prepared to enter the job market. If they are, they will then have access to the Career Accelerator program, which is the final stage. Here, students work on the soft skills needed to ace job interviews.

At Code Fellows, students receive a quality education from professionals who currently work in the industry. Course curriculums are constantly revised to meet the current standards of the industry.

Codesmith logo
Codesmith Quick Facts
Courses Software Engineering
Data Science and Machine Learning
Cost $20,925
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Loan Financing, Month-to-month Installments, Scholarships
Alumni Employers Amazon, Google, Netflix, Riot Games

Codesmith is a great coding bootcamp option for those looking to explore a career as a software engineer, a data scientist, or a machine learning specialist. Its two immersive programs offer a rigorous curriculum that exposes students to tools that industry experts use.

While the school is more geared toward mid- or senior-level tech professionals, beginners are encouraged to apply so long as they have a base-level experience in JavaScript. If not, they can start by enrolling in any of Codesmith’s prep programs where they will be introduced to JavaScript and computer science fundamentals.

According to Codesmith, technical communication and interpersonal skills are still the number-one thing that it seeks in potential students. It also offers extensive career support to help students become more confident in their newly-acquired tech skills, thus improving their chances of landing a job.

DigitalCrafts logo
DigitalCrafts Quick Facts
Courses Web Development
Data Analytics
UX Design
Cost $9,500
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing, Scholarships
Alumni Employers Microsoft, Ware2go, Timberglove

DigitalCrafts is a coding bootcamp designed to transform students into professional software developers and coding experts. It offers on-campus and online programs that can be completed in 16 to 26 weeks, depending on the schedule.

Instructors at DigitalCrafts are professionals in the industry with decades of knowledge and experience. Classroom sizes are kept small for a focused and efficient learning environment. The curriculum is project-based where students take on assignments similar to what they’ll do in a professional setting.

On top of new tech skills, DigitalCrafts students also receive comprehensive assistance to help them in their job search. This covers interview preparation, professional portfolios, and resume building.

Flatiron School logo
Flatiron School Quick Facts
Courses Software Engineering
Data Science
Product Design
Cost $16,900 - $17,900
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing, Scholarships
Alumni Employers Etsy, Google, Spotify, Intel, Apple

Flatiron School is one of the most popular coding bootcamps in the US. This is partly owed to the immersive learning experience it offers. While its Atlanta location is now closed, students in the state can still sign up for any of Flatiron School’s top-rated bootcamp programs as they are available online.

This coding school offers a comprehensive curriculum, coupled with real-world projects, to help round out your skills and prepare you for exciting tech careers. Everyone is welcome to apply to Flatiron School, regardless of background. You can also take the free coding lesson to see if a career in software engineering would be a good match for you.

Upon graduation, students have access to one-on-one career coaching for up to 180 days where they will learn everything there is to know about a successful job search. Together with their dedicated career coach, they will formulate a strategy to land a job in the tech industry.

General Assembly logo
General Assembly Quick Facts
Courses Software Engineering
UX Design
Data Science
Product Management
Data Analytics
Digital Marketing
Front End Web Development
Visual Design
Cost $3950 - $15950
Financing Options Upfront, Financing, Income Share Agreement, Scholarships
Alumni Employers Self-Employment, Google, Amazon

General Assembly is one of the largest coding bootcamps in Atlanta. Established in 2011, it now has over 20 programs, over 70,000 alumni, and more than 19,000 hiring partners across the world. The school offers extensive career services that help students land a job quickly after their program. In its latest outcomes report, 84.6 percent of graduates who opted for full-time assistance found a job within 180 days of graduation.

At General Assembly, students can choose between full-time immersive, part-time, or flex immersive programs. This gives an adequate opportunity for all kinds of learners to fully immerse in the “GA experience”. Students also have multiple financing options, allowing them to choose one that suits them perfectly.

Beyond its bootcamp programs, General Assembly offers a wide array of events focusing on professional development, unique career paths, and interpersonal skills. These events include an introduction to WordPress, public speaking courses, and an introduction to product management.

georgia tech logo
Georgia Tech Bootcamps Quick Facts
Courses Cybersecurity
UX/UI Design
Data Analytics
Software Engineering
Digital Marketing
Product Management
Cost $7,995 - $10,000
Financing Upfront Payment, Loan Financing, Scholarships
Alumni Employers Google, Yahoo, Accenture

Georgia Tech is known for its incredible programs as a college and its coding bootcamp extension is no different. Students can take part in the various courses the bootcamp has to offer which include full stack web development, UX/UI design, product management, and digital marketing.

The curriculum was created to teach students everything they need to become professionals. Its web development bootcamp, for example, will expose students to computer science fundamentals to help them build a solid technical foundation.

Students receive career services and are pushed to develop a strong network and portfolio. At the end of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion from Georgia Tech Professional Education which validates that they have received formal training in their field of choice.

