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The 8 Best Tech Apprenticeships in New York

Apprenticeships are highly sought-after career opportunities that provide on-the-job training for a specific field. Some of the best tech apprenticeships in New York are offered by major companies, including Deloitte, Meta, and IBM, and can be the first step to a long and lucrative career. 

In addition to providing you with hands-on skills, completing an apprenticeship program in NYC will allow you to learn alongside leaders in your chosen industry. This mentorship can prove essential as you progress in your career. This article will detail all the best NYC apprenticeships and provide you with handy tips on how to get hired. 

Top 8 New York Apprenticeships in Tech

Below, you will find a quick overview of NYC apprenticeships that are currently available. In general, these programs last at least one year to ensure that employees have enough time to perfect their technical skills and are ready to begin full-time employment. 

Job Title Employer Length Location
2024 CUNY Apprenticeship in Tech Deloitte 12 weeks New York City
Apprentice Systems Tech Meta 18 months New York City
Digital Advertising Operations Associate Apprentice Evergreen Trading 12 months New York City
Information Technology Apprentice Google 12 months New York City
Junior Data Analyst Apprentice Evergreen Trading 12 months New York City
Software Engineer Apprentice IBM 12 months New York City
Systems Support Apprentice IBM 12 months Rochester, NY
Technical Apprentice Amazon Web Services 12 months New York City

Tech Apprenticeships in New York: In Detail

A New York apprenticeship is the perfect place to train for a career in software engineering, data science, or IT systems. While most opportunities take place in New York City, you can also find jobs in smaller tech hubs like Buffalo and Rochester.  

2024 CUNY Apprenticeship in Tech | Deloitte

This Apprenticeship program in New York is available for associate degree students interested in learning machine learning, advanced analytics, and DevOps. You will work on Deloitte’s New Business Innovation Team alongside senior developers. You will study basic tech skills before supporting the product engineering group in writing lean, maintainable, well-tested code. This is an excellent opportunity if your dream is to get a job at Deloitte.

Apprentice Systems Tech | Meta

Meta is currently recruiting an Apprentice Systems Tech as part of its 18-month Apprentice Program. This role focuses on delivering exceptional technical and non-technical support to Meta customers and involves troubleshooting, collaboration, and engagement in real-world scenarios. You can participate in this tech apprenticeship in NYC, Redmond, Menlo Park, or Austin.

Applicants should bring at least 3 years of overall cumulative experience, including education in a tech-related field, with proficiency in supporting Windows or Mac OS platforms, mobile devices, and cloud-based file-sharing services. Preferred qualifications include technical support experience in a corporate setting and familiarity with ticketing systems.

Digital Advertising Operations Associate Apprentice | Evergreen Trading

If you want to launch a career in advertising, analytics, or marketing in New York, this apprenticeship is one to consider. Participants will work with a digital team to set up and manage all aspects of a digital marketing campaign. This includes monitoring and optimizing analytics, communicating insights to clients, and planning campaign projects. 

An aptitude for communication, tenacity, and adaptability are the most important prerequisites for this position. You don’t need professional experience in Ad Ops or a college degree as long as you have the right passion for all things digital and basic proficiency in MS Office skills. 

Information Technology Apprentice | Google

Google offers some of the most prestigious apprenticeship programs in New York, including jobs in data analytics, digital marketing, information technology, project management, software engineering, and UX design. You can find up-to-date information about current job openings on their company website.

Google’s apprenticeships in NYC are full-time and include a mix of traditional classroom learning and on-the-job training. All participants begin by completing a six-week virtual coding bootcamp to practice basic technical skills before joining their Google team. 

Junior Data Analyst Apprentice | Evergreen Trading

Evergreen Trading is a media investment firm offering a paid data analyst apprenticeship in NYC. You don’t need a college degree or extensive data experience to be the ideal candidate, as long as you are able to demonstrate your passion for data, meticulousness, and a keen curiosity for uncovering insights. 

This NYC apprenticeship aims to cultivate on-the-job learning, with responsibilities including supporting digital investment teams, communicating data to clients, developing reporting dashboards, and analyzing data for performance optimization. Some of the tools you will use in this position include Python, Jupyter Notebook, SQL, and Tableau, though you don’t need experience with these skills to apply. 

Software Engineer Apprentice | IBM

This software engineer apprenticeship in NYC offers tech enthusiasts the opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry. Participants must complete specific learning hours alongside their on-the-job training. With the help of your manager and mentor, you’ll create and progress through a personal skills roadmap, contributing to your team every step of the way. 

While you don’t need extensive experience to qualify for this software engineering apprenticeship in NYC, you will need some knowledge of either design thinking, hypothesis-driven development, Agile principles, or container development. You will also need basic knowledge of a major coding language. 

Systems Support Apprentice | IBM

As a systems support apprentice, you will gain the hardware knowledge and train with all the technologies required to support client systems. You’ll spend the first few weeks of the program learning basic technical skills in a cohort with other apprentices before integrating into a real IBM team. 

This is the perfect New York apprenticeship program for anyone with a basic understanding of operating systems like Windows and Linux, general networking and infrastructure fundamentals, and server management. 

Technical Apprentice | Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a technical apprenticeship program designed specifically to help veterans and members of the military community access the hands-on training they need to transition into a range of tech roles within the company. 

