The 4 Best App Development Bootcamps of 2023

The vast majority of smartphones are either running on Google’s Android software or they’re an Apple iPhone. Together, these two operating systems make up around 99 percent of the smartphone market share worldwide, with Android at about 72 percent and Apple at 27 percent. If you want to get in on the action, try one of the best app development bootcamps surveyed below.

Why Study App Development?

If you’re looking for a job in a growing market where businesses have no choice but to enter, you should study to become an app developer.

There’s a high chance you’re using your phone to read this article right now, and if you aren’t, then you are in the minority. Today, mobile users make up the majority of Internet users by a couple of percentage points. And by 2025, experts expect that number to grow to 72 percent of Internet users.

There are a few reasons why smartphones continue to rise in popularity, but mostly it is due to the Internet penetrating new markets that previously had no Internet access. Considering buying a smartphone is cheaper than purchasing a laptop or desktop, it has now become more affordable for new users to get online.

Companies have noticed this consumer shift and now every major business, from your bank to your favorite fast-food chain, has its own app. These companies need software developers to maintain their apps and build new versions, and that’s where you come in.

Reasons to Learn App Development in 2023

  • Huge market. With phone manufacturers annually releasing new iterations of their phones, and mobile operating systems continuing to update security and functionality, the need for app development is ongoing. There will always be a need for system maintenance.
  • Transferable skills. Most bootcamp students learn how to work in JavaScript, Linux, and other high-demand programming languages. If you decide app development isn’t the right path for you, you will have no trouble learning how to apply these skills to a different career in software engineering.
  • Startup potential. Apps like Uber, Doordash, Tinder, and Instagram all started as ideas. One or more software developers brought those ideas to life. Once you learn what it takes to build an app, you could very well come up with the next successful app story.
  • Insider Knowledge. Apps are mostly a mystery to the general population. It can be difficult to understand how apps bring together all of the tools on your phone. By learning more about app development, you can demystify this process and learn how your favorite apps work. You may even learn how to promote your app better on social media by learning about algorithms like those used by Twitter and Instagram.

Why Study at an App Development Bootcamp?

An app development bootcamp gives you a supervised environment that can help you progress further than you might by just studying on your own. Additionally, bootcamps prepare students for their job search with career services including resume reviews and mock interviews. And paying for a bootcamp is usually significantly easier than traditional college degrees.

If you’re looking to change your career goals and need some help along the way, a bootcamp offers plenty of benefits.

Benefits of App Development Bootcamps

  • Cheaper than college. The average cost of the bootcamps listed in this article is about $2,647. Comparatively, according to Forbes, the average cost of a single year of college at a public university is $19,490. Bootcamps offer an opportunity to change careers with a lower financial investment.
  • Smaller class sizes. Bootcamps generally have far fewer students than many college courses. Because of this, you will receive a more personalized learning experience. You will also have an opportunity to get to know your classmates, which could be beneficial for future networking.
  • Easier job hunt. Bootcamps provide career services that prepare you for your job search. Many bootcamps even provide networking opportunities to introduce you to their hiring partners.
  • Better guidance than studying on your own. It is often better to learn from a bootcamp than trying to piece together a curriculum on your own. Because tools in tech change very quickly, it can be difficult to know whether you’re learning the most current methods when taking random courses online.
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The 4 Best App Development Bootcamps

The following four app development bootcamps give you the foundation you will need for long-term success. Keep in mind that some courses specialize in either iOS development or Android development, although some courses will allow you to learn both. Choose the option that best suits your desired career path.

Brainstation logo


BrainStation offers in-person classes at any of its locations in the United States, as well as online courses.

BrainStation Key Information
Program(s) iOS Development Course
Locations New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Toronto, Vancouver, London
Cost $3,250
Financing Options Payment Plan
2023 Start Dates March 25, March 30

This iOS-specific course is designed to give students the ability to build their own apps from beginning to end. Students will learn the Swift programming language and the Xcode development tool before deploying their app to the app store.

You will also gain experience with UX and UI design using Swift’s built-in UI Kit software, along with many libraries within Swift that serve different functions. At the end of the course, you will have the option of either participating in a group project or creating a fully-realized iOS app from start to finish.

This bootcamp may seem limited to students who want to learn to program in both iOS and Android, but if you’re planning to work in the United States, it may serve your needs. With Apple’s higher market share in the United States, you should have plenty of options.

Developer Bootcamp logo

Developer Bootcamp

Developer Bootcamp has dozens of locations nationwide that work in tandem with online lessons.

Developer Bootcamp Key Information
Program(s) Mobile Application Development Bootcamp
Locations Online
Cost $2,400 - 4,800
Financing Options Payment Plan, Financing
2023 Start Dates N/A

Developer Bootcamp offers a course that teaches people how to program apps for both Apple and Android. You will learn about the specific tools for the Linux-based Android platform, along with the aforementioned Swift and XCode for iOS.

You will also learn about Xamarin, a tool used to build apps in iOS, Android, and Windows with Microsoft’s .NET framework. This tool allows you to share around 90 percent of your application across platforms, which prevents redundancy during development.

Developer Bootcamp’s courses are structured with a combination of self-paced lessons and in-person instruction, allowing you to work at a pace that’s right for you. This course is a good option for people who need a bootcamp that fits their schedule.

NuCamp logo


Nucamp offers a foundational course, which then allows you to specialize in a specific area that suits your needs.

Nucamp Key Information
Program(s) Web Development Fundamentals, Front End Web + Mobile Development, Full Stack Web + Mobile Development
Locations Online, Nationwide
Cost $1,880 - $2,292
Financing Options Fair Student Agreement Loan, Scholarships
2023 Start Dates February 15, March 15, March 22

Nucamp offers a web development fundamentals course where you can specialize in either front-end or full-stack web and mobile development. Both courses will teach you how to build websites, and then how to deploy those sites as apps for Android and iOS.

The project-based structure of these courses allows you to walk away with a portfolio of your projects upon completion. As a newly-minted JavaScript developer, you will have an invaluable collection of sample work to show future employers.

Nucamp is a good option for those looking for an affordable bootcamp. Its fair student agreement (FSA) offers a more generous financial structure than traditional income share agreements (ISA) and deferred tuition arrangements. By allowing you to pay as little as $8 a month until you graduate, Nucamp gives students a higher chance of success.

Udacity logo


Udacity offers a couple of courses that establish the groundwork for Android development, as well as more advanced courses.

Udacity Key Information
Program(s) Android Basics by Google, Become an Android Kotlin Developer
Locations Online
Cost $1,674 - $2,232 (Currently discounted to $837 - $1,116)
Financing Options Private Loan, Month-To-Month
2023 Start Dates February 3

Udacity developed its Android Basics nanodegree program in partnership with Google. Because of this partnership, you are guaranteed to gain comprehensive foundational knowledge over the program’s 12 weeks.

After you’ve completed the basics course, you can go even further with the advanced Android Kotlin course. This course is designed to build upon the knowledge you gained in the previous course, enabling you to build more professional apps. Kotlin offers developers options such as generating readouts for users with collected data and implementing location awareness with Google Maps.

This option is great for people who want to focus solely on Android development or those who want to build on pre-existing iOS knowledge. With Android being the most popular global platform, you will be able to find a job almost anywhere.

Should You Enroll in an App Development Bootcamp?

Yes, if you are a web developer interested in building mobile apps or adding app functionality to your existing skill base. If not, consider a different bootcamp that offers a curriculum more suitable to your specific needs.

With bootcamps that cover everything from building apps to the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it’s hard to go wrong if you know what you’re looking for.

Find the right bootcamp for you
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