NuCamp logo
NuCamp Quick Facts
Courses Web Development
Front-end Web and Mobile Development
Full-stack Web and Mobile Development
Back End, SQL, and DevOps
Cost $458 - $2,905
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Deferred Tuition, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing
Alumni Employers Amazon, T-Mobile, Starbucks, Microsoft, Zillow

Nucamp is designed to give students an accessible avenue to kickstart a new career in tech. As one of the most affordable coding bootcamps in Atlanta, Nucamp offers several financing options and scholarships. Some programs are as little as $8 a month.

To give adult students who work full-time an opportunity to learn, Nucamp offers classes in the evenings and on weekends. Classrooms are kept small with a maximum of only 12 students enrolled at a time.

Nucamp’s instructors are tech professionals with real-world industry experience, which means they are able to offer crucial insights into the tech space. To ensure a smooth learning experience, the school recommends students have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before starting the program.

The Software Guild
Software Guild Quick Facts
Courses Web Development
Cost $10,000 - $13,000
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Monthly Installments, Loan Financing
Alumni Employer NewCo, Best Buy, Target, Humana

Software Guild provides full-time and part-time courses in web development and computer programming. Programs last either 10 or 12 weeks depending on the format. Students learn the most in-demand coding skills and techniques while attending the program.

Its Intro to Web Development course is suitable for beginners, career-changers, and others from non-tech backgrounds. It is designed to help students build a solid understanding of basic tech skills. Meanwhile, those with former industry experience can choose between the Java or .NET/C# bootcamps, which are geared toward apprentice-level individuals.

Software Guild offers several career services to help students find employment. The bootcamp has over 450 hiring partners which include Best Buy, Target, and Progressive. Students also receive career support such as resume enhancement and mock interviews to help them impress hiring managers.

Tech Talent South logo
Tech Talent South Quick Facts
Courses Full Stack Web Development
Digital Marketing
Data Science
Cost $1,800- $13,500
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Loan Financing
Alumni Employers freeCodeCamp, Franklin University

Tech Talent South provides full and part-time web programming programs that train students to become successful developers. The curriculum at Tech Talent South is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the market. It is currently only offering three career paths: full stack web development, data science, and digital marketing.

At Tech Talent South, the goal is to prepare students for the workforce. After choosing a path, students will undergo intensive training that covers the most in-demand tools and programming languages for an average of 12 weeks.

Students work with hiring partners after graduation to find employment. Some students go on to work with Tech Talent South corporate partners which include the City of Rochester, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, and Hampton Virginia.

Thinkful logo
Thinkful Quick Facts
Courses Software Engineering
UX/UI Design
Data Science
Data Analytics
Digital Marketing
Technical Project Management
Cost $6,500 - $18,500
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Loan Financing, Income Share Agreement, Deferred Tuition
Alumni Employers Google, IBM, Boeing, Amazon, Walmart Labs

Thinkful is a coding bootcamp that guides its students to career success. From the first day, students work with mentors, career counselors, and academic performance managers. A strong support system is one of the reasons many students go on to graduate from this Atlanta coding bootcamp.

According to the school’s latest outcomes report, 86 percent of graduates secured employment with an average salary increase of $17,000. This is a testament to the quality of Thinkful’s education.

It offers a wide array of programs from UX/UI design to data science and digital marketing, giving students a lot of career options. Students learn under the guidance of experts in the field who teach them the skills needed to start a high-level career after graduating.

Why Study at an Atlanta Bootcamp?

You should study at an Atlanta bootcamp because these specialized education programs are the fastest way to enter Atlanta’s booming tech scene. According to Brookings data, reproduced in the table below, Atlanta is among the five biggest rising star tech markets in the United States. Many of Atlanta’s tech companies hire directly from local coding bootcamps.

Mid-Level US Cities With Fast-Growing Tech Labor Markets

Metropolitan Area Tech Employment Annual Growth Rate
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 134,000 4.2%
Atlanta, GA 89,000 4.7%
Denver, CO 64,000 6.6%
San Diego, CA 42,000 4.7%
Miami, FL 40,000 6.6%

Benefits of Atlanta Coding Bootcamps

  • Location. As a rising star city in the tech industry, Atlanta has become an increasingly attractive place for tech companies to set up shop. Big names like Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Visa have all recently taken up residence in Atlanta.
  • Affordability. Coding bootcamps in Atlanta have affordable rates. Atlanta-based DigitalCrafts, for example, offers several programs for under $10,000, well below the industry average. Many Atlanta bootcamps offer loan financing and other ways to reduce tuition costs.
  • In-demand skills. The tech disciplines you can study at Atlanta bootcamps include web development, software engineering, cyber security, UX design, data analytics, and data science. The curriculum of each program is tailored to specific skillsets that real Atlanta employers are looking for in their job listings. 
  • Career services. Atlanta bootcamps help you outside of the classroom by preparing you for the job market. One-on-one career coaching, mock interviews, resume and portfolio assistance, and access to employer networks are all ways bootcamps help graduates find jobs. 
  • Length. Atlanta bootcamps take three to nine months for students to complete and another six months, on average, for graduates to find jobs. To take one example, DigitalCrafts’ full-time programs run for 17 weeks and its part-time programs go for 26 weeks.

