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App Academy Software Engineering Review

There are lots of exciting tech fields ready to welcome new workers, and many of those jobs, coding among them, pay great salaries and offer challenges and intellectual stimulation. You’re sure to find coding bootcamps online, all offering you training and career assistance. The sheer amount of selection available can sometimes feel overwhelming when you want to get your education underway. Everyone has different needs and priorities, after all, and the best option for one student might not be right for the next one. So, how can you figure out which software engineering course is best for your educational approach?

We’re here to make your selection process a little easier. We gather the key details on App Academy’s software engineering program and zoom in on the features that matter when you start training for the top tech jobs. In our review, you get facts about the school, the duties of a programmer, the course and curriculum, and tuition costs. We even let you in on the various payment options that App Academy offers to help ensure that anyone who wants to take their courses has the ability to do so. Our guide to the school’s software engineering course hands you the tools necessary to make an informed decision about your future.

School Overview

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App Academy provides online tech training that lets you pick up skills while stuck at home.

App Academy was founded in 2012 by Kush Patel and Ned Ruggeri, two industry vets who wanted to address the imbalanced incentive structures ingrained in higher education. The school provides students with foundational programming training. The courses include career support services to educate learners in vital professional skills such as salary negotiation and resumé building, and App Academy’s alumni network helps to keep graduates connected and continually developing their skill sets. The school reports successful placement of graduates in industry leaders like Netflix, Twitch, Amazon, and Google.

App Academy strives to boost as many tech hopefuls as possible and offers their bootcamp curriculum for free through their App Academy Open site as a starting point for folks to begin their coding training. According to the school, thousands of people have gotten their start through App Academy Open and have found jobs in the industry.

The school has brick-and-mortar campuses in New York and San Francisco as well as online options for all of their courses.

Software Engineering

App Academy’s software engineering course is a full-time, 16-week in-person and 24-week online total immersion bootcamp course that prepares students for careers in software development. The completely online class runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST, while the in-person class is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineers have their hands in every bit of computer-aided machinery you use. The profession goes by a number of names, including coding, programming, and software development. Programmers work within development teams and adhere to specific industry frameworks to ensure they produce consistently high-quality work on time and on budget.

You’ll run across developers working in every industry under the sun and in a variety of positions, but almost all of them spend their time designing and creating computer programs to contribute to project completion. Software engineers make annual salaries of about $106K

What does this course cover?

App Academy’s software engineering course gives students the skills required to compete for programming jobs across the business world. The bootcamp helps coding hopefuls develop the proper mindset and teaches them how to think like a developer.

In the 24 weeks of online class, students learn:

  • Programming Fundamentals—Subjects studied in this module include Git, JavaScript, object-oriented programming, and command line.
  • Computer Science—In this portion of the course, students learn about networking tools, sorting algorithms, networking protocols, and data structures.
  • Front End Engineering—This part of the bootcamp training focuses on Flexbox, HTML & CSS, grid layout, and responsive design.
  • Back End Engineering—This module looks at popular back end topics like object-relational mapper, PostgreSQL, and Express.
  • Python—The Python module examines key subjects such as SQLAlchemy, Python, Docker, and Flask.
  • Portfolio and Job Search—In this section, trainees get instruction in professional networking, personal pitches, resumé workshops, and strategy application.
  • Front End Engineering II—The final portion examines additional front end subjects, including Flux architecture, React, and web sockets.

How much does the software engineering course cost?

App Academy’s online software engineering course costs $20,000. The tuition cost includes all materials, including books and lab time. Students have a number of different payment options:

  • Upfront payment—Pay your full tuition before class begins, and skip additional fees.
  • Financing—Make monthly payments until you pay the entire tuition plus fees.
  • Income Sharing Agreement (ISA)—Pay $0 until you land a job that pays more than $50K a year, and then make monthly payments.


The course price is higher than some other programs, but you get a lot for your money. Many full-time coding courses end after 12 weeks, so you’re looking at double the class time. That and the school’s top-notch reputation and online availability make this course convenient and attractive to those who want to get a solid education to kick off their new careers.

In all, App Academy’s software engineering is well worth a look when you’re looking for a tech training option. Consider adding the school to your shortlist and digging into the details. They might be just what you need to start your schooling.

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