How to Learn Angular and Become an Expert in Angular Programming

As a current or future web developer, programmer, or coder, you likely already know you need to learn Angular. But why is that? If you have found yourself knowing you need to learn Angular but are unsure of how or where to start, you have come to the right place.

In this all-inclusive guide, we cover everything you need to become an Angular master. From a brief description of what Angular is to a step-by-step learning guide, complete with our favorite Angular courses, you’ll be finishing projects with Angular in no time.

What Is Angular?

Angular is a popular web application framework used primarily to create user-friendly, front-end web interfaces. Previously known as AngularJS, the new Angular is a complete rewrite of the old framework. This framework is written in TypeScript and is managed by the Angular Team at Google.

One of Angular’s most popular and effective uses is to create web pages that are aesthetically pleasing on all platforms, from PC monitors to mobile phones. Angular also contains many different templates for users to choose from, paving a simpler way to create user-friendly web pages.

What Jobs Use Angular Skills?

Even though Angular is used for specific purposes, there are still quite a few jobs that require Angular skills. Whether you choose to work as a developer or engineer, there are options for you.

  • Angular Full Stack Web Developer. As an Angular full stack developer, you will be responsible for developing both the front-end or the client-side of web pages as well as the backend, with all the behind-the-scenes work. On average, a full-stack Angular developer earns around $140,000 per year.

  • Angular Front End Web Developer. If you prefer more specialized work, Angular front-end developers work only, as the name implies, on the front-end interface. A career in front-end development can earn you upwards of $70,000 per year.

  • Consultant. It is becoming more and more common for companies to hire consultants, and those who use Angular are no different. Angular consultants can work for other companies or themselves. Consultants pocket over $84,000 per year.

Steps to Learn Angular

Learning Angular can be challenging, but following these five steps can turn you into an Angular master in no time. Of course, these steps are not written in stone so feel free to rearrange or edit the following to best fit your style.

1. Enroll in Angular Courses

Angular is designed as a software program that’s relatively easy for users to learn. We recommend starting by simply enrolling in a few Angular courses (our favorites are listed toward the end of this guide). By enrolling in online courses, you can easily begin to learn all about the software and participate in projects for more hands-on learning.

2. Read Official Angular Documents

Reading official Angular documents is not necessary to master the software, but it is a fantastic way to be sure you know about Angular’s different components and features. These documents are akin to a user’s manual, so reading through them can surely boost your skill set.

3. Read Angular Release Notes

After you have begun to familiarize yourself with Angular and its various inner workings, it is recommended to follow this up with a regular reading of the latest information. The official Angular documents will contain any information you need to know about the most recent and updated versions of the software.

4. Build a Simple Project Using Angular

Once you have learned everything you can about how to use Angular, you can begin applying these by building basic and simple projects. We recommend searching for courses that include projects or searching for simple Angular project ideas to get the ball rolling.

5. Begin Using Angular in More Advanced Projects

Now that you have spent plenty of time studying and practicing Angular, you can begin to use it in more advanced projects. We recommend slowly integrating Angular into your projects, as it will still be a new skill and it does take some time to perfect. By integrating your skills little by little, you will find yourself becoming an Angular master in no time.

The Best Courses to Learn Angular

Curved computer monitor displaying web development tools
Angular is one of the best platforms to learn for web development.

Since enrolling in Angular tutorials and courses is the best way to learn the software, we have done the hard work for you and rounded up our favorite classes. Below, you will find 11 of the best courses you can enroll in to become an Angular wizard.

Master Angular 2 (Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3)

This three-part series on Skillshare is a fantastic way to learn Angular 2. One big perk of this course is that your SkillShare membership will cover the cost of all three parts, while other courses would charge you separately for each. 

The first part of this course covers the start-up of Angular. This is followed by a discussion about the various components of Angular and culminates with discussions on how to bring everything together. To complete all three parts of this series, you will need to spend a little over an hour studying.

Angular: Building an Interface

In this Lynda course, you will spend around 2.5 hours learning how to build a comprehensive interface using Angular. The instructor of this course teaches students to use Angular for realistic and specific purposes. This style of teaching helps students to learn exactly how to apply Angular to their projects and ultimately, to the real world.

Master Angular Fundamentals by Building a Real App

This is another awesome Skillshare course. Enrollment in this course teaches you how to use Angular while also adding a new project to your portfolio. This course is broken up into 28 lessons and takes around an hour to complete.

Angular – The Complete Guide (2021 Edition)

At the time of writing, this Angular course on Udemy costs $94.99, but as those who often use Udemy know, this price is subject to frequent changes. This course was designed specifically for users of Angular in 2021, meaning it is fully up-to-date, in alignment with current trends and changes.

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular

This Coursera course is offered free and covers quite a few different front-end JavaScript frameworks, with a particular emphasis on Angular. By the end of the course, you will learn JavaScript, know how to use the various features of Angular, and be able to create a single page application in Angular. Completion of the course delivers you a certificate that you can share with future employers.

Angular Testing and Debugging

Another course offered by Lynda is this fantastic Angular Testing and Debugging course. This course is aimed at those who are already familiar with Angular. However, it’s also a great course for newbies as it teaches common mistakes and errors and how to fix them. This course can be accessed with a Lynda membership.

Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

Offered for $109.99 on Udemy at the time of writing, this Angular crash course is an awesome option for those with little time left in their schedule for studying. 

Designed to be completed at your pace, this course offers 10.5 hours of on-demand instructional videos, various assignments, and a certificate of completion. By the end of this course, you will be shocked by how comfortable you are with Angular.

Build Awesome Web Apps Using Angular 7

Assuming you have or are willing to purchase a Skillshare membership, this course is a must. While enrolled in this course, you will learn how to use Angular while also building a web application. After a little over five hours of studying, you will have completed one impressive project to add to your portfolio.

The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

For around $94.99, you can enroll in this complete Angular course offered through Udemy. Designed for Angular beginners, this course is meant to take you from a total newbie to a master in Angular. Throughout your time in this class, you will be working on a project for your portfolio and building a real eCommerce app.

Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS

This Coursera course is free and offered in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University, an institution that also offers an excellent coding bootcamp. This course specifically focuses on AngularJS. Learning AngularJS rather than simply learning Angular is one of the best ways to ensure you cover all Angular apps and Angular components. It also provides you with a very marketable skill.

Angular: Creating and Hosting a Full-Stack Site

Finally, this Lynda course will teach you how to create and host a full-stack site using the Angular framework. This course requires you to have a fundamental knowledge of Angular applications and to have intermediate Angular programming skills. After about four and a half hours of studying, you will be able to use Angular in all of your future endeavors.

Why Learn Angular?

Learning Angular is a great way to advance your career as a developer, consultant, or even a software engineer. By taking the time to learn this software, you are ensuring not only a great, well-paying career but also useful skills for both professional and personal projects. If you have ever considered learning Angular, we can assure you that it’s a great idea.

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