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Best AWS Bootcamps

In 2006, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services, or AWS, which was designed to give additional computing power, database storage, additional functionality, and much more to businesses in order to help them grow. There are countless people and organizations who use AWS.

Because of the continued increase in usability and the scalable nature of the technology, companies all over the world are seeking employers who fully understand AWS and how to utilize it to help businesses become even more successful. By learning AWS, you have the opportunity to work in the tech industry, earn upwards of six figures, and work in a generally stable position.

You don’t have to dedicate several years to a university or struggle with learning AWS on your own though. Through the following bootcamps, you can do everything you need in a matter of months.

Code Platoon

Code Platoon is a non-profit coding bootcamp that helps military spouses and veterans enter into the civilian workforce through technical training and tech career placement. There are two bootcamp options for students. The full-time course is a 14-week program. Alternatively, there is a 35-week curriculum for part-time students.

The curriculum at Code Platoon is designed to teach students full stack web development, which includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and Django. Depending on the student’s track, they will work in multiple modules, which includes Amazon Web Services.

Designed for beginners, students aren’t required to have programming skills to join the program. To help with finding a career, Code Platoon even offers graduates paid internship opportunities with their corporate sponsors.

Redwood Code Academy

Redwood Code Academy is a full-time program with an Orange County location and online for those who want to learn remotely. This 12-week intensive bootcamp is for full stack software development and covers every step of the process—taking you from beginner to professional. The course covers developing web applications but also teaches students about desktop apps, mobile apps, and even cloud services.

This bootcamp was founded by veterans in the industry that have a strong connection to the tech world in Southern California. Students that join the program have an opportunity to gain the skills needed to become a qualified software developer in the industry.

Coder Academy

Coder Academy is the only accredited coding bootcamp in Australia. A program lasts for 6 months and is divided amongst four terms. From covering the fundamentals of computer science to exploring two full technology stacks, Coder Academy gives students everything they need to secure a career in the tech industry.

The curriculum in Coder Academy is designed to make students well-rounded as full stack developers or cybersecurity professionals. Students learn through project-based assignments and hands-on labs with experts in the industry.

Students also partake in internship placement with a tech or startup company to gain real work experience before graduating.

Alchemy Code Lab

Alchemy Code Lab serves as one of the most advanced development training bootcamps in Portland. In order to give students the best experience, Alchemy Code Lab has a curriculum that constantly grows and changes along with the innovations made in the tech industry.

Students work using the latest tools available in the industry and Alchemy Code Lab works with organizations and experts in the tech community to gain valuable insider information on how software development is changing.

With a high staff to student ratio, students at Alchemy Code Lab receive mentoring when needed and hands-on training so they have a strong understanding of the material.


As one of the top-reviewed bootcamps in Houston and Atlanta, you are guaranteed to learn a great deal at DigitalCrafts. This coding bootcamp gives students an intensive experience where they go from beginner to a full stack software developer. There are several training options available, such as JavaScript, React, Python, and more. Students even have the opportunity to learn about IT and receive corporate training.

DigitalCrafts gives its students a quality education with instructors that are all professional engineers. Students don’t just learn from teachers, but from people who have real-world experience and provide quality advice.

In order to ensure students receive the best education, class sizes are kept smaller than the national average. Those who become a part of this program receive resume guidance along with mock interviews so they’re fully prepared to find work in their chosen career field.

Coding Dojo

In 2012, Coding Dojo was founded with the intent to help students advance or start their careers in tech. As one of the few bootcamps in the world that teaches three full stack technologies within a 14-week program, students who graduate from Coding Dojo have a significant chance to find a successful career in tech.

So far, Coding Dojo has helped thousands of its students go from programming beginner to certified professional. Companies all over the world, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia have hired Coding Dojo students.

When using Coding Dojo, students learn a number of skills, gain an understanding of AWS, and receive preparation for technical interviews.


Covalence is a highly reviewed online coding bootcamp that trains its students to become successful full-stack developers. The coding bootcamp has two programs. The Catalyst program is a 12-week online bootcamp where students are required to commit 40 hours a week to learn through real-world projects and recorded lectures.

Students that need a more flexible schedule can sign up for the 6-month Molecular program, which offers the same courses, but at a less intense pace. Throughout both programs, classes are augmented with daily interactions. Students get to communicate with their fellow classmates, along with a dedicated instructor.

To assist with successfully finding a job after graduation, Covalence offers job prep, career resources, and the ability to receive personal feedback from their instructors.

Learning AWS Through Bootcamps

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Within 6 months you could become a professional AWS engineer

Millions of people all over the world use Amazon Web Services for their business purposes. Startups, enterprises, government agencies, and much more take advantage of the cloud platform to reduce costs, increase innovation, and scale more easily.

Learning AWS gives you the opportunity to work with some of the largest companies and organizations in the world. Even if you’re new to the tech industry, the growing demand for these positions increases your likelihood of finding a successful career as an AWS engineer.

Through coding bootcamps, you can learn everything you need to work with AWS or become a full stack software developer with any number of specialties.

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