You can find AWS apprenticeships in New York that focus on a range of specialties including cloud consulting, technical sales, software engineering, and technical account management. After several weeks of traditional skills education, participants move on to 12 months of on-the-job training alongside leaders in their chosen field. 

Benefits of a New York City Apprenticeship

There are many reasons why NYC apprenticeships are so high in demand. These opportunities provide a level of hands-on training and mentorship that can be difficult to find in similar programs, such as internships. Here are some reasons why you should consider applying for an apprenticeship in New York. 

  • Employment opportunities. While most apprenticeships do not guarantee employment upon completion, it is very common for companies to hire apprentices back. For one thing, you will already be very familiar with the tools and procedures used by the company. For another, you will have built close relationships with members of the team.
  • Salary. All apprenticeships in New York are paid, which is not the case for internships. Not only that, tech apprentices can make very good money. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a software developer apprentice in NYC is $125,465.
  • Mentorship. A common feature of apprenticeship programs in NYC is mentorship. In many cases, you will have an assigned mentor as well as a manager to provide guidance and support as you progress through your training. 
  • Breadth of training. While internships often last only a few weeks or months, apprenticeships tend to last at least one year. This is because an apprenticeship comes with the expectation that, upon completion, you will have mastered the full skillset you need to thrive in the role independently. 
  • Dynamic tech ecosystem. New York is a global tech hub with a thriving ecosystem that spans industries such as finance, media, healthcare, and more. A tech apprenticeship in this dynamic environment exposes individuals to a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technologies and diverse applications.

How Do I Land an NYC Apprenticeship?

Most apprenticeships in New York are competitive, and the tech industry is no exception. Because there are limited opportunities, you may be facing stiff competition for open roles. Here are some tips you can follow to improve your chances of impressing the hiring manager. 

Tip 1: Pay Close Attention to Job Requirements

Some apprenticeships in New York are only available for people enrolled in a degree program, others are geared toward career changers with limited in-field experience, and some expect you to come in the door already with a strong handle on certain technologies. 

Before you put your time and effort into applying for an apprenticeship, ensure that you qualify for the position. If the job post asks that you have experience with any software or tools, make sure you have evidence of your competency somewhere in your application materials. 

Tip 2: Gain Work Experience

All of the most competitive apprenticeships in NYC appreciate candidates who are able to prove they are serious about a career in tech and have a strong passion for the field. In-field work experience doesn’t have to be full-time. You can also consider applying for internships, completing freelance work, or taking advantage of volunteer opportunities. 

Even apprenticeships that don’t require in-field professional experience will appreciate seeing some work experience on your resume because it shows that you are a reliable employee and suggests you hold valuable transferable skills. 

Tip 3: Attend a Coding Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps are short-term training programs that teach students the complete set of technical skills they need to land entry-level tech positions. They tend to last between three and eight months and offer flexible scheduling options, including part-time and remote courses. In addition to software development, bootcamps teach subjects including data science, UX/UI design, and cyber security. 

Attending a coding bootcamp will increase your chances of landing an apprenticeship job in New York because employers appreciate the hands-on nature of a bootcamp education. Bootcamp students are capable of using a wide range of the most in-demand tools. Additionally, bootcamps provide career services, which can help you connect with potential employers. 

Tip 4: Network Effectively

In the tech industry, as with many industries, who you know can sometimes be nearly as important as what you know. There are many ways you can extend your professional network, including attending industry events, meetings, and connecting with potential mentors. If you know anyone at the company you are applying for, reach out to them to see if they have any useful tips. 

Tip 5: Tailor Your Resume to the Job Post

It is crucial that you adapt your resume and cover letter for every different apprenticeship job you apply to. Make sure you provide evidence that you have experience with any specific tools or software mentioned in the job description and discuss why you are interested in this specific job.  

Should You Do an Apprenticeship in New York?

Yes, apprenticeships in New York are an excellent opportunity to gain experience with real-world projects, cultivate your problem-solving skills, and ultimately launch a successful career. New York is home to a diverse range of tech companies and start-ups, making it the perfect place to explore your tech career. 

NYC apprenticeships are a way for professionals to immerse themselves in a fast-paced and competitive environment with abundant networking opportunities and structured skill development. If you are interested in starting a career in any field within the tech industry, reviewing apprenticeship jobs in New York is a great way to start. 

Apprenticeships in New York FAQ

How many hours do you have to work in an apprenticeship in NYC?

The average apprenticeship in NYC will require that you work full-time, or 40 hours a week. This number can change, depending on the company. Some apprenticeships will also require that you complete additional training or certifications. 

How much does an apprenticeship pay in New York?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of an apprentice in New York is $48,059. It is important to keep in mind that your wage will largely depend on the city you live in and your industry. For example, apprentices in the tech industry tend to make more than those in construction. 

How long do you stay in an apprenticeship?

Most apprenticeship jobs last one year, but they can last as long as six years. The length ultimately depends on how long it usually takes a person to master the required skills and complete the required work hours. 

Are tech apprenticeships worth it?

Yes, completing a tech apprenticeship is worth it if you are passionate about starting a career in the tech field but don’t have the technical experience it takes to apply to entry-level roles. Completing a tech apprenticeship at a major company is often worth it because it can greatly enhance your chances of landing a full-time position within the company.

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