How Much Does an Atlanta Coding Bootcamp Cost?

The cost of Atlanta coding bootcamps ranges from $1,800 to nearly $21,000. The average cost across all bootcamps, according to Career Karma’s 2023 State of the Bootcamp Market Report, is $12,953. Atlanta bootcamps are likely to be slightly less expensive than bootcamps in New York and San Francisco because Atlanta’s cost of living is lower.

What Jobs Can You Get After Graduating From an Atlanta Coding Bootcamp?

The jobs you can get in Atlanta after graduating from a bootcamp depend on what’s available when you finish your program and who’s hiring. In terms of short-term labor market projections based on statistics endorsed by the US Department of Labor, below are the three most in-demand tech jobs in the state of Georgia. 

Information Security Analyst

  • Average Salary in Atlanta: $84,245
  • Projected Job Growth, 2022-2024: 9.7%

An information security analyst is a broad term for a cyber security professional who tests computer systems for vulnerabilities and works with companies to strengthen their systems’ defenses. For less than $10,000 and in just 17 weeks, DigitalCrafts’ Cybersecurity Certificate program can get your foot in the door of this rapidly growing occupation. 

Data Scientist

  • Average Salary in Atlanta: $125,255
  • Projected Job Growth, 2022-2024: 8.3%

Data scientists can manipulate data in a number of ways, using programming languages like Python to clean, analyze, and extract insights from huge datasets. Junior-level data scientists can get their start in a data analytics bootcamp, of which Atlanta has several. 

Software Developer

  • Average Salary in Atlanta: $96,209
  • Projected Job Growth, 2022-2024: 8.3%

Software developer is the career that most coding bootcamp graduates set their sights on. An Atlanta bootcamp like Nucamp can prepare you to become a full stack, front end, or backend developer, depending on which program you take. 

What Tech Companies Are in Atlanta?

Tech companies are flocking to Atlanta to take advantage of an explosion of diverse young talent. If you are interested in breaking into Atlanta tech, you could find yourself working at one of these companies:

  • Salesforce. This customer relationship management (CRM) company has been in Atlanta since 2013. Recent tech openings at Salesforce include Technical Support Engineer, Security Data Scientist, and Cloud Engineer. 
  • Apple. The Silicon Valley tech giant is building a new center for research and innovation just west of downtown Atlanta. Before long, the city’s tech talent will have access to a number of new software engineer and mobile developer jobs. 
  • NCR. This digital banking company has its headquarters in midtown Atlanta. If you’re interested in fintech, NCR could have a job waiting for you after you finish your bootcamp. 
  • Visa. More than just a credit card company, Visa is working to change the way people make transactions. Its Atlanta offices serve as a base for hundreds of tech professionals. In 2023, the company announced plans to double its Atlanta workforce.
  • Mailchimp. This email marketing company is opening new headquarters in Atlanta. Any techie working in digital marketing will want to have both Mailchimp and Atlanta on their radar.

Is an Atlanta Coding Bootcamp Right For You?

Atlanta’s tech sector is expected to continue its growth in the near future, as evident in the number of companies growing their presence in the City in the Forest. Coding bootcamps allow students to take advantage of this and land positions with tech companies. People new to coding often believe it’s difficult to learn, but these bootcamps prove anyone can do it.

If you want to take advantage of a new opportunity and make a change in your career, Atlanta coding bootcamps are a great place to start. For those not sure if bootcamps are right for them, consider taking part in any free prep courses the above bootcamps offer.


Is there a free coding bootcamp in Atlanta?

There are not a lot of free coding bootcamps in Atlanta. However, those interested in learning to code can take advantage of the various free coding classes in Atlanta. They are typically offered as a prep course at a coding bootcamp. On top of that, you can also join local communities like Women Who Code Atlanta and PyAtl (Atlanta Python Programmers).

Are there any coding bootcamps in Atlanta that accept GI Bills?

Yes, one of the coding bootcamps in Atlanta that accepts GI Bills is Code Fellows. This coding bootcamp offers immersive training in software development and cyber security. Veterans who are interested in pursuing any of these career paths can contact the school for more information.

Can I attend an Atlanta coding bootcamp if I live somewhere else?

Absolutely, you can attend most Atlanta bootcamps online from anywhere in the United States. This is a good option if you’re planning to move to the Atlanta area in the near future. Getting a head start with an online Atlanta bootcamp now can help you build your network in Atlanta, increasing your chances of gainful employment once you’ve relocated.

What is the best data science bootcamp in Atlanta?

The best data science bootcamp in the Atlanta area is the Emory Data Analytics Bootcamp, run in partnership with Fullstack Academy. Available as a 10-week full-time or 26-week part-time course, this Atlanta bootcamp covers Excel, SQL, Python, Tableau, and AWS. While Emory University is located in Atlanta, the bootcamp is conducted entirely online.

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